Letter: Pigeon’s political threats are no longer credible

The Buffalo Chronicle received this letter in response to an article published yesterday, titled “The Pigeon faction contemplates candidates for Chairman.” The response makes the argument that Pigeon’s political threats are no longer credible. Since this publication strives for independence and diverse perspective, we are republishing it here.

Pigeon’s political threats are no longer credible

By Jacob Sterner

Will any of these candidates for chair be offering their help to Democratic candidates this year? Or will they again sit back, do absolutely nothing other than attend a fundraiser or two, and show up in 2016, arm-in-arm with Steve Pigeon and his sorry band of malcontents and expect to be elected to the top job in Erie County Democratic politics?

If there’s an “asterisk” to this story, it should be the fact that in past races for Erie County Democratic Party chair, once it got around that Steve Pigeon was sponsoring a candidate, that candidate’s candidacy went bust. I would assume that Steve would have an even greater problem with that fact in future races.

If you couple the above fact with a total lack of involvement in races to elect Democratic candidates by those mentioned, other than “showing your face at political fundraisers,” you are doing a disservice to the party. Naturally, Steve Pigeon could care less about that.

So step up Democratic chair candidates.

Step up THIS YEAR and show your stuff! We could use your help. There are a lot of races where even a little help from you can mean a lot. Maybe do a little canvasing this year, if you want to jet to the very top next year. How about working a 4th of July parade, sorry not for yourself, but for one of the Democratic candidates in competitive races? Why don’t I ever see any of these people named here out in the streets helping Democratic candidates win local races? Step up people, step up! Please!!!

It amazes me that anyone would follow Steve Pigeon on any of his quests. His track record is just awful. He hardly ever is successful with elections. Once he is linked to a candidate, that candidate doesn’t stand a chance. Steve’s biggest problem in my view is he gets all this money to spent on politics, and he is so darn ineffectual it’s like flushing all that cash down the drain. How anyone could listen to this guy is beyond me.

I also don’t think the NYS attorney general is worried one bit upon learning that he is on Steve’s “to-do list.” Or is that Steve’s “enemies list?” Steve has ALWAYS had an “enemies list” and Steve has ALWAYS over-inflated his significance in politics. Let’s be real: Steve Pigeon taking out such a state-wide officeholder simply by definition is not within Steve’s powers.

What “powers” does Steve really have when you pull back the curtain?

This guy was defeated by a joke of a candidate (Sandra Lee Wirth) when he was a freshman county legislator from West Seneca. He screwed up the Conservative Party paperwork when he ran for NYS assembly a few years later when he should have been a shoe-in that year. He was by far the worst county chair Erie County has ever seen when Dennis Gorski shoved him down everyone’s throat. I lost count a long time ago of all the people he screwed who had helped him in his career. It seems to me that he goes from one dimwitted millionaire (or billionaire) to another dimwitted millionaire (or billionaire) like some kind of sick, twisted locust. Once he is done with you, he finds another stooge to use. And he cost scores of loyal Democrats their livelihoods in any number of “deals” with Republicans.

You would have to be a complete screwball to follow this fool now!


    • So what, Peter Reese, the letter speaks a truth that needs to be said. Why don’t you comment on the content?

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