EXCLUSIVE: How a Philly mob boss stole the election — and why he may flip on Joe Biden

The innermost circles of the American mafia are abuzz.  The Boss of the Philly mob — ‘Skinny Joey’ Merlino — is taking a victory strut, hobnobbing around the highest echelons of old-time mafia folk, mostly in Florida, describing what may have been the heist of the century: the 2020 presidential election.

The feat is drawing praise from far-flung corners of the Italian American business community, which sees the thanks of a grateful administration as key to the revival of the community’s political influence.

But an associate says that Merlino might just be willing to flip on Joe Biden and the Pennsylvania political operatives who ordered up some 300,000 election ballots marked for Biden.  The source alleges that Merlino and a lean team of associates manufactured those ballots at a rate of $10 per ballot — a whopping $3 million for three days of work.  They were then packaged into non-descript cardboard boxes and dropped off outside the Philadelphia Convention Center.

Sources who spoke to The Chronicle on the condition of anonymity say that Merlino picked up those ballots from two private households where a trusted handful of associates were busily marking ballots with Sharpie markers.  They were paid more than $1,000 per hour, often producing thousands of ballots every hour for more than 60 nearly-consecutive hours.

The ballots were purchased in cash.

‘Skinny Joey’ Merlino was granted early release from a two-year prison stint earlier this year.  If President Trump is willing to offer him a full pardon for current misdeeds and an expungement of past misdeeds, Merlino would be likely to offer stunning testimony before Congress about how the election was stolen. 

It’s thought that Democratic Party operatives working inside Philadelphia’s election office provided Merlino with crates of raw ballots just hours before polls closed on election night, which he transported to two private households in South Philadelphia.  By 10 p.m. that night Merlino’s operation was already generating more than 3,000 ballots per hour, which quickly scaled to more than 6,000 ballots per hour before midnight.

But now, Merlino might just be willing to flip on Biden — in primetime Congressional testimony — if President Donald J. Trump is willing to issue the longtime mobster a full expungement of his decades-long criminal record.  And, of course, Merlino wants to be pardoned for the election fraud itself and any crimes to which he may incriminate himself during his testimony.

“He wants a clean record. He wants to fish and hunt on federal lands.  He’d really like a job with the National Parks Service. You need a clean record to get those things,” explains one confidant.  “But most of all he wants the thanks of a grateful nation for coming forward.”

Some have postulated that Merlino would be well suited to host a new Bravo series under development called “The Real Gentlemen of Philadelphia”, modeled loosely on that network’s ‘Real Housewives’ franchise. That deal could come with a $2 million per season paycheck. 

“He wouldn’t mind a little fame — or a lot of fame,” he jokes.  “If he comes forward he’ll probably get a book deal and a movie franchise.”

Political observers believe that Merlino could sell the rights of his story to a major Hollywood production studio for more than $20 million, and a book deal could yield as much as $10 million.

“You have to understand the thing about Skinny Joey is that he is very charismatic and knows how to tell an enthralling story,” the associate explains.  “He’d be an incredible movie narrator, and he’d perform excellently in congressional testimony.  He could hit that testimony so far out of the ballpark that he becomes a superstar instantaneously — a real celebrity presence.”

The damning congressional testimony — being tentatively dubbed ‘The Biggest Heist in Political History’ —  could make it politically impossible for the Republican-controlled legislature in Pennsylvania to certify the State’s 20 electoral votes.

It’s alleged that Skinny Joey Merlino manufactured more than 300,000 ballots for Joe Biden, and then transported them in nondescript cardboard boxes to a backroom at the Philadelphia Convention Center.  From there, the ballots were scanned into ballot boxes and were then co-located with actual election ballots being prepared for processing, according to an associate who was made familar with the operation. 


  1. Biden has had mob ties since the 70’s. In fact, if it wasn’t for the mob, Biden would have lost in 1972.

    • If Kentucky’s last Governor gave a child rapist a pardon after only serving a short time because he was mad for not getting re-elected, then why shouldn’t this idiot get a full pardon for saving our country. Can I get a Amen!

      • As long as he provided the proof needed to back up his testimony I would be all in !! I love our President Trump. Seems Joey does have a questionable pass so all those doubters out there that their was fraud involved, need some hardcore proof so we can unite as one under President Trump!!!!!

        • Interesting, Trump said, “Bad things happen in Philadelphia”. It appeared Trump foreshadowed what was to come.

            • Yeah, he’s got a firm grasp on what’s going on around him. That’s why so many love him and realize he’s EXACTLY what the country needs in a leader, as opposed to Biden who couldn’t tie his shoelaces if he didn’t have one of his handlers around to do it for him.

              • Don’t underestimate Biden. He still has enough marbles to be his wise-ass self and with power, he will delight in sinking us.

                    • Yeah, she is a disgusting whore. Heels up Kamala, knee pad Kamala, under the table Kamala, dirty whore Kamala

                    • Sleepy Joe and the Ho,
                      That communist slut, the double-bagger will sell the USA to her overlords China.

                    • Ms. Pam there is nothing more disgusting as the low life scum bags that beat-up on old folks because they love this country and don’t want a bunch of liberals telling them when they can spend time with their friends and family etc. Just remember one day every one is going to have to give a account of the way they treated people. So if you think “we” are disgusting so be it. All of you (peabrain) libs pack your bags and get the hell out of this United States and don’t look back!!!

                    • Yeah, that’s what we need, a crookEd mobster testifying so he can be pardoned. I hope they don’t take this wingnut up on this. We don’t need to muddy the waters with some Epstein type character trying to buy his way into a life a fluff while he uses GUNS on State and Federal lands to kill Bambi.
                      Even if he does know all this, I personally think his background disqualified him from being credible.
                      I believe we can do this without this criminal element being part of the situation.
                      He’s basically blackmailing the government for a full pardon. He’s part of the swamp that needs to be cleaned up.

                    • What’s the matter Pam don’t like hearing the truth about Sleepy Joe & Dirty Knees Harris?????

                    • God bless your normal, educated mind.These whack-a-doodles are fostering the slow demise of our country. As an educator, all I can say is holy God do we have our work cut out for us!

                    • Absolutely. Biden has done nothing for this country in 47 years except take millions from foreign countries. Kamala slept her way to the top, now they are stealing this election from us, the American people. Wake up people!!!!! This isn’t over yet!!!! The truth will prevail, with God’s help!!!!

                    • With this idiotic informant discussing the celebrity hopes and dreams of “skinny” I think he would be discredited as a witness knowing he would get a sweetheart deal payoff… He should have smarted up and kept this info between himself and trump and let the trial fuel his celebrity. This will probably go nowhere because of the obvious quid pro quo. He would have to have recorded the info and have video or something to maintain credibility .

                    • Candice, please remember who you are calling idiotic. This man is a Boss of the mob. Just saying be careful what you say. If any of this is true, don’t you think with that kind of influance he could definetly find out who is making him look bad. Just saying.

                  • When Kamala Harris was working her way up in California politics several years ago, to the post of Attorney General, it was pretty well known that she would sleep with anyone who could help advance her, including Willie Brown, former head of the State Assembly and Mayor of SanFrancisco.

