Harris-Tigg’s erratic behavior raises questions

School board member Theresa Harris-Tigg has been unable to shake criticism of her erratic behavior at a public meeting earlier this year, where she inexplicably had a row of Paladino supporters removed. A video of the incident has surfaced, raising questions about her rationale and temperament.

The video shows that the attendees were not acting inappropriately or disturbing the meeting, which was functioning normally. They were however attending in support of Carl Paladino. Based on their affiliation with Paladino, Harris-Tigg targeted them for removal and gesticulated wildly until security staff complied with her demand.

Some legal experts wonder aloud if any of the meeting attendees will bring a civil rights complaint against Harris-Tigg. Targeting the attendees of a public meeting based on their race or political views and forcibly removing them without cause violates their civil rights, federal open meetings laws, and the state’s public officer’s law.


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    Perhaps you meant to use the word “gesticulate.”

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