Kriner Cash may use extra $75 million in state education funding for ECC’s downtown campus

Superintendent Kriner Cash may use the surplus $75 million in state education funding this year to expand Erie Community College’s downtown campus — which would enhance the Buffalo Public School system’s ability to “seamlessly collaborate” with the college on regional

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DA Flynn concerned about pending parole reform legislation

Today, Erie County District Attorney John J. Flynn voiced his concerns about proposed criminal justice reform legislation that would drastically change parole requirements and allow eligible incarcerated individuals to be released early from prisons in New York State. District Attorney


Childcare not to blame for employment troubles

BY ANGELA RACHIDI The disappointing April jobs report raised new questions about how government policies, such as enhanced unemployment insurance, have slowed the economic recovery by discouraging people from returning to work. Some have suggested that closed childcare facilities and schools, not employment disincentives, are


New York’s jobs recovery outpaced U.S. in April

BY E.J. McMAHON Private-sector employment in New York increased faster than the nationwide recovery rate in the month of April, according to the state’s latest monthly jobs report. The April count of private-sector employment was estimated at 7.4 million jobs, up

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Financial plan reflects a budget loaded with cash

BY E.J. McMAHON Barely a year after Governor Cuomo declared the state was “broke” due to the pandemic, New York’s budget is bursting with cash—fueling enormous spending hikes, as shown in the financial plan update released today by Governor Cuomo’s Division


The zero-sum administration’s corporate tax plan

BY PAUL H. KUPIEC Newly-elected administrations try to lay the groundwork for their legacy in the first 100-days in office. During their “honeymoon” period, they introduce landmark legislation and issue executive orders to address existential economic or national security concerns,