                    • It is well known that when Trump was trying to save his real estate empire he made a deal with Putin to have Russian Oligarchs loan him millions in exchange for a promise to undermine NATO, sow strife within the US, and in general make the US dysfunctional at home and abroad.
                      Putin promised to coach Trump in disinformation strategy and how to turn the gullible into his loyal followers with a carefully packaged string of lies. Each successive lie forcing those who believed in him to further distance themselves from reality. Trump became Russias most valuable asset.Putin coached Trump to Attack the “Main Stream Media” as purveyors of lies to cut Trumps sheep off from any source of information that could counter his non stop assault on truth/brainwashing. This has all been exhaustively documented by true American patriots who will divulge this information at Trumps trial for treason. He will be charged shortly after he announces a major construction project in Moscow.

                  • Terri- That takes some big cahoonas to call Kamala $lutty while praising that philandering twice-divorced $lut Donald Trump! What a misogynist hypocrite u r. I pitty any woman that has the misfortune to be associated with such a pig.

                • Biden has alot of garbage hanging over his head, remember Ukraine, remember the laptop, remember China, I am sure he also has a lot of promises out there that would be hard to collect if he is not POTUS.

                • Still, Anonymous, Donald Trump has a whole lot more marbles than does Joe Biden. Even Biden’s Senate colleagues – when he was a Senator – agree that Biden wasn’t very smart. Trump’s IQ is 135; Biden’s IQ is more likely around 95, the same as that of G. W. Bush.

                    • Our IQ is way more than yours, especially the Democrats that woke up from their brainwashed condition and came to the American side ,me being one of them after 50 years . I tried to warn you guys to stop listening to the fake news and do your own research but I apparently you’re too lazy to do that. But I’m sorry I have to worry about children and grandchildren so I had to do my own investigating. I have my own brain that God gave me and I used it. And if you did the same you would find out what was being hidden from you and all the lies that we’ve been told. And if the remaining Democrat voters, which is way less than last election don’t stop listening to these lying news Medias and open up their eyes we will not have no America left as we know it which is land of the free home of the brave. And this is no joke this is corruption at the highest. This has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans now this has to do with America fighting evil pure evil.
                      So I wish everyone will just shut off their television and start doing their investigating, follow money trails, look at the facts, find out why these communist countries gave all this money to the certain Democratic politicians.
                      If you open your mind and you open your eyes you will find out it was to continue on with their plan for our country and that should scare the shit out of you

                  • LOL. Trump’s IQ isn’t 135. He’s a moron. You may not like Biden, but Biden is definitely smarter than Trump. Trump is only good at being a con man.

                • The real Biden is dead. This is either a clone or look alike. In a d seen pictures of the f 2 years ago and nowand noway is it the real Biden.

                  • @Dave Biden doesn’t look the way he used to because his features were changed by cosmetic procedures to keep him from looking naturally very old.

                    • Very true. His eyes are small and beady because of plastic surgery. He also had hair plugs done. Little bit vain? And they get after Trump?

                • longtime proponents of voting restrictions, like conservative activist and former Justice Department lawyer J. Christian Adams, said that the Trump’s effort in Pennsylvania was a long shot, and that legal claims need to be based on “real evidence,” not made-up evidence.

                  • Evidence? Trump team has signed affidavits from multiple witnesses. i could care less who had the most votes. The media was after Trump. The hateful Democrats. And the CCP. THE FBI. Trump needs to fire the head of the FBI and Homeland Security. This is one big cover up for The Biden Crime syndicate.

                    • Signed affidavits don’t mean anything. I could sign one and there would be no risk of going to jail. All someone would have to say is “Well, I thought that’s what I saw.” There’s no way they would ever prove intent. Besides, so far, I think Rudy said that only eight or ten people were willing to go to court. Let’s see if that really happens. And just remember… Rudy is saying it’s election fraud to the press, but at court, he’s saying that it isn’t a fraud case. Gee… wonder why.

                • Fair, you’re saying what we all don’t want to believe but both men here are more machiavellian than we think. Both sides are being underestimated

                • Anonymous — Look for an old photo of Joe Biden. Take note of his ear lobes, then look at the ear lobes of the one they’re passing off as Biden these days. Check out Biden’s photo of, say, 20 years ago once again and look at his chin. Then look at the chin of the imposter that we’re told won the election. What the hell is going on.

                  • It’s called aging, genius. Things like that change. And he could have had procedures done. This whole imposter thing is just STUPID. Just like the fake voter fraud issue.

                • Biden lost all his marbles long ago – he wasn’t all there when put his filthy paws all over my daughter and buried his creepy face in her hair in December 2011, when he was still VP, and did it in front of her husband, who couldn’t do anything to stop him, because he had no legs, having lost them to an IED in Afghanistan. And then, after clueless Biden finally let my daughter go, he told an offensive amputee joke to a bunch of amputees on the 4th floor of Walter Reed Hospital. My entire family despises the creep.
                  However, I do fear the radicals pulling Biden’s strings – he is feeble and senile, and therefore a malleable, easily manipulated, useful idiot for the Left’s agenda.

                  • Nice made-up story, faker. Posing as another person just so you can lie is… well, I can’t say that it’s low for a Trump supporter.

                • Fill us all in on all Trump has done to go to prison
                  Is it worse than trafficking children for sacrificing and adrenachrome?
                  Do you know how that’s obtained?
                  They torcher a child until it screams with fear and pain and drain their blood
                  Because it makes the drug more pure
                  Trump has been saving these kids from the people you love so much
                  It’s not just liberals it’s come from both sides
                  They breed these kids for sex
                  And this is ok with you?!
                  If you think I’m making this up why don’t you dig for yourself and get educated before opening your mouth and letting your ignorance fall out

                  • That QAnon BS is so stupid. How do you people function in the real world when you believe such nonsense? You get that information from videos and articles of crazy people who are LYING to you. They’re the same kind of people who believe in the Flat Earth and Hollow Moon theories. Some of them even believe in Reptilian aliens assuming human form and that the U.S. sends 800k kids to MARS every year for military training. My favorite, though, is gang-stalking. But the lunacy is all the same… some dark conspiracy going on and hundreds of thousands are in on it and nothing ever gets discovered. People have watched too many movies. When people repeat such nonsense, you simply prove that you need mental help.

                  • Yes I have picture from Hunters laptop of all the children lined up duct taped in cardboard boxes dead and I’ve heard of what they we’re doing HILLERY and OBAHMA and BIDON why does Hunter have them on his laptop and who was behind camera I posted it on Twitter and asked why NO ONE WAS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT MOT ONE REPLY AND THE FBI.HAD THESE FOR A YEAR SO SO SAD.THEY ACTUALLY TOTURE RAPE AND MAKE OTHER CHILDREN WATCH KILL THEM AND DRINK THEIR BLOOD FOR YOUTH!XRAZT SCI.FI SHIT

            • makes you wonder if Trump is from the past…time travel? He seems to predict things and they come true!
              I believe that he left the WH temporarily in order for the Country to see for themselves what the Left is all about, and I think that is Trump’s way of uniting the Country! Genius!

