Schools could raise millions through advertising

BY CAITLIN GILLIGAN New York school districts are missing out on non-taxpayer revenue due to antiquated legal restrictions, according to a new report from the Empire Center for Public Policy. Selling advertising and naming rights on school properties is widely seen as


Thoughts on Facial Recognition

BY NORBERT RUG I am for the implementation of the Facial and Object Recognition System (FORS) in the Lockport schools. There I said it. I know this might be an unpopular stance but it is the way I feel. I


Paladino grasps at straws as removal hearing nears

Disgraced school board member Carl Paladino, who is likely to be removed from the board at a State Education Department hearing scheduled for June 22nd in Albany, won a small victory this week.  Commissioner Mary Ellen Elia approved a request by


Make every school a charter school

THE EDITORIAL BOARD Improving public education: No issue is more entrenched in the wild and unruly machinations of New York State’s politics, nor is any issue more central to our economic recovery and our ability to be competitive in the


An autopsy of the Buffalo Public Schools

BY JIM OSTROWSKI The Buffalo Public School system has been in the press lately.  Sadly, little of what has been said has illuminated the most salient truths about that system.  First, the ultimate fate of government school students can be


The Paladino effect

BY JAMIE MOSES On December 23, 2016, Artvoice published a traditional end of year survey asking four simple questions: 1. What would you most like to happen in 2017? 2. What would you like to see go away in 2017?