National Headlines

Federal dollars keep California ‘swimming in money’

BY MATT WEIDINGER California Governor Gavin Newsom’s latest budget proposal released last week suggests, as one article summarized, the state is currently “swimming in money,” including “a $15 billion one-time surplus.” That’s a massive turnaround from early in the coronavirus crisis, when headlines warned California faced

White House

Will Biden’s embrace of industrial policy pay off?

BY JAMES PETHOKOUKIS Joe Biden wants more government intervention in the American economy. And not just cutting checks to people. Biden favors a national industrial policy, what his “build back better” campaign agenda describes as a “comprehensive manufacturing and innovation strategy” which “will marshall

Foreign Policy

China’s economy probably shrank in 2020

BY DEREK SCISSORS The Chinese Communist Party appreciates American media praise. Yes, China halted COVID-19 and engineered a clear economic recovery. But the party has always denied or distorted major mistakes. Last year it lied about initial virus spread and, consequently, about