Plouffe: “Primary is anything but locked up”

President Barak Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, David Plouffe, said “this primary is anything but locked up,” in a fundraising solicitation behalf of the former Secretary of State.

The email fundraising solicitation reads as if the Clinton camp is worried and scrambling to hang on to a primary that they feel slipping away from them.

“The Sanders campaign is on track to hit a record number of grassroots contributions this fundraising quarter — he may even outraise us,” Plouffe rights to the rank and file.

“But when I talk to grassroots activists about Hillary Clinton, they often tell me they don’t think she needs their help to win,” he goes on to explain.

The email is being interpreted by political operatives as a distress call. They say that the Clinton campaign is either in all out panic mode, or they are trying to set expectations so low that when the announcement of Sanders’ fundraising prowess becomes official it won’t be so shocking.

Others say that, since the solicitation asked only for a $1 contribution, that the Clinton’s are concerned that their average contribution will be quite high and that it will become distastefully obvious that their money is coming from major firms and wealthy special interest groups.

Sanders on the other hand enjoys regular small monthly contributions, typically ranging between $20 and $100 given by a broader base of contributors, and given in small monthly increments.

“[In 2008] we had an outstanding candidate and motivated, energized grassroots supporters. But we also had the financial resources to maximize our turnout on caucus night,” Plouffe says, with an unusually ominous tone.

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