Niagara Falls

Dyster likely to sell city parking lots to State to raise needed cash

Sources say that Mayor Paul Dyster is looking to sell the lucrative City-owned parking lots that operate in downtown Niagara Falls.  The Dyster administration is desperate to secure cash — hoping to avoid massive layoffs in an election year during which

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A year of great shows…

BY JOE GENCO A Short Take on Today’s News: I lost track of how many shows we saw in 2018, but here’s my Top 10: Godspeed! You Black Emperor. Babeville. Cathartic, raw, instrumental. Life changing power. Steve Miller, Artpark. How

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I don’t like calling names, but…

BY JOE GENCO A short take on today’s news: Back to our great America edition. I don’t like calling names, but who are you if you ever thought for a moment our America stopped being great? Praise Jesus: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Treat women like you treat your mother

BY NORBERT RUG Since the beginning of the #MeToo movement, policies have been devised to keep men out of possible trouble. Men are learning the importance of respecting every woman and valuing them as human beings. I have written about

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A very merry shutdown…

BY JOE GENCO A short take on today’s news: As 2017 ended, I made a list of the best live music shows Beth and I saw all year. At No. 2, just behind Sir Paul, was the Robert“Freighttrain” Parker Allman Brother’s tribute, featuring Pat

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At least we laugh

BY NORBERT RUG For 10 years of my life, I worked at Milkbone in Buffalo where I was a maintenance man on the packing floor. A large part of my day was spent sitting around waiting for a breakdown. I

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UNYTS needs your blood donations

BY JOE GENCO A short take on today’s news: Please donate blood on Saturday. UNYTS needs you. Native plants are trending for 2019 in Western New York, according to Connie Oswald Stofko. You should subscribe to her gardening newsletter. Please come