More charges against Pigeon expected this year

A source familiar with the FBI’s investigation into political operative G. Steven Pigeon believe that FBI Agent Brian Burns is working on an interwoven web of investigations that steam from a trove of emails obtained in the 2015 raid of Pigeon’s waterfront home — in which his personal computer and cell phone were confiscated.

Burns is a career Agent at the FBI with a record of accomplishment and some controversy.  When he was based at the Memphis field office, Burns put a number of politicians behind bars on public corruption charges, but did so by paying one former felon-turned-informant more than $6,000 a month for an extended period of time.

Last week, Burns’ investigation was the basis of the United States Attorney’s indictment of Pigeon for conspiring to solicit an illegal contribution from a foreign donor on behalf of Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s reelection campaign.

The source, a retired political operative, expects Burns to bring “three or four more indictments” that target several Cuomo administration officials and operatives associated with the lobbying firm of Bolton St. Johns.


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