Grisanti Adrift: Careens from One Political Party to The Next

Republican State Senator Mark Grisanti, who was a lifelong Democrat, is expected to lose this year's Republican primary.

By: Mike Madigan

Grisanti was a registered Democrat in 2008 when he ran against Antoine Thompson claiming strong Democrat principles in hopes of winning votes and the resulting election which he was defeated in.

In 2010 Grisanti promised to switch parties and to abandon his Democrat party and positions in trade for Republican support in hopes of winning the Senate election against Thompson. He won and switched parties and positions as promised as a payback to republicans who as a result gained the majority.

In 2012 Grisanti accepted large sums of money in the form of fundraisers from Anti-Gun Michael Bloomberg.  While campaigning Grisanti claimed passionate opposition to Cuomo’s planned attack on the 2nd Amendment and promised his constituents he would reject any such legislation.

Grisanti went as far as sending a letter to an active service member in his district committing to not vote for Cuomo’s legislation that he believed would attack our 2nd amendment rights claiming Cuomo was doing a knee jerk reaction to a horrible tragedy, Cuomo’s actions were misguided, that NY already had one of the most restrictive gun laws in the country and that Cuomo’s plan was a clear attack on the 2nd amendment (Grisanti’s words).

Incredibly days later Grisanti, after winning the election with anti-gun  Bloomberg’s funding,  did a complete 360 and voted in favor of this legislation attacking our 2nd amendment rights  which apparently paid back anti-gun Bloomberg .

In early 2014 Grisanti and or his designates met with Democrats to see what they would offer him in trade for yet another switch in party and positions.  On September 22nd, following his resounding election defeat by the voters in his district Grisanti once again met with Democrats, as per the Buffalo News (met with Klein). Grisanti apparently is offering to yet again switch parties and or his positions and votes in trade for support for his re-election.

It is truly incredible that such an unprincipled political operative that seemingly holds no positions or beliefs would even be considered a viable candidate for elected office. His alleged willingness to sell his vote and switch his positions so readily suggests a person that has no inner core principles.

Grisanti’s ability to passionately defend one position on more than one occasion and his ability to commit to those positions to his constituents and then seemingly within hours do a complete 360 and vote on the opposite side of those issues for his own personal gain is shocking – does he have no shame?

It is this dishonesty that resulted in Grisanti’s complete rejection by primary voters in his district this September relegating him to being just a minor party candidate. This dishonesty handed a landslide victory to Former Prosecutor Kevin Stocker as a result. Actions do have consequence.

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