Gerald Butts phoned Rosemary Barton repeatedly prior to CBC lawsuit against Conservatives

Gerald Butts has been widely criticized for leaving the Trudeau government earlier this year to cash in on a severance payment that is rumored to have exceeded $300,000, only to retake his former position months later.

In recent days, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and it’s principle anchor, Rosemary Barton, have been lambasted on social media and in the national political discourse for bringing a lawsuit against the Conservative Party of Canada, based on the party’s use of publicly broadcasted footage.

In the United States, such a lawsuit would have been laughed out of court. The fair use doctrine protects the use of popular content in the political discourse when it’s not being distributed for financial gain, whether or not it’s affiliated with a party.

The Chronicle has learned that Gerald Butts, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s principal secretary and chief political operative, repeatedly phoned Barton prior to the CBC’s initiation of that lawsuit.  Barton was a moderator of the Federal Leaders’ Debate and was widely criticized for her soft-handling of Trudeau.

HuffPost Canada journalist Althia Raj was lampooned on social media for her decision to meet with Butts just days prior to a national debate that she was to moderate.

Critics want Barton and Butts to disclose the nature of their communications.

In light of the Trudeau government’s $1.6 billion annual package of funding and subsidies for the major Canadian media companies, many operatives suspect that Butts was trying to leverage those public resources for his personal political advantage.  The Canadian media is often criticized for far left-of-center biases.

“This lawsuit comes in the form of taxpayer-funded propaganda on the eve of an election, and the CBC should be ashamed of itself,” explains a staffer for the Peoples Party of Canada, who asked not to be named.  “That this stunt is being executed by political operatives inside State-funded television is beyond ironic. It’s an outrageous attempt to swing an election.”

It’s unclear if Barton will be forced to resign over the public outrage.

Rosemary Barton, one of CBC’s highest-profile journalists, believes she owns the copyright to her broadcasts that Canadian taxpayers fund through the state-sponsored news service.  



  1. Who wrote this piece of heavily slanted garbage – do American papers not have enough of their own dirt to shovel

  2. Who write this piece of heavily slanted garbage. Do American papers not have enough of their own dirt to shovel?

    • Hay, u liberal pos. Yes we do have to get our news from an American based newspaper, bec all of our news agency in canada have been bought and paid for by the liberal party, so we certainly don’t get any REAL NEWS, SO UNLESS U. WANT TO SAY YOUR NAME SHUT TO FUCK UP

      • Not just an American source, an unidentified source. No mention anywhere who is behind it or who pays for it. It’s called transparency.

    • Hey Liberal voter with a VPN, if you want to see slant just open any of the Canadian news media pages and it gets pretty close to 89 degree incline to the poop pile. 1.2 billion yes not 600 million but 1.2 billion as the funding was secretly doubled for some reason before election to the Canadian fleet of Pravda reporters.

  3. She has always been biased when it come to trudeau ,her facial expression and here demeanor when she talks about scheer is scanless ,she should resign, i dont even watch the show because of her

    • Rosie Poutine. You want to make me puke. That’s how disgusting you are. You are ugly inside and out. No need to
      be arrogant to hide your ugly insecurities. You don’t even know how to dress yourself. You look like a bag lady for the most part and you are a complete embarrassment to many Canadians. You have no doubt cost advertisers money and viewers for CBC.

    • Rosemary Barton should not be the chief talking head of the CBC. She is too biased to report the news fairly. Gerald Butts speaks for Trudeau – he is behind every move. Disgusting man.

  4. after a conservative win I dont want another dollar of my taxes to go to media of any sort particularly CBC and star media

  5. Mr.Butts is quite the enterprising squid. Another proud liberal, so crooked they won’t need a coffin when he passes, they can just screw him into the ground. Less carbon footprint I guess, at least I know where my carbon tax goes.
    The CBC should be boarded up, irrelevant programming that all Canadians pay for in more than one way. They dislike news media like TNC and the rebel for being unprofessional but they will pay Mary Walsh extra and a bottle on top to run around as marge delahunty. Close to 2 billion per year now for this crap. That money should go to healthcare instead, oh but the hardcore liberals won’t have average people getting MRI’s and open heart surgery in a timely fashion if it gets rid of Murdoch mysteries.
    When will you people wake up? There is no climate emergency, there is a policy emergency, people are dying in waiting rooms, but now Pharmacare? Oh good same shitty system in an opioid outbreak, the sun ain’t melting people yet but the homeless are freezing to death here so there is that but it’s not anthropomorphic climate change. The liberals are creating this terror narrative and there are real horrors they are hiding. Most of you liberal idiots are just stupid enough to eat the bull and let them buy you off with your kids money.
    FFS this is the country I live in now.

    • Who watches the propaganda Liberal TV CBC ??? Tax payer money going down the toilet along with all the crappy programming. Who cares about the CBC !!

    • Butts is the brain behind the whole rotten apple barrel….
      Such a shame he didn’t stay in the hole where he belongs.

  6. Rosemary Barton is the equivalent of Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the US and CBC is the equivalent of Fox for Trump! This is discustting – at least Fox isnt publicly funded in the US and for Mansbridge to come to her defence drops him down many knotches as well! Whether I support the Liberals or not this is blatent abuse of taxpayer dollars to protect their political supporters who should instead be called the LBC instead of the CBC. I sincerely hope that if the above is correct that Barton loses her job and Butts finally gets to be held accountfor his actions.

  7. More upsetting than having to fund the propaganda bs that is the cbc is the fact that I need to get this information from my southern neighbor

  8. I can’t stand the site of Rosemary Poutine. When she comes on, I change the channel. She dresses like a slob, looks disgusting and has no reason to act arrogant because she’s hiding the pain of her interior and exterior ugliness.
    She is an embarrassment to Canadians and hope she is moved elsewhere
    She is not liked by most viewers and she is costing advertisers money when people change their channel when she appears.

  9. Buffalo Chronicle I would like to thank you for putting up this article, if you think this story was good, there’s a lot more we true Patriots of Canada would like to see you do articles on, ie the liberals shutting down committees investigating the liberals on the snc file of bribery, corruption and cover ups,his open borders especially roxham road in Quebec,that let anyone in and us taxpayers have to foot the bill till their file is vetted, taking years,,,removed payments for healthcare for veterans in Ohip who need surgery but will later blame that on Doug Ford premier of Ontario,,,, his bailout to the media making media 100% far left so we never get the whole true story of what really happened ie Canada wonderland racist incident in which it was the newcomers who provoked it not the Canadian woman but our news called her racist, the crimes done by immigrants are never broadcasted but if a white person did something racist it’s all over the news. It really is that bad here. So for you to put up articles like this one, is great, we wouldn’t see this on our bought off news channels. Thank you very much!!!!!

  10. There will be a little something extra in the CBC’s stocking this Christmas if the can get Butts/Trudeau his majority..

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