County Legislature

Thurman Thomas calls on County Legislature, NFL to reform bail bond system

Thurman Thomas — one of the Buffalo Bills’ most legendary players and a key to the team’s four-year Superbowl streak in the 1990s — appeared before the Erie County Legislature’s Public Safety Committee on Thursday to call for bail bond reform. Thomas argued


WNY defense attorneys, ranked

This year’s Top 5 Criminal Defense Attorneys have been released, ranked annually by The Chronicle.  If you need them, these are the top guys in town to turn to — if you can afford them.  This year, Vacco is ranked number one (despite


More charges against Pigeon expected this year

A source familiar with the FBI’s investigation into political operative G. Steven Pigeon believe that FBI Agent Brian Burns is working on an interwoven web of investigations that stem from a trove of emails obtained in the 2015 raid of Pigeon’s waterfront home —