The best college basketball team in New York


A short take on today’s news:

  • Down go the Orange. The UB Bulls are, easily, the best college basketball team in New York, defeating SU for the first time since 1963. Marquette next.
  • Attended the Investigative Post-happy hour at Community Beer Works. Chatted with Seamus Gallivan about Slow Roll, Go Bike Buffalo and the Skyride. Nice to see him riding his bike in Buffalo in December. Interesting to see he’s so popular that we stood to leave together and, 10 minutes later, as I sat in my car feeding my phone addiction, he still wasn’t out the door.
  • Also caught up with old Greater Niagara Newspapers friend Kevin Purdy who now writes for WireCutter. Nice to see him still making his way as a journalist and Elmwood Village hipster.
  • Investigative Post does good work as a nonprofit engaged in watchdog journalism. The intent of Jim Heaney and his supporters is good. Interesting to note that journalism has, on many fronts, become a nonprofit endeavor. I would like to see more volume from the IP staff. You can learn more, and donate, here.
  • I hate to damn IP with faint praise, but my criticism is the same as that I levy at the Buffalo News. The volume of work produced by its journalists on a daily basis is underwhelming, but still, they get to stories no one else does even if I perceive writers who don’t produce much. Here is a fine effort from Sara Jerving about the Veterans Administration limiting benefits for Gold Star families.
  • Criminal Justice reform aimed at eliminating some of the draconian punishment enacted by previous regimes passed the Senate unanimously. It seems very unTrump for him to support but he is on board.
  • The Trump shutdown over funding for the Memorial Wall now appears to no longer be a thing because our President realized his nonsense stood no chance of passing. I wonder if he’s as proud to back down as he was to support a shutdown.
  • Incoming Attorney General Letitia James has proclaimed her desire to investigate evidence of criminal activity committed by President Trump, his associates, and businesses. She didn’t announce charges or impending prosecutions, but the Trump apologists are in a tizzy because they think notorious criminal enterprises connected to the President should be off limits. Even if her investigation finds something, it still needs to go through the court system and our President is still innocent until proven guilty. (I wish I could call the Trump supporters Conservatives but I cannot. Conservatives stand for and support law enforcement).
  • There’s no sentence yet for former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, a retired Lt. General. Rebukes in court, however, included him being accused of “selling his country down the river” and a discussion of treason.
  • While our President failed to secure funding for his monument, our government agreed to provide $4.8 billion to help economic development in Southern Mexico.
  • The Trump Foundation is history. A lawsuit by the NY Attorney General alleging it is a criminal enterprise, and seeking restitution for funds used to benefit the Trump family and its business interests, is ongoing.
  • WNY Weather: High of 6 (42) and gorgeous today. A bit warmer 8 (47) with clouds and a chance of rain Thursday. Not much of a chance of a White Christmas and for anyone who asks where we overpaid for a tree, Jurek’s on Hunts Corners Road. At least we saved on gas.
  • A panel of federal judges determined that though the charges were serious, the panel had no ability to do anything about allegations of sexual impropriety against Supreme Court Justice Bart Kavanaugh. I like beer. Do you like beer?
  • Father Roy Herberger and Msgr. Fred Leising, both retired Diocesan Priests who had been suspended during an investigation of sexual impropriety, has been found innocent and reinstated.
  • Boyd Curiosity: The Mediterranean Sea, near Messina, Sicily, is the only place in the world where swordfish breed.
  • Irregular migrants are not nasty brown freeloaders. Most are looking for a fresh start. Who is responsible for taking care of them remains a hard question to answer. Long read but worth it.
  • How is it UB men’s hoops got so good? Here’s an explanation, or at least a good read.
  • Sabres lost.
  • Ooh. 71 makes me remember Dave Marcis

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