Meghan Markle: “Harry should have been appointed Governor General of Canada”

Meghan Markel, the Duchess of Sussex, is telling close friends that — “if the Royal family wants Prince Harry working as a Senior Royal so bad” — Queen Elizabeth should have appointed him to serve as the Governor-General of Canada, “when she had the chance”.

“Harry was ready for more and he could do more than merely represent the family in the United Kingdom,” the source explains.  “He was ready to represent the Queen abroad, but William became aggressively jealous at the mere suggestion.”

According to friends, Markel thinks that Prince Harry would have been “a spectacular sovereign of Canada,” and worries that the Queen hasn’t been attentive to the Crown’s relationship with the indigenous people of North America.

“If Harry were Governor-General,” the source postulates, “correcting the historic injustices that the Crown committed against aboriginal communities would be central to his reign.”

Rideau Hall is the palace designated as the Queen’s official residence in Canada.  It is the residence of the current Governor-General, Julie Payette.  In recent decades, Queen Elizabeth has not been as attentive to Canada’s affairs of state as she has been to other Commonwealth Nations.  Some argue that her posture has allowed the Trudeau government to run amuck, without her constitutional check on the power of his office. 

Markel believes that respecting the nation-to-nation treaty alliances that traditional indigenous governments have with the Crown should define the sovereign’s posture pertaining to Canada.  If Prince Harry were to be appointed Governor-General, as Viceregal Consort of Canada, Markel would assume the title of Chatelaine of Rideau Palace, a French term that translates to ‘keeper of the castle’.

“If Meghan were to serve as Chatelaine of Canada, she would take the role very seriously and open up the grounds of Rideau Hall to ordinary everyday people,” she predicts.  “I can imagine her welcoming new immigrants to Canada in rose garden ceremonies, and using the platform to honor doctors and nurses who are fighting the pandemic as we speak.”

Queen Elizabeth has been unhappy with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s scandal-plagued government.  Her critics argue that she has not sufficiently scrutinized the Trudeau government’s performance, in effect failing to ensure the proper governance of Canada, as is her constitutional responsibility. 

As Canada’s sovereign, Queen Elizabeth appoints a Governor-General to represent her on the Throne of Canada and to reside at Her Majesty’s Rideau Palace near Parliament Hill when she is not in Ottawa.  It’s no small role in Canada’s constitutional monarchy, but the Queen typically appoints whomever the Prime Minister recommends, though she has no constitutional obligation to do so.

“Meghan thinks that the Queen should have made Princess Anne the Governor-General of Australia decades ago,” she quips. “But we all know how much Anne dislikes travel.”

Meghan Markel thinks the Queen could be managing the Royal Family more aggressively. She believes Princess Anne would make a stellar Governor-General of Australia. The Governor-General oversees Parliament when the Queen is not in-country.  With ‘working’ members of the Royal Family performing those constitutional roles, it would save Commonwealth Nations the cost of funding the appointees of their respective Prime Ministers. 


  1. Bollocks…..such utter bollocks of a story! No one but no one expects anything better from the Chronicle. It’s Buffalo at its finest – you should be proud.

    • The Buffalo Chronical think pieces are a splendid example of yellow journalism (look it up in WikiPedia).
      All provocative articles and sensationalism to sell their point of view. Shame!

  2. Maybe just maybe we’d have an idiotic vacuous airhead couple to match our very own vacuous couple justine and celene dion. Oops, soafie.

  3. Not ever! Last thing Canada needs is another entitled brat in our government. We already have the racist, fake feminist, corrupt, ethically handicapped man-child Trudeau.

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