Can Condi Rice be convinced to save the GOP?

Watching Iraq unravel and the middle east inflamed with instability makes almost certain that the 2016 presidential election will be consumed in a discourse on foreign policy. A great debate will be had between those who think America has an role to provide for global security in the world, and those who think we should withdraw from our post-WWII forward posture.

Condi Rice has more foreign policy experience than perhaps any Republican presidential contender. She is more battle hardened by media attacks than any figure in the last 20 years. Her name recognition is pervasive and her competence is unquestioned.

Sure, there is the Bush-era baggage, but in concise and compelling narratives she can make the best case for American leadership around the world — an articulation of American exceptionalism that is better than any I’ve heard:

She can retort even the most annoyingly liberal and antagonistic interviews with expert depth, fluid poise, and brilliant insights. The media would have no ability to slander her as unqualified in the way that Governor Sarah Palin was treated in 2008. Note her stellar performance in even the most hostile of MSNBC interviews:

The Katie Courics and talking heads of the world can’t even compete with Rice in a conversation. Rice is far too brilliant with a depth of expertise that makes “gotcha politics” very hard to play for reporters who are simply not of her intellectual caliber:

She is equally as capable of debunking foreign policy criticisms on the libertarian flank of the GOP. She swiftly puts libertarian icon Ron Paul in his place during this House Foreign Affairs committee hearing:

She has also provided civic leadership with bi-partisan initiatives, like this one with former New York City schools chancellor Joel Klein, pushing to reform America’s K-12 education system:

And in a political culture increasingly consumed by People Magazine and the celebrity treatment of politicians, Rice is comfortable doing daytime talk shows — and can easily charm and disarm, even when fielding the most aggressive questions:

Hillary Clinton, it is presumed, will be the inevitable Democrat nominee, which will make for great contrasts. Clinton is weak on foreign policy, given her handling of Benghazi and the Obama Administration’s horrid handling of foreign affairs.

With a solid political advisers and media production experts,  imagine the campaign commercials that could inspire a nation. Take an amazing leader and add a dash of Oprah-style cinematography, and imagine the campaign could run:

I would propose a Rice – Romney ticket for 2016.

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