• NY Comptroller

    Trichter’s leftist views shock GOP, as Cox takes heat for a weak ticket

    New York State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox isn’t shy about recruiting Democrats to run for public office — a practice that often draws criticism from the party faithful before the candidate fades away from the political scene — observers are quick to recall his rabid support of Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy for Governor in 2010, and the series [...]
  • Erie County Republicans

    Republicans want Chairman’s outside income investigated by prosecutors

    It is no secret among local political operatives that Erie County Republican Party Chairman Nick Langworthy has been accepting ‘outside income’ that his critics say “profoundly corrupts the Republican nominating process, seemingly constituting honest services fraud.”  The activists want Langworthy’s income to be investigated to determine whether he is selling the Republican nomination in exchange for political work. Langworthy describes [...]

Gubernatorial Election 2018

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The Battle for the State Senate

  • Former State Senator Alfred T. Coppola‘s presence in the politics of the 60th State Senate district has been perpetually felt since he left office in 2000, following an election loss engineered by the political operative G. Steven Pigeon that installed Byron Brown to that State Senate office.  He has sought reelection to the seat many times since, often crowding out a Democrat primary in a [...]
  • It’s being rumored  among politicos that Senator Mike Ranzenhofer, an unaccomplished backbencher who has held his seat since Mary Lou Rath retired in 2008, may face a primary challenge this cycle. Ranzenholfer has had difficulty articulating a rationale for reelection, without a body of legislative accomplishments or gains for the district to herald — leaving the district vulnerable to a popular Democrat. Ranzenhofer has been asked [...]

Unsatisfied with Molinaro, GOP base wants Paladino to make a move

by The Buffalo Chronicle in NY Governor

Tea Party organizers from across Upstate New York have been urging former gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino to begin phoning Republican State Committee members, to lobby for votes in a coup they hope to stage at the party’s upcoming nominating convention. In order to win the nomination, Paladino would need to earn 60% of the committee’s vote; or 25% of the committee’s vote to provoke a September primary. The party establishment has coalesced around the gubernatorial candidacy of Dutchess County Executive Marcus Molinaro. He is expected to receive the nomination, but if Paladino decides to launch a stealth candidacy at the last minute and aggressively works the committee, the whole process would be thrown into chaos. Skeptics doubt Paladino’s ability to [...]


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  • BY ZAIN MEHDI The organizational structure of Italian mafias impacts each syndicate’s stability and use of violence, according to Prof. Maurizio Catino, sociology of organization, University of Milan Bicocca. Understanding how these mafias are structured is a difficult task because communicating with the mafia groups is illegal and dangerous; only high-ranking members truly know their hierarchical operation, Catino said. Despite these complications, the lecturer said has invested years in understanding the three largest mafia groups in Italy — Cosa Nostra, Camorra and ‘Ndràngheta. In Italy, most mafias are led by a small group of “made members,” followed by various associates and collaborators. The mafias also play an important role in controlling markets, and specialize in one specific product — protection, [...]