Nickel City Sessions inaugural season finale edition…


A short take on today’s news:

Nickel City Sessions Inaugural Season Finale edition —

  • Season 1 went out with a flourish, from Davey O dusting off the first song he wrote on his Gibson and being comfortable in these shoes he’s standing in. Sonya Heller reminding us “a weed is just a flower on the wrong side of town.”
  • David M Miller of Miller and the Other Sinners brought his raw blues to a single guitar sound, inspired by O’ Brother Where Art Thou and even sharing a delicate song “Needle and the Wheel” he wrote about his friend Anita West’s son. He and his band are working on a series of 45s that will be digitally released. He promised a funky version of Tom Sawyer is coming.
  • Last but not least, Christine Havrilla rocked rambunctiously with a soulful lilt reminiscent of Melissa Etheridge or some other more celebrated songstress. She also made great use of a gadget that allowed her to loop her music mid-song so she could add tambourine and play a 2nd guitar line while singing backup to herself. By the time it ended, she had the whole place singing “I’m stronger than you think.” Many artists buy technology like she brought. Few master it. She has.
  • The Cee D. Wright Community Center was a great place for the show since Nickel City Arts is closed down for renovations following the fire. The location brought a few new faces. The only thing missing was our dear friend and favorite curmudgeon Mark Buell. Be well soon, Mark. We miss you.


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