            • Pennsylvania has the highest tolls to be able to travel on their roads. I avoid that state and save about $70 when traveling from one end of the state to the other end. Their roads arent any better than any other state. Its highway robbery. So this is no surprise to me…Pennsylvania turned out to be the biggest cheaters in this election. They steal from everyone.

          • Does this article read a little odd to anyone other than me? This guy and I don’t care who he is will NEVER be able to walk the streets again. There are 75 Million Plus Pissed Off Patriots out there. Park Ranger? Book Deal? Movie Deal? Really Folks…..Come On There Is Something Funky Cookin In The Kitchen!!! Comms out to others? Maybe but there’s much more going on with this ridiculous story.

          • Anyone who has been alive for awhile can remember new black panther party monsters intimidating white voters in philly but tho this is a federal crime, holder refused to prosecute. I have been alive long enough to know Philadelphia is the hub of choice for mobsters and leftist groups for MANY decades.

        • Joe Kennedy did the same thing for his son, i’m not surprised. Democrats are at it again, maybe Rudy Juliano needs to clean up the “Boys” again.

        • So Pennsylvania got 300k more votes recorded than they have registered voters? Ok this is very easy to disprove. There is a list and a number of registered voters in each precinct County and State. That is why printing fake ballots is a huge red flag. The numbers have to match. Unless the deep State changed the numbers!! That’s it, they are all in on it!! God you people are gullible dummies

          • You don’t know what you’re talking about. Once the ballots are separated from the envelopes there is NO WAY to verify them. Tons of other ballots were mixed in and fed into the machine. They look exactly like every other ballot. That’s a very recent procedure change, one that also should have been disallowed, not just the after nov 3 Acceptance but ALL the changes should have been undone!
            Anyway, there’s no way to differentiate at that point. The signatures are on the ENVELOPES

            • USPS installed blockchain tech and their scanners recorded on photos all the signatures and the ballots were all documented by how many were sent and where they went.

                • Perhaps but DHS and CISA was working with state and local officials. It may not matter anyway because the military seized the actual servers from Germany. They know who stopped the votes, who added and/or moved votes and who funded and manned this operation. This whole election is invalid.

                  • Germany hasn’t been verified and the Crooked Fact Checkers are claiming that it is false .. but this was also a National Security measure so pretty sure they kept the raid top secret and the only reason it got out was because a German that witnessed the raid tweeted in German !!! #Trump2020

            • Then check the signatures on the envelopes, If there are more invalid signatures than Biden’s margin of “victory”, you have to throw out the election.

            • That will disqualify them right there, If thry cannot be verified as legal — out they go. I think the election will be decided in the Supreme Court. Biden is not home free with or without this guy.

            • They only had time to mark biden not the down ballot. That’s why huge numbers of Biden only ballots. Statistically virtully impossible. Get all the biden only ballots together. May have same dna and fingerprints on them. Plus all marked with similar marker.

            • My husband died in early 2018. I checked this spring and he was still listed as an active voter in Philly. Took me months to secure his removal. Meanwhile, I filled out change of address update on my voter registration and was informed that *there is no record of you in PA driver database*…where I’ve only been issued licenses since 1979. Again, took me the better part of a year to prove that I’m alive. Meanwhile, dead people are active, with no one questions asked.

          • I can’t agree more. Did you notice how calmer the country feels. How the stock market has still progressed and the world is happy in the transition. How can you have a President that doesn’t have a dog or play golf with his son. Keep drinking the cool aid. His life is about him. His father called him a loser. He can’t get over it. He has never given his father any credit for starting him in business. Look up his relationship and what he said about Mark Etess who died in Trumps helicopter on the way down to be ceo of his Taj Mahal. Who bankrupts casinos ? Everyone thinks he’s a great business man. But in fairness let’s give him a shout out for fast tracking the vaccine. Let’s all work together as Americans to make this a better country and world. No President has that ability . If Biden does not work out there certainly will be someone new in 4 years. Be a gentleman and concede. By the way. When all of you were born,did they stamp on your birth certificate Democrats , Republican , independent. How about human being citizen of planet earth .

            • How can you say “stop drinking the cool aid” when all the big news networks parrot the same talking points and show no sources. If they tell you a story and give you no pictures, no links, no sources, chances are it is twisted because they know you won’t fact check it if they don’t provide it. Notice that the clips they show are cut up and taken out of context. Ever watched any of the unedited speeches? Do me a favor, go to Google and type in “Trump calls troops losers and suckers” and just look at the search results. It’s pages and pages and pages of MSM basically echoing the same story, no proof. The whole story came from a canceled helicopter ride because of weather and the media just made the rest up. You never wondered why the establishment wanted to get rid of the antiestablishment guy who wouldn’t take their money to do there bidding? Have you ever looked at his policies and how good they were for the country? And not just was CNN said. Go back and watch the original, unedited Charlottesville speech. You didn’t notice that Biden did very little campaigning, and no one knew his platform? Bidens campaign was funded by big tech, MSM, big Corp, and Wallstreet. If he wins, he already said we are going to lock down dispite it being horrid for everything, go back to war in Syria, and take away the first and second amendment. Way to do your research.

              • Scott Miller the healer. After 4 years of this muck from the likes of you I say HELL NO. NUTS!! You can suck up all you want but we the people demand better from our elected officials. If you want to live with Biden Inc selling off everything like the Clinton’s and the Obamas did from our security to our economy then Fuck you and your horse. I say rise up bring your gun and let’s have at it. I’m stocked with ammunition ready to fight for my president and a free and fair election. Not one with real foreign intervention. This is not Communist China Yet!

                  • Better to be an a$$hole than a piece of dung. (Trying to remain politcally correct) Who really votes for the party that started a civil war to keep slavery. Only those who want it handed to them for free. The term is Freedom, not freedumb. Freedom, just like respect is earned, not handed out like candy. And it has always been earned and defended by those who serve and are ready, willing, to perish so that we can have liberty and justice for all. If you haven’t served in some capacity, you got nothing to stand on. And until you do, you wont have any idea of the sacrifices made, allowing you to sleep peacefully under the watchful eyes of those who have, are, and currently do. So until you choose to serve in some capacity, even if it is in a civlian capacity providing service, to those who are willing to place their lives on the line, then shut your pie hole, or go live in a country where the only right you have is to go to work and pay taxes of like 65% or more.

                • What else did Biden lie about I guess Hunter didn’t make all that money and he never discussed business matters with his son his laptop was a fake according to them he has lie ever since he was in college lied about his degrees lied about everything that was important sure he graduated top of his class only to find out he graduated a few peopleFrom the bottom he didn’t even know the name of his university that he went to he doesn’t even know where he is but we did find out that he does like milkshakes either chocolate or vanilla one of the tough questions the press has asked him

              • Exactly! 100% on point and is what I have been trying to tell people to wake them up from the MSM mind control….Well said!

              • Totally correct!!
                The executive order Trump wrote for election Interference is awesome. Fantastic, incredible!!
                Covers it all…. allows seizure of ALLLLL property from those entities in the US or anywhere else that we can enforce it!!

