Byron Brown may run for Comptroller, if Stringer enters primary against DiNapoli

Fresh off an unprecedented write-in election victory, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is considering a run for State Comptroller against Long Island incumbent Tom DiNapoli and is likely to announce his candidacy if former New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer decides to


Cuomo offers Grisanti a judgeship, says source

A source close to the courts tells me that Governor Andrew Cuomo has offered former State Senator Mark Grisanti a judgeship. Cuomo is nominating Grisanti for the Court of Claims. The Court of Claims is the exclusive forum for civil litigation

County Executive

What could Langworthy possibly be thinking?

That’s the question posed by political observers from across the left-right spectrum. Earlier this month Clerk Chris Jacobs and Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw both declined to run for County Executive this cycle. Since then, Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy has been advancing

NY Senate

Kennedy’s lack of black staffers causes concern

In the 2010 redistricting process, Senator Tim Kennedy’s district was redrawn to ensure minority representation in the State Senate. It is heavily Democrat-enrolled, and anchored by the large African American population on Buffalo’s Eastside and in West Cheektowaga. He even

NY Senate

Democratic organization fractured hard, as Coppola breaks to support Grisanti

Former State Senator Al Coppola has endorsed Mark Grisanti, throwing the Democratic Party organization into disarray — instigating feverish bickering among top party operatives. Coppola, a long retired eleder statesman in local Democratic politics, nearly defeated Marc Panepinto (the party’s curiously endorsed


Gun confiscation targets veterans in Grisanti-Cuomo SAFE ACT

By Mike Madigan Since the SAFE Act was enacted over 41,000 SAFE Act reports have been filed against individuals deemed depressed, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, mentally ill and or dangerous to themselves or others. The SAFE Act requires counselors

NY Senate

Panepinto staffers got stiffed, in more ways than one

Sources say that a dozen or so campaign staffers who had worked on Democrat Marc Panepinto’s State Senate campaign during the primary phase haven’t been paid for their work. The former campaign workers say that Panepinto had represented to them

NY Senate

Grisanti Breach of Trust

By: Mike Madigan The following Letter is from Mark Grisanti’s office to an acting service member. In the letter Grisanti detailed his passionate opposition to the SAFE Act. This letter was sent by Grisanti just prior to his yes vote

NY Senate

Grisanti’s hypocrisy!

By Mike Madigan On his campaign website Grisanti leads off by stating: “The state of politics today has become about the extremists on the left and right driving to hijack our political process. There is no doubt that historic low

NY Senate

Grisanti-Panepinto’s web of deceit backfires in a big way

Political insiders within the local Democratic Party have begun to reveal an election scheme that has been derailed. The plan was hatched by operatives backing incumbent Senator Mark Grisanti, namely the disgraced Joel Giambra, and Marc Panepinto, who is — mind

NY Senate

Panepinto seeks to oust Chairman, rather than unite party

Marc Panepinto, the Democrat candidate for New York State Senate who emerged from his primary severely weakened by a narrow 300-vote margin of victory, is unsettling many members of his own party. While his election fraud conviction still creates much unease,

NY Senate

The Buffalo News reveals Grisanti’s shockingly deceptive plan

An article in today’s Buffalo News, reveals a particularly deceptive campaign strategy that incumbent Senator Mark Grisanti plans on deploying in the general election, says Mike Madigan, the Republican Party’s nominee for Congress in 2012. “After running an aggressive primary campaign attacking

NY Senate

Will Grisanti step aside for the party?

In a stunning — but not all together unexpected — upset defeat, Sen. Mark Grisanti lost the Republican Party’s nomination for the 60th district Senate Senate seat that he now holds. While he continues to have the endorsement of the

NY Senate

Palma backs Antoine, as Peoples-Stokes falls flat in North Buffalo

Carmen Palma — one of the most politically influential community leaders in the city — is giving former Senator Antoine Thompson a big boost in a part of the 141st Assembly district where the incumbent Assemblywoman is deeply unpopular. Palma, who chairs the Italian

NY Senate

Senator Coppola will work to repeal the NYSAFE Act

Perhaps no other issue this election cycle has as many New Yorkers outraged over the excesses of government overreach than Andrew Cuomo’s NYSAFE Act, which severely infringes on second amendment protections. Republican Mark Grisanti was instrumental to the law’s passage.