All nine school board seats are up for election in May

Larry Quinn, a self-portrait.

All nine members of the Buffalo Board of Education are up for re-election next May.  Those races have historically low turnout, in which district elections are often won with 500 or so votes.  The ‘reform coalition,’ which suffered the loss of two seats in 2016, is planning a major organizing effort, likely led by Larry Quinn and Patricia Pierce.

Buffalo Teachers’ Federation President Phil Rumore and his NYSUT operative Mike Deely are planning to spend heavily to defend their current majority.  It’s unclear whether or not they will inject new funding into their ‘Believe’ marketing campaign.

Former board member Carl Paladino has not decided whether he will be seeking the Park District seat, an At-Large seat, or play a less visible fundraising role as part of the larger organizing effort.

Both political factions are seeking interested candidates.

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