              • They’ve been lying about him since 2016.
                If you want to twist Trump haters brains, an illustrated how the media have been on a systematic, character assassination that’s probably without historical precedent for five years now , show ’em this. Amazingly, Salon actually printed it, it’s actually still up on their site, and Google actually still finds it if you know the terms to search:

                The media needs to stop telling this lie about Donald Trump. I’m a Sanders supporter — and value honesty

                Trump’s words on Mexicans have been misconstrued by all sides. This liberal, Puerto Rican professor says enough.
                By ALBERTO A. MARTINEZ
                DECEMBER 21, 2015

              • If you want to twist Trump haters brains, and illustrate how the media have been on a systematic, probably unprecedented five-year character assassination campaign, show ’em this. Amazingly, Salon actually printed it, it’s actually still up on their site, and Google actually still finds it if you know the terms to search:

                The media needs to stop telling this lie about Donald Trump. I’m a Sanders supporter — and value honesty
                Trump’s words on Mexicans have been misconstrued by all sides. This liberal, Puerto Rican professor says enough.

                By ALBERTO A. MARTINEZ
                DECEMBER 21, 2015

            • It’s like a spoiled child that will throw a temper tantrum until he gets his way..then he’s quiet and peaceful..

              • Thats a Democrat. Burn buildings , hurt innocents until you get your way. And do not research your info. You want to hate at any cost ..including our constitution and the freedoms Americans enjoy. Main stream news has been bought and paid for…
                real news ignored and censored. Algorithms provided by China.

              • Exactly like the rioting, burning, murdering Democrats did this whole election season.
                Burning down businesses while Democrat Mayors and Governors stood aside. Harrasing folks in sidewalk cafes, BLM’ers shouting BLM as they murdered white folks, shooting cops, attacking Trump supporters.

            • I’d rather change diapers in a nursing home than work together with the left scumbags of America.
              You’re nuts if you think respectable, law abiding America’s will EVER accept a lying, stealing, backstabbing, pedophile
              senile old thug for our President and a big FU for even suggesting it.
              America is NOT calmer. You have no idea WTF you are talking about scumbag.

            • You have 5 swing states that have not yet conducted their MANDATORY REQUIRED recounts.

              Joe Biden is a 3rd rate hack recycled candidate that could not possibly blow away the turnout records in black areas that Obama set. Every single White Democrat candidate since 1948 has gotten 59% or less black turnout. Joe Biden would not exceed that. Couple that with a mail-in ballot rejection rate of a fraction of 1% in Pa. when historically it should be 3%+ and you have enormous circumstantial evidence that a cheat occurred. You have a strong possibility that the Supreme Court will throw out the elections of Michigan and Pennsylvania.

              The idea that you are propagandized into believing Trump should concede anything to Joe Biden shows that what was stamped on your birth certificate was ‘ignorant dupe of the global propaganda machine’.

            • Calmer ? Maybe in your unicorns and rainbow world. How bout this, we’ll work with Biden just like the dems worked with Trump for 4 years. Allegations, Investigations, and Impeachment … sounds fair and balanced.

            • It’s not about Trump or his character. It’s about an attempted globalist takeover of our country. Hope you are comfortable wearing that mask, because with a Biden win, it’s gonna be mandatory everywhere for a long time to come. It’s like they have you so focused on the man, you can’t see the bigger enemy of humanity. Never follow the narrative the media prescribes, it’s always a scam. Learned that back around 9/11, and never looked back.

              • You are exactly right, Mayhem. They’ve gaslighted the country into hating Trump so much that the hatred extends to anyone who votes for him and to all white people, the “oppressors,” the “systematic racists” – it’s an incredible load of bollocks They’ve been taught to hate Trump so much that they open their arms to a complete socialist takeover led by a demented pedophile clown. Now MSM with its fake calling of Biden as president has virtually assured insane violence when Trump retains his position as our leader. Chaos has always been the plan, while behind it they install 5G and hide the horrors of the vaccine that cannot help us but will help the would-be controllers collar us forever, if we let them. And of course the great reset, the complete gutting of all of our freedoms. I hope that, if this story is true, Skinny Joey will come forward. I know he’s got big balls. I know he isn’t afraid of 60 million democrat cowards (which some earlier poster doubting the story asserted) who need BLM and Antifa to do their dirty work, and those scumbags only work in mobs. There’s not a man among them. Go Joey!

                • “Led by a demented pedophile clown”. That`s Trump I presume? (You are so stupid) that you belive a political satire involving the mafia, with Joey in prison.
                  Jesus, take a walk in the park, read the article again and laugh a little. The lame-duck is still “your leader” for a few more weeks.

            • psst they are still rioting in Wash, Ore… they continue to harass those with opposing views with VIOLENCE. How dare you say it is more peaceful with Biden.. another Liberal fool.. OH BTW Liberal fool, Wall Street CEO’s are 12-1 Democrats that is why the market is spiking, that and rumors of a vccine… You cant be that ignorant,Miller…. soon you will see the extent of the debauchery in this election from the LEFT NOT THE RIGHT!!! a long shot perhaps, but hopefully after three 1/2 of trying to impeach DJT, mybe we will be blessed with the real winner of 2020 – DJT

            • I, personally have never heard President Donald Trump say anything bad about his dad. On the contrary, I have only heard him compliment his dad and how everything he learned he got from his dad.

            • How about supporting a patriot and defending him from scum that sells his country out to China or another highest bidder. He deserves to meet the firing squad after being found guilty of treason.

            • Lmfao. Like u all did foe the last 4 years? I don’t ffkknn think so. Biden lost. Sit back and get some popcorn. Oh, bring your tissues. You’ll need them!

            • Trump was one of several owners of the casinos, his ownership was taken away by the courts plus it was private money not public $$$’s. On the other hand Biden has used his elected public position and influence to enrich himself, he’s what you call White Elitist Trash, he’s corrupt a lier, racist and a pedophile. He will never unite this country!

            • If Biden wins all is lost. He and his machine will work with the Fed and change the World to a One Government with complete control of the money electronically created with no cash. Then they cancel all debt and create a universal income. When this happens a private property becomes the property of the One World Government. Now they can tell you where to live. Because of the covid lockdowns we won’t see any of the change until in is complete. Look at the Georgia Guidstones they talk about this plan long ago but people labeled it conspiracy theory. They will then take your rights and social score you. Can’t travel but to work 10 minute walk away. Act bad they take your electronic money and move you into not compliant person category. It goes on and on they will be in control. We have to have a Trump win. Legally but they need the proof.

              • Wake up and educate yourself! Biden Voters will be directly responsible for the utter demise of this country and the small business’ that employ it. You may get rid of DJT but at the price of your job and your Freedom!

            • Scott Miller, I feel bad for you. You must only be watching the fake news by mainstream media. Peaceful??? At the MAGA march on Sat, Biden’s followers terrorized and abused INNOCENTS, SENIOR CITIZENS, men & women, and families w young CHILDREN. There are VIDEO CLIPS! -Why should Trump concede? He is & should be the legitimate President. The thieving Dem’s voting FRAUD is real. Stay tune, there will be a lot of arrests soon concerning Biden’s fraud. Biden and his cronies believe in socialism. It means that the gov’t will control you. And more evil, treasonous deeds will be revealed under Biden. Look it up. WAKE UP. WAKE UP

            • Could not agree more, Scott. The vaccine is on it`s way and the distribution must be set into system. The Pheizer vaccine needs to be stored at around -100 F and can only be in the fridge for 5 days. Therefore a there is a need for expensive equipment, freezers that can be put on trucks/train, etc.
              We all need that corona to melt down. The economy and the virus goes hand in hand.

