Brown has been offering ‘street thugs’ city jobs in exchange for online harassment of critics

Mayor Byron W. Brown and his associates have been promising city jobs to “goons and street thugs” in exchange for doggedly harassing critics on social media platforms, a source familiar with the arrangement tells The Chronicle.  The practice of promising


Is the spike in federal revenue permanent?

By Kyle Pomerleau The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently published its monthly budget review for September, now estimating a spike in federal tax receipts for the 2021 fiscal year. According to CBO, individual income tax receipts will climb by $443 billion (27.5


For private digital currency, insist on openness

By Jim Harper Last week, the Digital Dollar Project (DDP) highlighted the challenges involved in producing a central bank digital currency (CBDC) that will preserve important values such as privacy. Every CBDC effort we have found gives privacy protection short shrift even

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DA Flynn concerned about pending parole reform legislation

Today, Erie County District Attorney John J. Flynn voiced his concerns about proposed criminal justice reform legislation that would drastically change parole requirements and allow eligible incarcerated individuals to be released early from prisons in New York State. District Attorney