House Democrats are expected to bring back earmarks — what will Higgins get?

10-14-04 Photo by Sharon Cantillon. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi came to Buffalo to campaign for Brian Higgins, right. With story by Buckham.

It’s widely expected among Capitol Hill staffers that once the Democrats retake the House of Representatives in January, the caucus will promptly begin constructing an omnibus spending bill that will agglomerate Democrat members’ spending items, once derided as ‘pork barrel spending.’

Locally, operatives are wondering what Rep. Brian Higgins (D-South Buffalo) must have secured in exchange for his support of Nancy Pelosi‘s bid to become House Speaker.  It’s been publicly reported that Higgins will be playing a prominent national role in Democrats’ infrastructure and healthcare bills.

In recent days there have been rumors that Higgins has secured much more than an elevated role in the national discourse.


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