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    Higgins urged to challenge Pelosi for Speakership

    Rep. Brian Higgins (D-Buffalo) will not support Nancy Pelosi as Leader of the House Democrats, he pledged to area publications this week.  But activists want the seven-term Congressman to stand up for the region’s economic interests more assertively at this critical moment in the national discourse on trade — and wage an aggressive effort to oust House Minority Leader Nancy [...]
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    Roger Stone should run for Speaker of the House, says Tea Party leader

    Matthew Ricchiazzi, New York State’s leading Tea Party activist and the co-founder of Buffalonians for New Leadership, is calling on Roger Stone to begin whipping votes among the members of the House of Representatives — in aim of assuming the Speakership in the coming weeks. “Speaker Paul Ryan, someone I greatly admire, has a responsibility to the Party to step [...]

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  • When it comes to the ongoing planning of the Albright Knox’s high profile expansion project, the prerogative of preserving the facade of the historic turn of the century structure should be among the institution’s top priorities. The neoclassic revival architecture built at Buffalo’s pinnacle — at the time of the Pan American Exposition — is too central to the identity [...]

The Battle for the State Senate

Waterfront Development

Cuomo pressured to remove parking lots from Niagara Falls State Park

by The Buffalo Chronicle in NY Governor

Niagara Falls State Park is the oldest in the nation, founded in 1885. It hosts just over nine million visitors annually and is among the most iconic natural monuments in North America. The state park itself is 221 acres and was designed by the leading landscape architect of the day, Fredrick Law Olmsted. Many activists have been calling for the removal of the park’s three massive surface parking lots and unnecessary roadways inside the park. They would like the state to fund a reforestation effort that will make the island a destination for hikers and adventurists. In recent years, local preservationists have criticized modern era improvements to the park as “tacky over development” of a landscape they say should remain untouched. [...]

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Six Nations

  • OHSWEKEN, ON — An Ontario Superior court judge has rejected the argument of one of the Six Nations’ most prolific businessmen and civic leaders.  Ken Hill, co-owner of Grand River Enterprises, the manufacturer of Seneca brand cigarettes, asserts that Haudenosaunee laws trump Ontario family law when it comes to Indigenous families. Hill is fighting a claim by ex-partner, Brittany Beaver to pay $33,183 per month in child support for their eight-year-old son and $85,701 per month in spousal support. She wants to be named a beneficiary of his life insurance policy and is requesting $200,000 in legal fees.  She has hired four attorneys. Among Indian lawyers, Justice Deborah Chappel’s decision smacks of racial bias.  Many even perceive a stubborn drive to rewrite Indian law in such [...]