Keresztes likely to become next Superintendent

The Buffalo Public Schools’ Associate Superintendent for Student Support Services, Will Keresztes, is the frontrunner to become the district’s next Superintendent. Discussions among the majority bloc are currently ongoing, but Keresztes has a strong base of goodwill among the board members and is likely to emerge as a consensus candidate.

Keresztes briefly served as interim Superintendent after the departure of Dr. Pamela Brown, the former Superintendent. He previously served as a principal.

The Board will select a Deputy Superintendent among ten applicants. The Majority bloc has expressed an intent to choose someone from within the organization. They also intend to transition the Deputy into the role of Superintendent upon the planned departure of Donald Ogilvie at the end of the current school year.

Only three applicants are currently working for the district. Keresztes was a candidate for the Superintendent position after the departure of of Dr. James Williams. He interviewed impressively — even presenting a turnaround plan. Amber Dixon got the job.

Last month, Keresztes had to defend restorative justice policies after board member Carl Paladino attacked the concept. The video starts after Paladino lambasted restorative justice as being the root of the district’s disciplinary problems, to audience uproar.

The incident demonstrated a level of independence from Paladino.

Paladino is insisting on a Superintendent who understands the Board’s earnestness, and will work with urgency in addressing the district’s needed restructuring.


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