‘Deep and penetrating’ relationship may taint Butts’ testimony

Trudeau and Butts on a hiking trip to the Northwest Territories.

Sometimes a defense witness’ close personal friendship with a defendant discredits his testimony because of the likelihood for bias in favor of the defense.

Friends at McGill University say Justin Trudeau and Gerald Butts had the kind of ‘deep and penetrating’ relationship that is common among privileged young men in their late teens and early twenties: lofty in their aspirations, pedestrian in their work ethic, and, at times, ambiguous in their orientation.

Critics say that the depth and intimacy of that friendship call into question the veracity of Butts’ testimony at the House of Commons’ Justice Committee on Wednesday. Widely seen as being ‘thick as thieves’ and partners in the apparent political crime that is SNC Lavalin, it’s hard for many Canadians to believe that Butts would offer a truthful characterization of a plot that he hatched and recommended to the Prime Minister.

Butts ordered the smear campaign against former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould last month, in the days following her resignation from cabinet. It took more than a week before Trudeau disavowed those efforts.

His testimony comes just two days after Jane Philpott, seen by Canadians as the most competent member of Trudeau’s cabinet, resigned her appointment as President of the Treasury Board — a key position at the crux of most federal operations.

In her resignation letter, Philpott explained that she had lost confidence in Trudeau’s handling of the SNC Lavalin controversy, and that she could no longer maintain the constitutional convention of cabinet solidarity, which requires her to defend the government’s decisions.

Since their days on the McGill debate team, Gerald Butts has wanted to become Prime Minister. But he knew early on that Trudeau was the one with the money, name, and charisma to step out front.

Both undergraduates in the liberal arts, the two young men’s friendship grew from a shared a jovial disposition, left-leaning political views, and an occasional fondness for pairing the music of early-90s grunge with their favored varieties of marijuana.

A classmate once reflected that, “[Justin and Gerald] bonded over a shared sensibility around Canadian nationalism and possibility  — despite very different backgrounds from two disparate slices of Canada.”

Butts grew up in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, a coastal mining town of about 20,000. He is the son of a coal miner and a nurse, the youngest of six. It was worlds away from McGill’s campus.

Trudeau was born the son of the Prime Minister, more comfortable in the circles that populated McGill’s elite student body. A Quebecer and francophone who graduated from a nearby Catholic High School and lived at his father’s landmark mansion in the heart of the city, Trudeau felt at home on campus.

A classmate, Jonathan Ablett, introduced them freshman year. Butts invited Trudeau to join the debate team, and the pair traveled to tournaments together, including a trip to Princeton University during which the two were observed being ‘particularly close’. Butts was a far more skilled and tactical debater than Trudeau, but Trudeau projected greater confidence.

Trudeau and Butts are longtime friends who work together, who exercise together, and who hatch political plans together.






  1. http://presscore.ca/canada-elections-act-provides-motive-for-the-double-homicide-of-honey-barry-sherman/?fbclid=IwAR2uJ1BWt85b2Cx4gtVPV1dMSIt7QNaiXvHiNUPguu9i4uDgnZGBODuO6M0

    Deep and penetrating and Butts and JT go perfectly hand in hand. Justin’s corruption and law breaking started before he started pretending to be PM. Butts as JT’s fix-it man goes way back, just makes you wonder who killed the Sherman’s. Give it some deep and penetrating thought.

  2. If Nationally I was known for having a deep and penetrating relationship with a member of my same sex, I might also begin to question my orientation.

    • Why do you think justin is attending all those gay pride parades, and hangs out with drag queens. Only a blind person didn’t see his orientation from the start. BI for sure!!

    • Thats why the past politicians legalized same sex, lowered the age of consent so that their children could walk carefree through a country with no values no dicipline
      Anything goes. Even tho they are now genderless they are not breaking any laws only values that the world has lived by since the beginning of time.
      They can say there is no God but when their time on earth is finished they will stand naked before God. They can deny all they want but they will know the truth in the end. They may think they have no one to be accountable to. It will be a moment of truth.
      The blood of Canadian people that have died because of their selfish decisions they have made will be on their hands as evidence of their selfish useless lives. They don’t have a con science. This is the genderless society they are convicts of science (conscience) The curse will follow their generations until the curse has been broken in each generation for four years.

  3. It’s also no surprise that Butts would refuse to testify under oath; he wanted to be able to get away with lying. Nor was it a surprise that the caucus would strike down a perfectly reasonable proposition simply on account of the party that proposed it.

  4. ANYONE who “testifies” MUST do so under oath. If not under oath, then ANYTHING they say MUST be considered BULLSHIT. Especially if taking an oath is REFUSED!!! Think, people. Think. Butts is a flim-flam ass-bandit. He’s come to take your money, your freedom, your faith, your trust, your future, your family’s future and anything else he can take. He’s still working with Hotsox. He’s just not being paid for (directly, ahem) presently by the PMO. He said he spent the last while since resigning going through his texts, etc. He has NO RIGHT to have access to those, as, once no longer employed by the PMO, his devices and access to the data were to be disallowed. Yet, he has access… maybe a friend gave him a secret pass… hmm. My GREAT fear is that this SNC bullshit is simply a smoke-screen for something MUCH MUCH bigger going on with the UN, Soros, Bildeberg, etc… Any hackers out there?… I’ll pay you to dig.

  5. They all took the oath when sworn into office Does that mean nothing? Why bother then its a waste money, and again.

  6. So together all alone on a hiking trip in Northwest Territories? Perhaps Butts and turdie stayed overnight at “Brokeback Mountain?’ Sophie has separated? Well, she was not too bright in the first place to have married such a wussie soy boy fake leader bi sexual bigot leftist loser. Now her children will pay for both parents’ stupidity.

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