State Budget

Sluggish in September: NY job growth still trails U.S.

BY E.J. McMAHON New York’s employment recovery slowed to a near halt in the crucial month of September, falling further behind the national growth rate in the 18th full month since the pandemic hit in March 2020, according to state and federal


Tribal leaders ask Pelosi to step aside ahead of midterms

(December 28, 2021) — Clint Halftown, the federally recognized leader of the Cayuga Nation of New York, has privately asked Speaker Nancy Pelosi to step aside from the Speakership post as soon as possible but certainly prior to next spring’s

Foreign Policy

A fraught linkage: US-China trade, US-EU tech

By Claude Barfield Over the past weeks, the Joe Biden administration has pursued two geographic bookends of US foreign economic and strategic policy — namely the first public statement of US trade and investment policy toward China and the convening of the US-EU Trade

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Tribes encourage Rep. Sharice Davids to run for Speaker of the House

Tribal governments, enterprises, and political operatives from indigenous communities across the United States and Canada are encouraging Sharice Davids, a Democrat representing Kansas’ third congressional district, to run for Speaker of the House of Representatives following Nancy Pelosi‘s planned retirement