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Semiconductors, front and center

By Claude Barfield You know the semiconductor industry has reached star status when CBS’s “60 Minutes” devotes a long segment to its fortunes, and the front page of The Economist warns that “the most dangerous place on Earth” (Taiwan) houses the plants that manufacture

National Headlines

Variability of US drug prices sparks policy debate

By Benedic N. Ippolito As Congress debates major overhauls to the US drug market, new research is highlighting the increasingly bifurcated nature of domestic drug prices. These data point to a more nuanced relationship between policy and innovation and can

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Tracking core commodity price inflation concerns some

By Paul Kupiec While pundits argue whether April’s reading on US consumer price inflation is a harbinger of future inflation or merely a transitory statistical anomaly, global commodity prices are marching higher. It’s not just the price of lumber or

Childcare not to blame for employment troubles

BY ANGELA RACHIDI The disappointing April jobs report raised new questions about how government policies, such as enhanced unemployment insurance, have slowed the economic recovery by discouraging people from returning to work. Some have suggested that closed childcare facilities and
City & Region

Financial plan reflects a budget loaded with cash

BY E.J. McMAHON Barely a year after Governor Cuomo declared the state was “broke” due to the pandemic, New York’s budget is bursting with cash—fueling enormous spending hikes, as shown in the financial plan update released today by Governor Cuomo’s Division


Finding ways to stop the endless cycle of cyberattacks

By Shane Tews The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack was disruptive in numerous ways. It shuttered a pipeline that “delivers nearly half of the jet fuel and gasoline used on the Atlantic Coast,” and this past weekend, many Americans faced long lines for gas


GAO releases unused funds report

BY ELAINE McCUSKER The thought of canceled funding may immediately prompt concerns about management or inefficiency, but the findings in this week’s Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on unspent federal funding instead indicate that updating the rules and regulations governing federal

White House

Protecting IP in the Endless Frontier Act

BY DEREK SCISSORS The Endless Frontier Act is getting hard to follow. The April version, championed by Majority Leader Schumer, was 160 pages long. The version passed this week by the Senate Commerce Committee more than doubles that. There are now many issues

Foreign Policy

Melting diplomatic ice at Arctic Council meeting

BY ELISABETH BRAW Ordinarily, the Arctic is perceived as a sleepy region where nothing much happens. Well, this week something happened, and not just the continued climate change that is causing irreparable damage to this delicate part of the world.

Foreign Policy

Swedish Navy asks the public to be on the lookout

BY ELISABETH BRAW Anyone who has ever visited London has seen the posters and heard the announcements on Tube stations instructing people to “see it, say it, sorted.” The public awareness campaign encouraging people to report odd behavior to the