            • Not if every election is rigged! Concede like the Democrats did, or make up BS allegations to overthrow him for 4 years? Hypocrite

          • The problem is not all registered voters actually vote. I believe, typically, only 60% actually do vote. This is why they are concerned when a county gets 90% turnout because that just never happens.

          • One Party Rule. THAT’S why the numbers DON’T have to match. The law is whatever THEY say it is. Example: Republicans were ILLEGALLY locked out of the counting room. They immediately went to court and received an injunction. TOO BAD, the Dems said. F-U.

            The SUPREME COURT told PA to segregate the questionable ballots. PA said F-OFF. Supreme Court said DO IT. They still said TOUGH.

            The Democrats have become a lawless tribe of thugs. If YOU don’t understand that, YOU are the gullible one.

          • Go to the Pennsylvania website. There are the numbers. How can you have 103.88% ballots counted??? There can only be 100%. That was last week so they still weren’t done. I would say you’re the gullible one.

          • Hmm… Maybe that’s why they are fighting a recount/audit so hard? If there is no fraud, make them open the doors and let the audit commence.

          • Not every registered voter votes in each election. That is what “ballot stuffing” is and why it is possible. Also, only a complete audit of all the ballots (not just a recount) can find these types of fraudulent votes. You’re calling people “gullible” while you yourself are embarrassingly naive as to how voter fraud works, how many different types there are, and how frequently it happens in our elections. Wake up and see the corruption! You’re swimming in it!

          • So let me get this straight. This man has 300,000 ballots printed up to cheat President Trump out of winning. Now… He wants a full pardon for all the things he has done, if he comes forward with the truth. Isn’t that treason???

        • Exactly, I’d say go for it if he provided sufficient enough proof first. He’d make more friends than enemies but he’d need to be watched still for his own safety if he truly has anything worthy to share.

          • Has anyone had the thought that if skinny Joe comes forward with his quid pro quo that it will also appear that President Trump bribed him of sorts? I think President Trump has some pretty smart cookies working for him day and night and I’m praying they will come up with plenty of other proof with dominion and scorecard to prove their fraud. They have to actually be able to prove the mass fraud in the court for the election to be over turned. It would be nice for President Trump to get this all over turned without the help of Joe. But if not, talk away Joe!!

        • That’s exactly what I was thinking, and all likelihood he planned this from the get-go. If this is true, hopefully he has layers and layers of In refutable documentation to stand up to the highest standard of beyond a reasonable doubt burden of proof. On a way, if he did it from the bet go, he’s more of a self-described undercover asset as long as he didn’t take action to unilaterally induce the criminal activity

        • By seeing the huge rallies and love for this president like no other coupled with no attendance at Biden rallies seems impossible Biden won without massive fraud and coddling by all liberal news outlets daily

        • Absolutely believe that Skinny Joey could make a big difference in America with his confession
          All my man. Thanks

        • I would do it and even offer him any job he wanted. This would not only open up the election but it would also give credence to corruption in Detroit and Atlanta.

        • Only after the proof proves the election fraud on Donald Trump. And what other states were part of it. I bet Giuliani knows people.

        • We know that Biden and much of the Democratic Party is corrupt. This would be fighting fire with fire. America has been on the wrong track for several years now and Trump has been cleaning things up. We need to use every avenue available to us to keep President Trump in the Whitehouse. I wouldn’t want to do anything illegal but giving a pardon is not illegal.
          President Roosevelt did this for Lucky Luciano to provide peace with the Longshore men during WWII.

        • Even some longtime proponents of voting restrictions, like conservative activist and former Justice Department lawyer J. Christian Adams, said that the Trump’s effort in Pennsylvania was a long shot, and that legal claims need to be based on “real evidence,” not made-up evidence.

        • The swamp is so large that it overflows onto both sides of the isle into Rhino territory. Conservative congress people, conservative media hosts, conservatives who work for the white house and others have all been threatened – what I do not understand is why the H are they all not being indicted including BLM, Antifa, etc? Too many foreigners?

        • Something needs to be done and you can bet that Harris and the Clinton’s and Obama’s were in on this Election Fraud they probably paid off alot of people to change ballots ,as an American citizen I think that we should nullify and void bidens win he is too stupid and senile to be President and Harris and her husband are probably the one who started this since her husband has ties to DOMINIOM ,GOD HELP US ALL ,and damn to all the people who have blinders on who voted for him , you all are going to be so sorry, I know most if you hate Trump but he has done alot of great things and he loves AMERICA ,unlike the communist Biden
          and his Family who are in bed with communist china!!!!!!!!GOD HELP YOU ALL!!

      • Absolutely. Would like to thank Mr. Merlino for coming forward especially at this time. I would like to see him get a free pass on everything and a congratulatory message from OUR President.

      • I guess you really have no understanding of how the Mafia operates. Calling a “Mob Boss” an “Idiot” is likely to cause a problem in the future for those that think that Mafia operations are just a fairytale. You’d better hope he or one of his associates doesn’t see this.

      • I reckon so !!!
        gotta love Ron Blogonovich !
        He knew how to stay alive !
        Go public and show everyone you are not talking !!

      • Amen Judi! I’m sure he will do something stupid later anyways. Crooks are Crooks. That’s all they know. Give him what he wants based on real proof (Video, phone conversations, etc. and being a crook and being able to Blackmail someone I’m sure he knows what he’s doing!)

      • Look who Clinton Pardoned! Terrorists that killed cops in the 60’s. Marc Rich ( he did that for $). So why not this guy, if it saves our country?

      • For 8 yrs I’ve been trying to get D.C. to investigate the case of a young woman thrown in prison because her newly divorced abusive husband knew who to bribe!! SO I SAY, ”NO DEALS”!! The Trump Team already has enough to overthrow this Voter Fraud election, and may even be well aware of the part this thug played in it. This is out-and-out extortion. Or should we just say – quid pro quo!! There are innocent people sitting in prison right now accused of crimes they didn’t commit in order to cover the nefarious criminal acts of just these kind of people!! If you don’t have $$$ to hire an honest lawyer, you’re out of luck. NO DEALS!!!

      • For 8 yrs I’ve been trying to get someone to investigate a case where a woman was wrongfully imprisoned for crimes she didn’t commit. NO DEALS!! The Trump Team already has enough to overthrow this Voter Fraud election, and may even be well aware of the part this thug played in it. This is out-and-out extortion. Or should we just say – quid pro quo!! There are innocent people sitting in prison right now for crimes they didn’t commit in order to cover the nefarious criminal acts of these kind of people!! If you don’t have $$$ to hire an honest lawyer, you’re out of luck. NO DEALS!!!

