Presidential Election 2016

Aide testifies that Clinton used personal email for State business

Insists that monitoring Clinton’s illicit use of private email ‘wasn’t really part of my job,’ but adds, ‘I wish she had used a State Department account’ Judicial Watch today released the transcript of a court-ordered deposition of Jacob “Jake” Sullivan, Hillary Clinton’s

Presidential Election 2016

Clinton advisor privately blames running mate Tim Kaine for loss

Senator Tim Kaine may have helped Hillary Clinton secure thirteen electoral votes, but privately she blames her running mate for her 2016 loss to President Donald J. Trump, a former staffer for the campaign tells The Chronicle. Clinton believes that Kaine


This town gives Trump a second look after the Carrier deal

INDIANAPOLIS — Steeling himself against the cold outside the Carrier air-conditioning plant on Thursday, Brian Dyson is ecstatic. “Look, when Trump came here and said he was going to save jobs, I saw that as just another promise from a

Presidential Election 2016

Donald Trump threatens to tax companies that move jobs abroad

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump warned US companies moving to Mexico will face “retribution” under his Administration in a Sunday morning tweet storm. Fresh off his win of keeping 1,000 Carrier jobs in Indianapolis, Trump reiterated a campaign pledge to slap

Presidential Election 2016

Obama’s pathetic ‘Blame Fox’ excuse

It’s been a rough few weeks for President Obama. Voters in so-called “Blue Wall” states seemingly rejected the vast majority of the president’s legacy. Whether it was ObamaCare, lax immigration enforcement or the Trans Pacific Partnership, millions of voters (many

Presidential Election 2016

Businessmen should comprise much of Trump cabinet 

BY MATT RICCHIAZZI President-elect Donald Trump’s supporters say that it is time to boldly roll through Congress with a slew of legislation that jump starts the economy: income tax cuts; lower the corporate tax to 10%; eliminate the tax on repatriating

Presidential Election 2016

Clinton’s VP selection likely to deflate liberal turnout

Republicans are rejoicing following Hillary Clinton’s selection of Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, widely seen as a weak choice that will deflate turnout among key constituencies including minorities, progressives, gays, and West Coast voters. Kaine is a conservative Democrat from a red

Presidential Election 2016

Trumping the Left

BY JIM OSTROWSKI What better topic to introduce my new column in this paper than Trump’s visit to Buffalo Monday night?  So there I was, in the press pen, literally walled off from the event with no food, no booze,

Presidential Election 2016

GOP considers drafting Condi Rice for third party run

If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, the party establishment is expected to revolt wildly and throw the party into an all out battle ahead of a bitterly contested convention. Operatives at the national level are coming to the same

Presidential Election 2016

For Collins, Trump endorsement is practical politics

BY TERRENCE ROBINSON Western New York Congressman Chris Collins became the first Congressman to endorse Donald Trump’s bid for the Republican nomination with a stunning announcement last Wednesday following the Nevada caucuses. Since that announcement, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie,

Erie County Democrats

Syposs clarifies support of Clinton, Sanders

Earlier this week, The Buffalo Chronicle reported that the politically influential former Deputy Election Commissioner and City of Tonawanda Democratic Party Chairperson is supporting Bernie Sanders for President, based on supportive commentary made on social media. “Reposting of positions of Bernie Sanders does

Presidential Election 2016

Plouffe: “Primary is anything but locked up”

President Barak Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, David Plouffe, said “this primary is anything but locked up,” in a fundraising solicitation behalf of the former Secretary of State. The email fundraising solicitation reads as if the Clinton camp is worried and


Peter F. Paul threatens to expose Hillary Clinton

Peter F. Paul, a major contributor to Bill and Hillary Clinton when they were still in the White House, is alleging that he gave the Clintons $2 million in campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton’s Senate bid in 2000 that she did not


Oprah can trump Trump

OPINION History repeats itself. When the stock market collapsed in 1929 to trigger the Great Depression, the following decade of stagnation gave rise to xenophobia, militarism, dictatorship, genocide, and the second world war. It’s been eight years since the financial markets

Presidential Election 2016

Ted Cruz’s curious position on citizenship

By Brad Rybczynski Senator Ted Cruz wants to be president. He was born in Calgary, Alberta (Canada) to a Cuban born father and American born mother. He contends, and from all of the research I have done, rightly so, that children


Cuomo win ignites volatile secessionist movement

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s reelection win amid multiple corruption scandals has ignited a volatile secessionist movement across upstate New York. Sentiments regarding the Governor’s $45 million campaign account have been exacerbated by deep resentments of downstate political machines, big city elitism, and a longstanding political

Presidential Election 2016

Can Condi Rice be convinced to save the GOP?

Watching Iraq unravel and the middle east inflamed with instability makes almost certain that the 2016 presidential election will be consumed in a discourse on foreign policy. A great debate will be had between those who think America has an