Buffalo News Downplays Panepinto’s Serious History of Corruption – Why?

Voters seek to eliminate not elect corrupted political operatives

By: Mike Madigan

In 2001 Panepinto was convicted of election fraud and his law license was suspended as a result of his corrupt actions. In 2001 Panepinto claimed remorse and made multiple excuses related to his “young family”, an injured arm, being real busy and other silly excuses for a very serious and real ethical breach that harmed the political process and the peoples voting rights in his district.

Incredibly the Buffalo News repeated Panepinto’s excuses seemingly validating them and justifying the lame excuses for Panepinto lying and committing voter fraud. The News went even further by emphasizing this infraction occurred a whole long 13 years ago.

The Buffalo News however ignored the well-known and well reported corruption that Panepinto and Maria Whyte were allegedly involved in-in 2006. I guess the Buffalo News omitted that fact since it would not support their position.

In 2006 Panepinto allegedly fraudulently attacked the system by running for five different committeeman seats- a fraudulent activity (the scheme involved a total of 19 seats) in an attack on Democrat Joe Golombek and his supporters.

The 2006 fraud was discovered by Democrat Golombek who then went to city hall and held a press conference reporting the fraud after which the scheme folded rapidly as Panepinto and the other alleged fraudsters realized they were in serious legal jeopardy and by folding hoped the issue would go away. If convicted again of corruption Panepinto’s law license would have been in grave danger – a fact that did not stop him from allegedly committing the alleged fraud suggesting a serious character flaw if true.

Inexcusably the 2006 case was not prosecuted– the reason for lack of prosecution warrants investigation -The Buffalo News can’t be counted on for that regrettably since it involved democrats.

The News, in Monday’s article, attempted to claim that Panepinto’s corruption was morally equivalent to Incumbent Grisanti’s past personal bankruptcy- a ridiculous claim. The bankruptcy may suggest a lack of maturity and personal responsibility but it is not fraud and breaks no laws.

Even more ridiculous was the News’s attempt to claim that minor complaints regarding the wording and or capitalization of two words (The and Judge) on former Prosecutor Kevin Stocker’s past political flier’s somehow was equivalent to Panepinto’s corrupt actions and associated fraud conviction and suspension of Panepinto’s law license.

All three are running for the NY 60th Senate Seat – a seat that most voters seek to restore integrity, accountability and trust in.

Apparently the Buffalo News is testing the waters regarding their consideration of endorsement of a corrupt member of their favored Democrat Party. It would appear the News is floating a trial balloon to see what the response will be to they’re downplaying of the repeated and significant corruption by Panepinto. The News attempts to claim moral equivalence to actions of his opponents where there is no corruption – they enable people like Panepinto and their resulting corruption of NY State Government.


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