Gerald Butts fears that indigenous activists are extorting Trudeau with evidence of illegal sex, sources say

Sources close to Gerald Butts tell The Chronicle that the Prime Minister’s principal secretary fears that indigenous activists are in possession of evidence of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau engaging in illegal sexual intercourse and that he believes they may be extorting Trudeau with the demand that his government commits to building a clean drinking water system on the Six Nations Reserve in Ohsweken, ON.

Butts fears that the activists may be receiving the support of rogue operatives with close ties to the White House, which some political observers have called ‘paranoid’.

In recent weeks, some indigenous activists have insisted that Trudeau make a financial commitment to building a water main between the Six Nations Reserve and Lake Erie.  For years, the Trudeau government has resisted funding a functional water system.

The Haudenosaunee Confederacy is the sovereign counterparty to the Haldimand Treaty, comprising a 12-mile wide swath of land along the Grand River, from its source to Lake Erie. It compromises the largest outstanding land claim in Canadian history and economists estimate the lost rents, unpaid lease agreements, and accrued Crown-Indigenous trusts at many tens of trillions of dollars. The series of land claims have been held up in the Court of Claims since 1988, and the Trudeau government has no plans to address it. But under current Canadian property law, the damages would bankrupt the Government of Canada.

The Chronicle is shielding the identity of at least one of the activists, who denies that his call for the federal infrastructure investment is in any way extortionate.  “It’s just the right thing to do,” he told us.

“If Trudeau can spend $700 million a year — scheduled to increase to $1.4 billion a year — to fund abortion procedures in third world countries, then he can certainly afford to build basic water and sewer infrastructure on the most populated First Nations reserve in Canada,” he insists.  “This community is just 50 miles from Toronto’s City Hall, and we don’t have clean drinking water.”

The vast majority of the 13,000 residents who reside on the Reserve are forced to buy water in bulk and to store it in groundwater wells.  For the relatively few properties — about 9% — that have access to basic drinking water infrastructure, that water is not clean.  The federal agency that manages the Reserve — known as the Six Nations Elected Council or SNEC –began building that system years ago with water intakes from the Grand River.

But those intakes are downriver from major sewage discharges in Waterloo and Brantford, and massive volumes of agricultural runoff, which is seen as a profound affront to the community. “The feds think we should be drinking Waterloo’s [expletive redacted],” is a commonly repeated characterization, often heard bandied about in the community.

Instead, most Six Nations residents want the Trudeau government to fund the construction of a water main from the inner depths of Lake Erie — which is widely seen as a cleaner, colder, and more fresh source of raw water, ideal for treatment and processing into drinking water.  The Reserve lacks water mains along nearly all of its residential roadways, but it does have a small treatment plant that is located about 20 miles from Lake Erie.

Residents want that new Lake Erie Water Main intake to be located at least 30 miles offshore, in order to source the best quality raw water.  Activists insist that design would cultivate goodwill and would demonstrate the Trudeau government’s ‘good faith’ — which they explain is necessary, given a recent history of unfilled promises.

Some in the Liberal Party fear that Trudeau’s political career may depend on it.

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 12.53.24 PM
The Six Nations Reserve has a six-by-six mile road grid, with blocks each about a mile’s length. The federal agency managing the Reserve has begun planning the buildout of basic water distribution lines to households, but the Trudeau government has refused to fully fund those plans. The Reserve’s groundwater is badly impacted by surrounding communities’ agricultural runoff, and Haudenosaunee activists have been calling for restrictions on agri-chemicals.


  1. Keep exposing this traitor. They should be pissed Trudeau promised them everything to get elected then decided the hereditary chiefs that he is on board with will represent natives instead of the chiefs that the bands elected. No way the treason and pedo connections will stay hidden when they start digging into the Clinton foundation. Crazy we have to find this stuff out in a paper from buffalo. You guys are doing a great job by the way👍👍👍

    • I dono man, $1.4 BN toward abortions over seas seems way more important to Canadians… Lol. Turdo is a fucktard.

  2. That is interesting. As much as I cannot stand the Turd, I am not sure what to think of this story. Can we get some more details please?

  3. The fact that this shows up in a US paper is indicative of the absolute state of corruption in Canadian media.

  4. It is very nice to read real journalism. Really sad that we have so much corruption in Canada and that we have to get it from the US. Thank you.

  5. Fighting and slandering will never put our country into a good state. This is bad energy. Only truth, kindness and empathy will bring good energy into our country. It is only after this is put out will our country and people start healing, and this includes climate change.

    Thomas Nepinak (Indigenous Elder)

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