More charges against Pigeon expected this year

A source familiar with the FBI’s investigation into political operative G. Steven Pigeon believe that FBI Agent Brian Burns is working on an interwoven web of investigations that stem from a trove of emails obtained in the 2015 raid of Pigeon’s waterfront home —


AG files felony election charges against Pigeon; Kennedy not charged

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman‘s Office filed felony election charges against the renowned political operative G. Steven Pigeon — a confidant of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Governor Andrew Cuomo, and billionaire B. Thomas Golisano — along with his two longtime associates,


Speculation on the defenses of Steve Pigeon

BY FRANK PARLATO A lot has been written about political operative and attorney G. Steven Pigeon, 55, after a state grand jury was led to indict him on June 30th on nine felony counts of bribery, rewarding official misconduct and


Schneiderman-Pigeon political feud colors indictment

BY TONY FARINA Almost lost in the unbelievable feeding frenzy over the indictment last week of political operative Steve Pigeon was the news that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s highly-touted job-creation program Start-Up NY has created more tax-free zones than jobs. Empire


In defense of Steve Pigeon and American democracy

BY MATT RICCHIAZZI One of the most accomplished political activists of his generation, former Erie County Democratic Party Chairman G. Steven Pigeon has long been a target of entrenched special interests and party hacks. Today, he is fighting for his


A primer on jury nullification, as Pigeon indictment looms

Jury nullification occurs in both civil and criminal trials. In a civil trial, a jury nullifies by finding a defendant not liable, even though members of the jury may believe the defendant is liable. In a criminal trial, a jury nullifies by acquitting a defendant, even though the


The Public reports Justice John Michalek involved in state investigation

The Public’s Managing Editor Geoff Kelly is reporting that New York State Supreme Court Justice John Michalek as the target of a state investigation. Kelly writes: MICHALEK GOSSIP: Those downtown lawyers are always talking. The latest we’ve heard is that state federal investigators


State investigation clears Steve Pigeon of wrong doing

The State Police investigation into the campaign fundraising activities of the revered political operative G. Steven Pigeon has found no evidence of wrong doing, a local elected official tells The Chronicle. The State Police investigation stems from a May 2015 raid of the

Erie County Democrats

Letter: Pigeon’s political threats are no longer credible

The Buffalo Chronicle received this letter in response to an article published yesterday, titled “The Pigeon faction contemplates candidates for Chairman.” The response makes the argument that Pigeon’s political threats are no longer credible. Since this publication strives for independence and diverse

Erie County Democrats

The Pigeon faction contemplates candidates for Chairman

The high profile political operative G. Steven Pigeon and his associates recognize their strategic missteps last year. The faction backed Amherst Councilman Mark Manna for Chairman at the last minute. Manna was left without the time, resources, or game plan

Campaign Finance

Cuomo’s medical marijuana law designed for kickbacks, say operatives

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s medical marijuana law — which passed the state legislature last year — is being characterized by local political operatives as “designed for kickbacks.” The law authorizes only a handful of permits statewide — presumably to extort big campaign

Campaign Finance

Does a caged bird sing?

Western New York’s political world has been inalterably rocked today with the issuance of search warrants at the homes of the renowned political operative G. Steven Pigeon, and two others: former Deputy Mayor Steve Casey and Chris Grant, Congressman Chris Collins’ Chief


Who will be Buffalo’s next Mayor?

As Deputy Mayor Steve Casey prepares to leave City Hall, political observers expect Mayor Byron Brown to forgo a fourth run for the office. It has been long rumored that Brown will pursue a lucrative position in the private sector.