Grisanti Breach of Trust

By: Mike Madigan

The following Letter is from Mark Grisanti’s office to an acting service member. In the letter Grisanti detailed his passionate opposition to the SAFE Act. This letter was sent by Grisanti just prior to his yes vote that was key in passing the SAFE Act. This breach has been a repeated behavior over the past four years:

Specialist Burnham,

Senator Grisanti received your email and asked me to get back to you,
first let me thank you for your service. I can tell you that Senator
Grisanti does not support S. 1422 and views this bill as misguided and a
knee jerk reaction to a horrible tragedy. New York State already has one
of the toughest gun control laws in the nation. We are keenly aware that
this legislation would have a devastating impact on millions of lawful gun
owners in New York and be a clear violation of the Second Amendment.

Again, thank you for writing Senator Grisanti and please feel free to
reach out on anytime on this or any other issue you see fit.


Joe Erdman

Joe Erdman is Grisanti’s Legislative Director.

There can be only one logical explanation for the complete 360 change from his passionate defense of the Second Amendment from Cuomo to suddenly supporting Cuomo’s attack on our rights. Grisanti sold his vote.

It is well known that NY City anti-gun Bloomberg was a primary funder of the Grisanti campaign helping to raise tens of thousands of dollars for him – that debt was paid for at the price of our rights.

You really can’t be more passionately opposed to the SAFE Act or any other issue than the letter above. To then vote in support of that same legislation that you passionately opposed can’t be explained. These are the actions of a person who can’t be trusted and whose word is worthless.

Remember this when you hear Grisanti commercials and when you receive his literature – he can’t be trusted.

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