Stocker to repeal Cuomo’s NYSAFE Act

Former Town Prosecutor Kevin Stocker is dead set against Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s NYSAFE Act, which was pushed through the New York State Senate swiftly and secretly — with Sen. Mark Grisanti’s help. Stocker is vowing to repeal the law as soon as he  gets in office.

Stocker is a long time gun enthusiast,  recreational hunter, and card carrying member of the National Rife Association. With many second amendment activists, Stocker has been waging the most aggressive grassroots primary in the state this election cycle.

Stocker is Kenmore attorney in private practice, who formerly served as the Town Prosecutor and Village Prosecutor in Tonawanda and Kenmore, respectively.

“I’ve owned a gun for over 40 years,” says Al Coppola, who was elected to represent North Buffalo on the Common Council 8 consecutive times. “Some men  carry guns and some don’t. I do.”

Stocker’s staunch and vocal support of gun rights has earned him a surprisingly warm reception in the district’s Italian community, which overwhelmingly supports seconds amendment rights. Upon  first learning of Grisanti’s support for the overnight legislation, many leaders in the community were stunned.

“It was a moment that made clear to everyone that Grisanti was a Cuomo puppet who couldn’t say no,” says Anthony Perino, 26, a resident of Norwalk Avenue. “We still can’t understand what Cuomo has on him that would cause him to be under his thumb like this.”

Grisanti has encountered considerable hostility, especially from GOP primary voters. He be being badly beaten in the polls; several have him trailing over 20 pts.

“Mark Grisanti walks around this city with Joel Giambra as if they’re Stefano Maggadino running what’s left of the West Side mafia. Then he votes against gun rights — he looks like a damn fool,” said Frank Collucci, 63, a resident of Linden Avenue. “He thinks he’s a Mafioso and then he votes against gun rights,” he laughs fiercely. 

Stocker has been very attentive to the North Buffalo constituency, which was once Grisanti’s based but has since turned sour on the incumbent.

Stocker was raised by an Italian-American woman. His positions on lower taxes, a more functional government, real ethics reform, and the aggressive prosecution of crooked politicians, have all earned Stocker considerable credibility among Republicans.

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