Pro-SAFE Act Albany Republican Coalition Pushes Grisanti on WNY Voters

By: Mike Madigan

Mark Grisanti was soundly defeated by Former Prosecutor Kevin Stocker in the recent Republican primary leaving him to run only as a minor party candidate. Voters most commonly cited breach of trust and lack of principles as the reason Grisanti was so soundly rejected by members of his own party.

Pro-SAFE Act Republican party boss Dean Skelos (LI NY) was quoted by the Buffalo News Friday as saying, in regards to whether he would support former Prosecutor Kevin Stocker, “He certainly hasn’t reached out to us for any assistance.” The corrupt party Boss is not used to an independent candidate that does not seek him out for monetary support like Grisanti does– support that un-empowers such candidates and empowers the party boss.

Stocker seeks to introduce transparency to NY State Government and is running on the elimination of corruption in both Parties. It would seem that the Long Island Republican Skelos fears he will not be able to control Stocker like he has Grisanti. It appears he fears what the former prosecutor may reveal as Stocker seeks to clean out corruption.

Dean Skelos is one of the three men in the room that is frequently referenced when New Yorker’s discuss the corruption of our political process. Skelos is known for whipping the Republican vote and creating the Senate Pro-SAFE Act Republican Coalition of which Grisanti is a key member of.

It is well known that this same SAFE Act Coalition will be needed after November to support Cuomo’s planned SAFE Act II legislation that both Democrat and Republican leaders warn of.

WNY Democrat Assemblyman Robin Schimminger, at a recent SCOPE meeting this past month, spoke at length about the ominous SAFE Act II that he says Cuomo has planned. Schimminger emphasized the need to elect good principled candidates who support the Constitution and the Second Amendment- candidates from both sides of the aisle. Both Panepinto and Grisanti are on record defending the SAFE Act.

It is well known that a Stocker defeat of Grisanti would make passage of SAFE Act II very difficult if not impossible. A Stocker defeat of Grisanti would send the message to the establishment and to party bosses that actions have consequences and corruption is no longer accepted. A Stocker victory would rock the foundation of the Albany establishment on both sides of the aisle.

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