      • President Donald J Trump is AMERICAS
        Joe Biden will destroyAmerica beyond repair, Democrats know Biden is clinically demented and will be managed by Pelosi& crowd, If he does not comply with the Democrats Biden will miraculously found
        mentally incompetent,Harris will become President with Nasty Nancy Pelosi as Vice President
        and we will all be doomed!

      • Errh … you don’t think this very article is going to throw his entire testimony into doubt? Getting all of those goodies, for what Democrats will say is lying, certainly within the range of things organized crime does?

        OK, if he has video of his team filling out ballots, loading them on a truck, and delivering them to the vote count facility, then you have something. Otherwise you have nothing.

      • I don’t think we need a mobster with all the reputable people who have come forward to testify about election fraud.

    • They haven’t got much chance otherwise and initially it is not obvious.

      Trump has not started a new war and some people miss out on money from wars and weapons sales.

      • another story to get our hopes up that inevitably will go nowhere!!!
        In today’s America, the good guys only prevail in the movies…. and even that is changing!!!

    • I recall reading about how Biden and his operatives, back in 1972 when he was running for a seat in Congress ( Delaware’s only seat)….there was a very negative story about Biden coming out in the Wilmington Paper. The drivers…..union guys working with the mob drive the papers right from the printers to the city dump. No one got to read the damning article about Biden and he went on to win his first election. This crooked, placeholder…..this party hack…this gladhanding zero is now posing as the president of the US…while his wife wipes the drool from his mouth, and reminds him what year it is.

    • I saw promise him the world…let him testify…afterwards take him out back and shoot him…the same way the mob does.

    • Yeah in the Book I hear you paint houses he is mentioned by the guy who claimed to have killed Jimmie Hoffa. The guy also claimed to have helped Biden win in 72. Painting houses is a mob term for splattering blood everywhere when you put a hit on someone.

    • It is already far too late to waste any time. If we lose our national sovereignty there will be no way to fix anything ever again. This would solve a lot of problems, so if there is truth to this story, do whatever ti takes to get it done as quickly as possible–right now we’re not in a good place.

    • it is not only about Trump or Biden, it is about our constitution and the integrity of our voting system. The political leaders need to do everything they can to save the system.

    • It would be great if he would testify about the ballot stuff but then he will have to survive the Clinton mob long enough to testify

    • He is a criminal and a traitor to America! Should be in prison with his son, Hunter!!! Plus he is a creepy pedophile🤮. How could someone like him be nominated or elected as President of the USA???

    • very true, and has connections to a construction union in NY, with ties to 2 mob families. Also Bernie Madorff and the coach from Penn State could nail Biden

    • The mob doesn’t necessarily like charismatic bosses. Ask John Gotti. Skinny Joey will have to keep himself socially distanced from the fishes Luca Brasi sleeps with to be able to testify.

    • After what the Democrats did to the Christopher Columbus statue, if this article is true the Philly mob is a disgrace to all Italians. Fucking scumbags

    • Have you ever seen a sharpie in a polling booth? Examine inks used on the Philly Biden ballots to see if this story holds water. I don’t think we the people need to support one more criminal…

    • The mob.What mob ? We need the mob to do the things elected officials wont do because they are always concerned of electoral results.Lobbyists are worst than the mob.Gates and co are inflicting more damage than the worst mob.Big Pharma is responsible for more than death than all of the mobs together.The catholic priests has inflicted more harm to youngster under the Holy God.

    • I’m in – give Skinny a full pardon and have him speak loud and clear about his ties to Biden and voter fraud!

    • Just like the Kennedy election. And we know what happened to Kennedy when he told his brother to go after the mob. Just saying!!!

    • Rewarding criminals stinks of glorifying sewage. Charge the felonious mug, prosecute and sweat out a full confession. Then have fresh election. Prison for full sentence. Doing bad, breaking laws gets reduced far too often and discourages good guys.

    • He has cheated at everything, now the numbers don’t add upon his tax returns, he is being questioned about that now.

    • Even some longtime proponents of voting restrictions, like conservative activist and former Justice Department lawyer J. Christian Adams, said that the Trump’s effort in Pennsylvania was a long shot, and that legal claims need to be based on “real evidence,” not made-up evidence.

    • This does not surprise me. I hate that we have to deal with this scum but we need to get ALL the bad players in prison.

    • Baltimore Sun just reported that five million aliens were beamed down to Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania to vote for Biden before returning to their ships.

  2. Obama gave Iran millions of our tax dollars to assist in building a nuclear bomb. If what is written is true then there is no comparison to what Obama did and what Trump should do.

  3. no need for dramatics, for what its worth, I watched hundreds of people, including federal agents, lawyers, witnesses, prosecutors, cops, compromise their integrity & lie in the name of justice

  4. He should be pardoned and expose the fraud . Considering how democrats get away with fraud all the time and Biden is the most corrupt politician selling us out to China and Russia I say pardon this dude and let’s settle this election once and for all Trump 2020

  5. I think what Joey is doing has real courage. I’m Italian from Staten Island and understand what it take a man like him to come forward and speak out. All of the men I know who Live that life don’t pay much attention to politics but they know Trump is good for mankind, a regular guy. The Dems are on the side of evil and corruption looking to hold man as a slave under the government. I’m proud to see him do it and go against his code to do some rite. I would call him a hero. He should do it no matter what they offer him and keep this crook the real thief with no honor out of power. Joe do the rite thing for men who live by the code and for mankind in general the goods things that come with it will be side effects from the lord him self.

    God bless

    • Exactly well spoken If this is true just the mere fact of Mr.Melino protecting our Country from Beijing Biden will reap him unimaginable rewards,accolades and riches just by doing the honorable thing.

    • I agree, he should just do it so president doesn’t get accused of bribery; then ask for mercy considering the danger he is facing

  6. What a crock! Freaking tinfoil hat wearing lunatics will use anything as a “credible source” if it lends any credence to your conspiracies. Read up a little on Skinny Joey and tell me how credible he is. LOL

  7. Joe needs to flip on this one this would be a big F you to the government that imprisonments the mafia when they do the same thing with no accountability or jail time. Hope he cuts a deal to come forward gets his show, book deal and ton of money. Turn the tables on them Joe do it!!! Send the government swamp a message.

  8. Joey, you’re a practical man. What do you have to lose? Put your trust in God and save our country from these marxists who seek to take God away from us all. Per i nostri figli e nipoti.

  9. Why would anyone believe a known monster, especially if he has so much to gain from lying in a very conflicted election?

    • Easy Doc., he’s a business man. Probably set up the Philly democrat machine intentionally with a plan to parlay his testimony into a full pardon. Mobsters may be criminals, but for the most part, they’re no dummies!
      This should get interesting.

  10. This is either a total sham or a complete joke article. “Skinny wants a clean record and he wants a job in the national parks service” “he wants a book deal and a movie!” Really???????? You really expect people to believe this? Mob people make millions peddling drugs……

  11. Anonymous ~~

    Easy to talk shit and hide behind ‘anonymous’.

    Sammy the bull, 19 admitted murders. 5 years.

    And you don’t think the government deals? You’re IQ is lower than pudding.

  12. Yes, President Trump should give him a chance to be the witness, but he needs to swear and sign the legal documents first.

  13. If true, his days are numbered. Hillary wants that UN post. I’m sure he’ll be found “suicided” like Jeffrey and countless others.

