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Republicans float Langworthy as a viable ‘unity candidate’ for Speaker

Rep. Nicholas Langworthy is being widely floated as a viable ‘unity candidate’ for the Speakership of the House of Representatives. At age 42 years old, Langworthy would become the youngest Speaker of the House since James G. Blaine was elected

Republican Party

GOP chairs weigh strategy in selecting Collins’ replacement

Local Republican Party operatives are cautioning the eight County Chairmen who will select a candidate to replace Rep. Chris Collins’ name on the ballot in the 27th district. They insist that the candidate must have the resume, savvy, energy, and

Erie County Republicans

Republicans want Chairman’s outside income investigated by prosecutors

It is no secret among local political operatives that Erie County Republican Party Chairman Nick Langworthy has been accepting ‘outside income’ that his critics say “profoundly corrupts the Republican nominating process, seemingly constituting honest services fraud.”  The activists want Langworthy’s

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Former Maziarz machine approaches an uneasy detente

For decades Senator George Maziarz was the godfather of Niagara County politics.  He was once a leading power broker in Albany, but his resignation following rumors of a looming FBI investigation caused his political empire to unfold. That those eventual

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Cox to fund moderates in WNY?

Buffalo based businessman Carl Paladino is flirting with another run for Governor of New York. Observers suspect that Paladino is posturing to force out the current party Chairman Ed Cox — a moderate establishment figure who Paladino has lambasted harshly

NY Senate

Will Langworthy throw around clout in Senate Leadership battle?

Erie County Chairman Nick Langworthy is an influential figure in New York State’s Grand Old Party. He is credited for building a robust political apparatus in a county that is enrolled nearly 2-to-1 Democrat. Under his leadership, local Republicans have one the County

County Executive

What could Langworthy possibly be thinking?

That’s the question posed by political observers from across the left-right spectrum. Earlier this month Clerk Chris Jacobs and Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw both declined to run for County Executive this cycle. Since then, Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy has been advancing

County Executive

Jacobs declines to run, as “Draft Dixon” effort heats up

Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs, thought to be the GOP’s strongest challenger to incumbent County Executive Mark Poloncarz, has declined to run for higher office this year. “It’s just not the right time for me,” Jacobs is quoted as saying to

County Executive

Mychajliw, on the outs, must prove himself to GOP leaders

Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw was conspiring with Republican political operative Michael Caputo to aggressively primary County Clerk Chris Jacobs for County Executive. But party leaders have pushed back hard against that prospect in recent weeks, effectively putting the 41