Mark Hill responds to The Chronicle’s early reports of Chief candidacy

Dear Buffalo Chronicle News,

For starters I’d like to wish you and your team a Merry Christmas and Happy Nu;ya! May your year be filled with much prosperity, transparency and accountability.

I find it very unfair and disturbing that you would print such an article that has much to do with me and my “plans” without actually engaging ME.

Had you fully engaged me, then I would have told you, yes I am considering running for Chief of Six Nations. Having almost 9 years experience as a Councillor has given me even more passion to create change for the better than no other. I would have also told you that my campaign financials will be based solely on my own personal contributions, not my uncles backing. I find it beyond annoying that I can’t even be Mark Hill without Ken Hill being mentioned. I am my own person too. And I have goals and aspirations too. And I have to work just as hard. Yes he is a successful businessman but he’s also my uncle and just like any other family, we all fight and have disagreements but at the end of the day we all love each other no matter what. And let me tell you, love don’t cost a thing! And neither does speaking the truth.

I am not considering running to be in “power” or in “control” or further to be dictated. I am considering running to give that power and control back to our people. If you eliminate titles from both councils the power and control has always been with our people. And I feel I have the right gifts and the biggest heart to do just that.

Ps. I love how you can’t put a name as to who wrote the article. Makes time for more digging, Oh and one more thing, thank you for stealing my opportunity to formally announce my candidacy to my own community.


Mark Hill

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