Grisanti’s hypocrisy!

By Mike Madigan

On his campaign website Grisanti leads off by stating: “The state of politics today has become about the extremists on the left and right driving to hijack our political process. There is no doubt that historic low turnout allowed the radicals on the far right, ironically funded by the far left, to defeat me.”

What makes his claims and criticism so hypocritical is it was Grisanti himself who employed extremist tactics as his primary campaign strategy for the NY 60th Senate Seat. Grisanti manufactured false claims about his opponent that suggested his opponent was a left wing extremist – a suggestion soundly rejected by his district’s voters.

Grisanti used a mailer to all of his primary voters (Paid for by his campaign) claiming his opponent was a left wing baby killer. Grisanti concurrently paid for radio ads and sent more mailers out attacking his opponent by falsely accusing his opponent of being a left winger who supports tuition for imprisoned felons and other extremist attacks.

It was Mark Grisanti’s own deceptive right wing extremist campaign strategy that contributed to his resounding defeat and he accepts no responsibility.

Grisanti correctly acknowledges that this form of dirty politics is doing much harm to our political process. Many good candidates and good people do not run for office due to tactics such as those employed by Grisanti in the primary election.

Grisanti’s actions were harmful to the political process and he should apologize for employing such harmful and yes hurtful tactics.

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  1. No Mark, it was your lying to us that caused “you to loose” !
    How many names of organizations did you try to use as endorsements, and were told “cease and decist” of using them.
    Liar, liar Grasanti is no more !

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