Meghan Markle: “Harry should have been appointed Governor General of Canada”

Meghan Markel, the Duchess of Sussex, is telling close friends that — “if the Royal family wants Prince Harry working as a Senior Royal so bad” — Queen Elizabeth should have appointed him to serve as the Governor-General of Canada,


Huawei ban disrupts supply chain for telecom components

BY BRONWYN HOWELL Since the US and other governments have effectively banned the use of Chinese (read Huawei, but also ZTE) equipment from future mobile communications networks, support for open radio access network (O-RAN) architecture has risen dramatically. The Federal Communications Commission


The $540,000 camera in your pocket

BY BRETT SWANSON Every couple years, we update our original 2014 blog post that asked the question, “What would an iPhone have cost in 1991?” The purpose is to measure — at least in a rough way — the progress


KINGSBURY: A roadmap for reimagining education

BY IAN KINGSBURY The disruptions to K-12 education caused by the COVID-19 pandemic spurred Governor Cuomo to announce an initiative to “reimagine education.” This challenge should have policymakers asking what inadequacies have been exposed in our public education system, and