Paladino could run for Burke’s seat on the county legislature

Patrick Burke was elected to the State Assembly last month, vacating his seat on the County Legislature representing District 7, which encompasses South Buffalo and most of Cheektowaga.  While the district enjoys a substantial enrollment advantage for Democrats, many Republicans think that Carl Paladino could take the seat for the Republicans.

The Republicans currently hold five of the Legislature’s eleven seats.  The caucus needs to gain only one additional seat to retake the majority — and most observers believe that the caucus members would be inclined to make Paladino their Chairman.

A primary for the general election nomination is expected on the Democratic side, with insurgent Bernie Sanders‘ organizer Brian Nowak ready to take the nomination from party headquarters’ endorsed candidate.  Nowak is known to clash with Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy Zellner.

Meanwhile, Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy is recruiting a slate of candidates for the cycle, with a particular focus on District 8, held by freshman member John Bruso, and District 5, held for the last fourteen years by Tom Loughran.

Some speculate that Langworthy will field attorney Todd Aldinger in District 8, and activist Erin Baker in District 5 — with under-the-radar candidates in District 3 and District 2, perhaps Maria Grisanti and Kinzer Pointer, respectively.

Maria Grisanti is a registered Democrat who resides in North Buffalo, where the County Legislature’s District 3 is heavily Democrat-enrolled.  Republicans are contemplating an effort to back Grisanti in the primary and general election against Zellner-loyalist Peter Savage.

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