Buffalo News lambasted for all-White prospectus gala

Yesterday, The Buffalo News hosted its annual prospectus gala at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens on Transit Road in Williamsville. Sources liken the event to Cape Town in the 1980s, under apartheid.  Attendees report that there may have been one or two minorities in the room briefly, but the event’s all-white audience was palpably distasteful to many.

The News publishes an annual ‘prospectus’ publication.  That publication details the region’s flagship public and private sector investments and emerging opportunities expected in the next year, attracting considerable advertising revenues from the local business community.

That the region’s paper of record — an institution in its own right — is at such a staggering void when it comes to diversity in 2018, is shocking to many political observers.   To project such demoralizing optics at a key annual event designed to promote business confidence and economic optimism is being panned as “disheartening and offensive,” according to one former News reporter who asked not to be named.


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