Gun confiscation targets veterans in Grisanti-Cuomo SAFE ACT

Medical professionals are compelled to report cases of PTSD or face serious liability if incident occurs

By Mike Madigan

Since the SAFE Act was enacted over 41,000 SAFE Act reports have been filed against individuals deemed depressed, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, mentally ill and or dangerous to themselves or others.

The SAFE Act requires counselors and other mental health experts to report anyone that even has the slightest risk of harming themselves or others which would cover just about anyone who is dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or depression.

The Safe Act then requires authorities receiving these reports, who typically have no qualifications to assess such cases, to then determine whether confiscation is required. Failure to confiscate would place these individuals and or their municipalities at serious liability risk resulting in most cases, where gun ownership is involved, being approved for confiscation as per the NY Times.

The SAFE Act mental health reporting requirement is the most significant infringement on gun ownership in the United States. The most disturbing aspect is that the Grisanti-Cuomo SAFE Act targets military veterans who served in war settings where incidents of PTSD are high.

After these veterans risked life and limb for the country they are being denied their 2nd Amendment rights. Many veterans who suffer from PTSD and seek help for this condition were seriously injured serving and defending our country– this action under the SAFE Act is an outrage that should not be allowed to stand.

The SAFE Act is now stigmatizing PTSD and as a result our veterans and labeling them as potentially violent resulting in the infringement on their 2nd Amendment Rights.  Contact Senator Mark Grisanti and express your opinion on his SAFE Act that he now so passionately defends:  (716) 854-8705

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