Biden plans a “complete ban” of online gun sales “on day one”

Joe Biden, who claims the title of President-elect, is planning a sweeping ban on the online sale of firearms.  An advisor with the transition team tells The Chronicle that an executive order has already been prepared and will make it illegal to send or receive firearms with the United States Postal Service or any private interstate delivery service.

Critics of the approach argue that the constitutionality of such an executive order would be suspect, and predict that a slew of Second Amendment groups would litigate the order all the way to a conservative-leaning Supreme Court.

A competing faction of Biden advisors, led by former Senator Joe Lieberman, wants Biden to avoid such an executive order so that his White House can focus on crafting ‘comprehensive gun reform’ that can find sufficient support in the Senate to make it to the floor.  Detractors doubt that wide-ranging gun control law would make it through Congress and have been pushing a slew of incremental executive orders that curtails gun access.

Beto O’Rourke is expected to be named Director of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms — a promise that Biden made clear on the campaign months ago in a pledge that’s attracted criticism on the right.

“Yes, we’re going to take away your AK-15,” O’Rourke often refrained on the campaign trail with glee.  Some political observers blame his 2018 loss of the US Senate election in Texas largely on hostility to the Second Amendment.

Former Senator Joe Lieberman, an Independent from Connecticut and one of the Nation’s most bipartisan figures, is on the shortlist to be named White House Chief of Staff.


  1. Uhhhhh…… you CAN’T buy a gun online unless you have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and have undergone the background checks, pay the exorbitant fees, agree to unannounced ATF searches of your property, bank records, inventory lists, storage vaults, etc.

    Someone is trying to make political points by shooting their mouth off but doing nothing. Typical.

    Do some research for once instead of being a sheeple.

    • You can buy a gun online but it has to be an “FFL transfer”. Instead of being shipped to your home it gets shipped to your local gun seller and FFL license holder. They hold the gun for you and send in the background check when you come to pick it up. If your pass your background check and pay the transfer fee, you get your gun. I have done this many times. Its the entire purpose of sites like GunBroker.

      Maybe YOU’RE the one who needs to do your research for once? Baa baa, black sheep

    • It’s done all the time people shooting their mouths off for political talking points. Just like the gun show loophole and there is no such thing. Steven Crowder years ago took Obama’s advice and went to Indiana to buy an automatic rifle. After all, Obama said just go to Indiana, buy an automatic. You could also get guns with no background checks!
      I thought it was one of the most funniest videos he did at the time.
      He would go to a FFL dealer and say he wanted an automatic rifle. It did not go well. Crowder was asked who told him he could get an automatic rifle and no background checks. He said Obama said so on tv!
      Not only could he not get a gun without paperwork, but as an Illinois resident could not purchase in Indiana.

      I have accomplished many things in my life. Licensed real estate broker, licensed FfL, licensed public adjuster plus about 12 certifications. A Vietnam era vet with licenses to carry from multiple states.
      What I have never been is a felon, and it looks like I will now have that opportunity. At that point, one must go for the gold and not settle for one felony!

      My point is this: I am 69 years old, in crappy health with no family. I have absolutely nothing to lose. Coppers, don’t take it personal, I support you 100% however I am the one being backed into a corner and my firearms are the least of your concern with my 20 year background of being a certified fire and explosion investigator.
      I believe all situations can be deescalated with lots of boom!
      More than anything, it’s principal here. I am losing the freedoms I served this country for so much for the meaning of life if you free

      Chances are if I am dead, won’t feel the severe pain for 24 years of 10 herniated discs caused by no fault of my own being legally stopped on an expressway off ramp at a red light. That is when a convicted felon driving a school bus slammed into the back of my van at a very high rate of speed!;

      The worst people to play these silly games with is someone with nothing to lose!

      Bring it Joey the slug with your buddy Frances!

  2. Media discussions about “online gun sales” always omit explanation of the actual current laws. The fact is, online gun sales ONLY go through Federal Firearms Licensed dealers (a.k.a. “FFLs”), with the same background check and transfer record requirements as in person gun purchases. Same. Identical. ONLY a valid FFL can sell the gun. ONLY a valid FFL can ship a gun that is to be bought. A gun for transfer to another owner can ONLY be shipped from one FFL to another FFL. And the “online” buyer can ONLY receive the “online” gun in person from the (in-state) receiving FFL, with the same Federal background check and documentation that are required to buy a gun that is already in the local FFL’s inventory (plus whatever checks and documents the buyer’s State laws require).

    Review: “online” gun transfers are between two federally licensed gun dealers ONLY, which act on behalf of the seller/shipper and the buyer/receiver, with the receiving dealer performing the Federally required buyer ID, documentation, and background check before proceeding with the transaction. Even individual to individual sales require the individual seller to ship the gun through a licensed dealer to another licensed dealer who acts on behalf of the buyer and has provided proof of licensure to the shipping dealer in advance. The idea that you just send a check to some unknown guy with a website and a gun shows up at your door is completely false.

    • Except for local laws, within Federal guidlines, a private owner can sell a firearm online and except in certain types, must be shipped to an FFL. It does NOT need to be shipped FFL to FFL unless the receiving FFL requires it.

  3. Joe and Hunter Biden should be making plans on what they are going to do with their dentures while their mouths are getting hard filled in prison After they are finally held to answer for their crimes.

  4. The Communists want the general public to believe the lies that anyone can buy a gun as easy as buying a hairbrush from Amazon. And so they publish their plans on making you safer by ending the greatest thing since sliced bread to avoid getting ripped off by local gun shops and saving hundreds of bucks off a new gun purchase. You pay the licensed seller who ships your gun to a local licensed dealer who folows the laws in buyers state. The gun is never transferred to anyone who hasnt filled out the federal gun purchase form 4473 and who hasnt gone thru a NICS background check. So no Felons are buying guns.

  5. I appreciate the author of this article beginning the piece with. “Joe Biden, who claims the title Of President-elect…”. Too many ‘journalists’ have just accepted that it’s true, but the election has not yet been certified and if the fraud that seems to have been pervasive is reconciled, it will mean Joe gets to retire!

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