  14. Rather than giving this creep a Pardon, I would prefer the President play hardball with him. Have a covert special operations team snatch him off the street, take him to a black site and interrogate him for everything he knows. Then, in return for him going public on the work done with the fraudulent ballots they would let him live and make a cooperating defendant out of him. No criminal charges in return for testimony of any Democrat involved in the scam. Wake up folks, the time for playing by Roberts Rules of Justice are wasted on these traitors who want to destroy the country.

  15. Have the gentrifying ass liberals chimed in yet? I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. Go ahead and tell a working class city some more how you rich mfers are “the proletariat”. Shit down and shut up. Back in the day nobody would have tolerated your crap and there wouldn’t have been cameras to record you being dealt with by the community. Now that there’s video everywhere you all wanna talk so big while doing everything in as public a place as possible with as many witnesses as possible. FOH. You’re a complete joke.

    I vote Democrat and yet unlike you brainwashed overgrown children who comprise the far left, I am very critical of the party I vote for and don’t stick my head in the sand.

    The country is the furthest thing from calm, and it’s entirely the fault of privileged far left white gentrifiers both in the actual neighborhoods themselves and in politics and the media. Before you sheltered overgrown children showed up with your astronomical sense of entitlement, there hadn’t been a riot in decades, and actual Philly NATIVES were working towards a better future for all races. There have been problems sure but that’s what happens when people are stuck together who had barely interacted prior to that and fighting over the scraps left over after privileged people like you have taken everything you could from society and from the economy. Now you all want to take over those very communities and demonize and divide just like your rich parents taught you to. You want to destroy minority neighborhoods and pretend you’re liberators. Go the fuck back where you came from already. You’re nothing but mindless, unoriginal consumers who take everything you can to make yourself seem less bland and useless. You’re like a fucking horde of locusts, displacing every Philly native and disadvantaged person in your path.

    This election absolutely needs to be investigated. Any adult can grasp that. The only people doing everything they can to shout down and vilify and censor those calling for it are the same overgrown children completely ruining society with their overgrown children bullshit. We should be able to know for a fact that our vote was counted and went for exactly the people and choices we chose on it and that every vote counted was LEGAL.

    Philly and PA has been corrupt for centuries, and anybody claiming otherwise is full of it. Does nobody remember Street or Edison education company or any other number of corrupt and shady things that have gone down -including flat out stealing elections? Or maybe you weren’t actually around for that. I was.

    Audit the vote. And everybody in blackbloc and other non native agitators go the fuck back where you came from. 99% of you are white and from the suburbs, and we all fucking know it.

  16. Bankruptcy
    The Municipal Corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC., was entered into
    bankruptcy by its owner, Pope Francis, September 24, 2015. It was a Chapter 7
    Liquidation. No ifs, ands, buts, or maybes, no reorganizations. This corporate bankruptcy ended
    on November 5th of this year.
    Now, everyone knows that you can’t elect a new President for a defunct corporation. It would be
    a pointless and fraudulent exercise. Whoever was elected “President of the United States” on
    November 3rd, had nothing to preside over as of November 5th.
    This means that for either candidate to go forward as the Municipal “President of the United
    States” a different municipal corporation doing business in some form of “United States” would
    have to be formed and substituted for the now defunct UNITED STATES, INC.
    You can’t elect a new President for a defunct corporation, whoever was elected “President of
    the United States” on 3 Nov. had nothing to preside over as of 5 Nov.

    Additional comments by Judy Byington


    The Sat. 7 Nov. announcement by the Lame Stream Media that B|iden won the US Presidency
    was just another lie to the American people – now referred to as “Voter-gate.” The only call of

    this presidential election could come from joint sessions of Congress that would read the elector
    slates on 3 Jan. 2021.
    However, the makeup of that Congress would have to be re-done because those politicians
    were elected under US Inc. This municipal corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES,
    INC. had entered into bankruptcy by its owner, Pope Francis, on 24 Sept. 2015 – a Chapter 7
    liquidation that ended on 5 Nov. 2020.
    Since the early 1900s the privately owned US Inc. had collected US taxpayer dollars only to
    send them to the Queens Bank of London, then over to the Vatican Bank and on to their Central
    Banks across the world, then charged US citizens interest to use their own monies. Under
    President Trump that system was now defunct and the US Republic had been restored.

  17. We all make mistakes. If he gets a clean start for for saving the country he tried to ruin then sure, I’d love to visit one of our great national parks and go on one of his guided tours. It would probably be a most interesting experience.

  18. I am in favor of this man getting a full pardon if, a big IF, he divulges enough info to drive a stake through the Democrats voting fraud. The DLC leaders in prison would be delicious frosting on the cake.

  19. Hey Buffalo editors, c’mon man. If the New York Times and AP didn’t report it it’s a “conspiracy theory.” Did you flunk Indoctrination 101, or somethin.’

  20. This was an inside job. He was bugged snd recorded by secret service or military, then they went to Buffalo Chronicle to tell the story. You can tell with the spectacular story. Joey found out about this right before it published, just long enough to make it to the FBI alive.

  21. Demon rats have ALWAYS been a party of lies, murder and, corruption. I trust the mob more than I do demonrats! What surprises me is that Skinny Joe did it in the FIRST place! Anything for a buck, I guess but, if a full pardon gets us back our rightful President, let’s do this!

  22. One thing wrong with this story if they marked them with sharpies they would not work in the machines so my take is FAKE NEWS

  23. Skinny Joey was also the mob boss in Atlantic City when Trump operated a Casino there. Lots of buzz that he was Trump’s bagman and silent partner. Joey is probably the one floating this BS story and getting a payoff from Trump for the lie.

  24. These comments are like going to the Onion and getting upset at an article….national parks service…hilarious. The comments here are perfect example of how desperate people are to overturn the election results. Too funny.

  25. Raymond im with you Bro. Miller can take a hike to fifth and stay there dont ever come back MORON Biden/Harris will turn this country to communism and 1 party rule.

  26. All can stop worrying . President Trump has all the solid proof he needs of a major sting operation to launch a Coup and steal the Election. The official legal ballots gave him 80% of the vote. Military did a proper scanned count. Under Infra red you could see which ballots were genuine and which were fake Chinese ballots and others .(2 CCP Ships docked at Detroit and Michigan I think and were filmed with masses of boxes filled with fake ballots

    • If he’s rightfully showing evidence of fraud, then it’s not a coup and it’s not not stealing the election. It’s preventing the ‘Big Guy’ from doing both of those things.

  27. How is this garbage being allowed to be published? Crazy that Americans would believe this. That’s not how ballots are counted lol. Dangerous to spew this trash. Biden won and that’s how elections work. Trump and Co will finally be in jail soon. Remember that Trump hasn’t even been to a COVID briefing for over 5 months and he’s golfing almost daily. He gives no f*cks about yall.

  28. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/the-buffalo-chronicle/

    “Detailed Report
    Reasoning: Extreme Right, Lack of Transparency, Propaganda, Conspiracy, Failed Fact Checks
    Country: USA
    World Press Freedom Rank: USA 45/180


    Founded in 2014, The Buffalo Chronicle is an online news source serving Buffalo and Western New York. The website does not have an about page, nor does it disclose ownership. The website also does not list an editor and the writers lack biographical information.

