Politically polarized times, and WBEN in the morning…


A short take on today’s news —

We all know we live in politically polarized times, but did you ever stop to think about the oppression of the supermajority? To put it simply, things most of us want, like lower government spending, more services, universal health care and higher taxes on the rich, never happen.

Listening to WBEN this morning while driving back from the Hurt Locker I heard a piece on Lent at the Broadway Market. Resident alt-right curmudgeon Rick Fickhesen talked about Kissed By the Sun Spices and how a late Easter means more shopping days for the traditionally busiest time of the year. Please stop to see him and ask for the Short Take discount.

Clinton v. Sanders? That was over long ago, wasn’t it? Cranky seniors still bitching at each other.

Lying liars and the liars that lay them, Trump version. AP fact checked our President at CPAC. He told no truths. Not one. Wow.

Boyd Curiosity: What is meant by the term “negative calories” in reference to celery? It takes more energy to chew it than the nutritive value if contains.

Fox News might not still be talking about CPAC but for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez getting into a Twitter spat with Jerry Falwell Jr. over his Islamophobic rhetoric.

Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has exited federal service. No one has accused him of wrongdoing or competence but he sure did sweat a lot. I wonder if he slept his way to the top.

North Korea, after confirming the United States is not a threat, is re-assembling its missile testing site for the same reason a dog licks its balls.

WNY Weather: -9 today (16) Sunny and breezy with snow squalls in Niagara County (I have to drive there later). All the way up to -6 (22) Saturday with a fresh inch or 2 of snow because why not.

Forbes released its annual list of billionaires. Jeff Bezos is No. 1.

As the world collapses around people like Roger Stone, and we wonder if Cohen’s contrition was legit, prosecutors are doubling down on criticism of Paul Manafort ahead of his sentencing.

When it comes to special investigator Robert Mueller, we tend to focus on things like the honorably discharged winner of the Purple Heart and lifelong Republican. Sometimes we forget he also was director of the FBI from 2001 to 2013. Lots of political crap aimed at President Trump and his band of thieves will continue to cloud the House of Representatives and entertain us daily. I trust the most honorable guy in the room to act impartially.

A prehistoric looking fish captured in Australia was likely a worm goby, a mud dweller with vicious teeth and no eyes. It is rarely seen.

The volume of people illegally crossing into the US at the Mexican border increased massively in February.

Here’s a great story from Buffalo Rising written by Christina Abt, promoting an upcoming show by Alan Syms at the Aurora Theatre.

UB beat Ohio in men’s hoops to clinch the No. 1 seed in the MAC tournement.

Devin Funchess to the Bills? Sure, why not.

Jordan Phillips is back for the Bills, on a 1-year contract, saying all the right things. He could be in line for more playing time. I like the idea of the Phillips Twins clogging the middle @horribleharry.

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