Today's Take

Skating, the veto, and tragedy in New Zealand…

BY JOE GENCO A short take on today’s news — Steve Desmond shares the joy of skating (and photography). Take a gander. As predicted, our President vetoed Congressional decline of his emergency declaration. He thinks stopping invaders with a medieval wall


Unisex bathrooms are the wave of the future

BY NORBERT RUG One of the issues that many transgender individuals face concerns restrooms. The best choice is to use a unisex bathroom if one is available. Unfortunately, most public places don’t offer unisex restrooms. However some places will offer

Today's Take

Recycling, wishcycling, and compost…

BY JOE GENCO A short take on today’s news: For years, much of “recycling” has been wishcycling — put things we think should be recyclable in our bins so we feel better even though they are headed to the landfill.

Norb's Corner

Growing old when technology stays young

BY NORBERT RUG I thought I would feel completely different about growing older. I thought I’d worry more about getting gray hair and the spare tire that would collect around my stomach after I had retired than I have. As


Beards, now fashionable, always practical

BY NORBERT RUG You’ve most likely noticed that beards are in and the plaid shirted, beard wearing male is now fashionable. I have sported a variety of beards, side burns and moustaches over the years and I am now finally