    Read our profile on United States government and media.

    Funded by / Ownership

    The website does not disclose ownership, however, according to The Canada Land Show, the owner is Matthew Ricchiazzi, who is a “failed municipal candidate in Buffalo.” The website is funded through advertising and subscription fees.

    Analysis / Bias

    In review, The Buffalo Chronicle is an online newspaper that focuses on local news in the Buffalo area. They also report news from other locations in New York as well as Washington D.C. Headlines of articles often contain loaded language that favors the Right such as this: Obama’s pathetic ‘Blame Fox’ excuse. This article is essentially a short summary of a New York Post article. Further, articles written by staff are right biased and pro-Trump. Local news also features strong right-wing bias in attacking local Democrats such as this: That time Poloncarz appointed ‘patronage hack’ to supervise CPS, following brazen fraud scheme. In general, The Buffalo Chronicle reports favorably on the right and negatively on the left.

    The Buffalo Chronicle has also been cited for publishing false information about Canada.

    Failed Fact Checks

    Is New York State about to ban cigarette sales to combat the novel coronavirus? – False
    Canada’s national newspaper was not barred from publishing a scandal involving PM Trudeau – False
    In 2001, Justin Trudeau left his teaching job at the West Point Grey Academy after having a sexual relationship with either a student or a student’s mother. – Unproven
    “Mitt Romney has been asked to lead Health and Human Services in Biden administration.” – False
    Overall, we rate The Buffalo Chronicle Questionable based on far-right-wing bias, a complete lack of transparency, promotion of propaganda/conspiracy theories, and several failed fact checks. (D. Van Zandt 5/2/2019) Updated (11/10/2020)

  29. You are all complete idiots to believe anyone in the government cares about you. The people are always the first to suffer under any political parties agenda. Quit dividing the people over which puppet is better and come together to change the system. The Government Hates All Citizens!

  30. Can’t anyone else see what an incredibly bad idea this is? Trump doesn’t need a career criminal to vindicate him or the election. Trump is smart and will smell this rat a light year away! Doing this would give this loser an upper hand against Trump and Trump would never allow that.

    So what happens, in that scenario, after this supposed pardon? Merino goes on with his crime and does anything he wants knowing he has Trump in his back pocket. Then Trump is inextricably linked to this idiot and it’s a huge stain on Trump and the country. Trump wouldn’t do that to himself or to the country! And this smug idiot wants us to THANK him for his life of crime? Ballsy.

    Trump is too smart for this. He’ll take a hard pass on this, as he should. If this goofball Merino wants to do the right thing, he can do it unconditionally. He’d have to do it because it’s the right thing to do. Period.

  31. Doesn’t anyone remember Joe Velachi? In 1963, Velachi testified before a committee of the Senate (Velachi Hearings) and testified disclosing previously unknown information about the Mafia including its structure, operations, and connections. It is not far fetched to imagine that a known Philadelphia mafioso could possibly have connections with an organization and/or persons wishing to corrupt the Pennsylvania presidential election. No, not difficult to imagine at all.

  32. “The Onion” is less absurd than this conspiracy mill. Nothing will ever come of any item written on this subject. It just feeds paranoid fears. Good luck in your bubbles. Most teamsters are Republicans these days, the Mafia has more businesses that have to pay taxes than those that do not, so why would they want their taxes raised in a Biden administration?

  33. History has a way of repeating itself!
    Sam Giancana, Cook County in 1960.
    The most corrupt election of the 20th century.
    NOW, people are talking about it openly This
    time, instead of dead people voting, we have
    registered voters who do not, or did not vote,
    and somehow voted several times.


  34. Mob can pound sand! It’s really extortion. Only a psycho would commit a crime and then seek adoration from the public for admitting to the crime. If they manufactured 300,000 votes, they had better start thinking about Jeff Epstein’s demise.

  35. His life is now expendable…. Lives are always expendable in the democratic party when it comes to power. I se his life line being very short, true or not true.

  36. Rats 🐀 🐀 Turning On Each Other ! PRICELESS The City Of Brotherly Love ❤️ To Bring A Rat 🐀 To TAKE DOWN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY 😂😂😂😂🔔🔔🔔

  37. longtime proponents of voting restrictions, like conservative activist and former Justice Department lawyer J. Christian Adams, said that the Trump’s effort in Pennsylvania was a long shot, and that legal claims need to be based on “real evidence,” not made-up evidence.

  38. Biden is for sale to the highest bidder, and communist government. Puppet sleep to the top kamala can’t wait to collect bribes while pretending she’s a real black person.


  40. Here’s the real rub and why I think Trump will lock these guys up for sure. Because, if he doesn’t, they will certainly be going after him and without any evidence whatsoever lock him up, and everyone knows this. Including Trump.
    So he clearly has to lock these opponents up or he will get effed from every direction. Or, this is just another show for the masses.
    Time will tell…

  41. https://worldchangebrief.webnode.com

    Not Just Voter Fraud – USA IN A COUP STAGED BY A CULT/
    Coup Acts: CIA-Wall St.Facebook.Twitter Collude.
    McCarthylike Attacks on Lawyers & Officials.
    Mafioso Strong Man Key In PA Election/
    Cult Acts- Authoritarian, Groupthink, Leaders Flout Rules/
    Microwave Beam: China Attacks Indian Soldiers

  42. Biden knows he’s just a pawn in the scheme of things and will gladly step down to usher in the first female president. What a disgusting proposition and a slap in the face of America 🇺🇸 😒. Patriots we can’t allow this to happen to the greatest country in the world.
    “Conservatives Allies/Patriots”.

  43. Black lives matter and antifa violence will be like a little girl’s tea party if the left pulls off this election heist. That’s an absolute truth that we can all take to the bank.

  44. I realize the Cult cannot move on…
    Biden got a 1.3% growth over Hillary ballots in Philly
    Use your brains or whatever is left of them, please!

  45. Oh please! America’s reputation as the leading and most influential democracy has been decimated around the World by Trump’s constant lying and attacks on democratic institutions and journalistic freedom, and you’re adding to his falsehoods and destruction of what was best about the US. What’s left of your credibility as a nation and your self-respect? Shame on you.

  46. Audit the ballots, the batch he produced should have a barcode then hard evidence to corroborate testimony should put truth to test conclusively. Kraken releasing time, this op sounds like it ran in multiple locations by dnc complicit dirty worx.

  47. Attorney General William Barr is launching a crackdown on the Philadelphia Mafia — and some expect that the City’s most senior mobsters are getting ready to flip on former Boss ‘Skinny Joey’ Merlino, who is widely suspected of rigging the presidential election in favor of Joe Biden.

    Fifteen Philly mobsters indicted on racketeering; ‘Skinny Joey’ starts to sweat

    • LOLOLOLOLOL – You mean the same attorney general Bill Barr that said there’s no evidence of fraud? How stupid do you have to be to believe anything printed here?

  48. Scary that so many nutcases think this is true. Sad to see such nasty words directed at the Vice President Elect.

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