Recycling, wishcycling, and compost…


A short take on today’s news:

For years, much of “recycling” has been wishcycling — put things we think should be recyclable in our bins so we feel better even though they are headed to the landfill. Here’s a better idea: Compost. The end of recycling is near because China does not want our crap.

Rather than wishcycling, reduce. There are better products you can use in the kitchen. That said, I’m lookin’ at you, Wegman’s. 50% or more of our trash is food packaging. Find a better way.

Channel 7 appreciates Penny Lane. You should too.

Cold, wet and miserable Niagara Falls. (And beautiful.)

Mark it down: Saturday, March 23, Nietzsche’s, Vee Da Bee and 3 other bands. $5 cover. 9 p.m. (I wish it were 7 p.m.)

Another day, another story about newspapers dying. It’s OK. Journalists are the enemy of the people. Wear a red hat. Be racist instead. And if you see a disagreeable position, call it fake news.

A plane crashed, but it was from a shithole country so we don’t really care.

“One more thing” I said to the car salesman, “we won’t be sitting with any bullshit F&I closer who tries to upsell us an extended warranty, paint sealant or any other garbage.” “New York State law says we have to offer everyone the same things or offer them to no one, so you have to sit with them. You can always say no.” I grudgingly agreed but something about that line seems like crap. When the bully at West Herr Toyota asked me to sign a waiver of liability on Ben’s purchase a few years ago I did so as “Dick Swizzle.” I may do that again if the opportunity arises. Seems to me like the sales guy’s tactic was iffy at best.

Beth forbid me from wearing my Make America Great Again hat to the car dealership. I said “I bet we could have chewed them down another $250.” Someone else set me straight. “You mean we could go back to 1956 with segregated schools when black people couldn’t ride in the front of the bus?” Not her. B. Jules.

“I’m willing to vote for social policies that don’t directly affect me because I come from a point of privilege.” (That discussion point in which you realize the pragmatic rhetoric you spewed on your spawn has really taken hold.) Oh dang, 2 in a row from a logical engineer. Don’t tell Fick. Our sons were indoctrinated by Clarence Schools. Amherst, must be inferior. It can’t be parenting, can it?

The young boy from Kentucky in the Make America White Again hat is suing CNN for $250 million. Keep banging your drum, Nathan Phillips.

Furthermore: Hey, try this wine. He made a face. What did you think? “It’s weirdly not as dry as I suspected.” A solid reaction to Apothic Dark.

If a beetle was as big as a horse and proportionately as strong, it could pull a 100,000-pound load.

I asked Google. Nixon is responsible for daylight savings time.

WNY Weather: 1 (34) today and tomorrow and breezy. Warming up toward the end of the week.

Turned on the NASCAR race just in time to hear “Cat Scratch Fever” as bumper music as they cut to commercial. The most Fox thing ever.

Antonio Brown is a Raider. That seemed like the logical landing place. I think the league has passed Jon Gruden by the same way it did the Ryan brothers.

Eichel’s suspended. Nylander is up.

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