Lies, Damned Lies and State run media (BN) parrots corruption enabling claims

BN unquestioningly repeats law firm’s claim and buries blockbuster news

By: Mike Madigan

Anyone with a quarter of a brain knows a bold faced lie when they hear it. Credible reporting must not involve parroting such lies without placing them in context of the facts and truth. Sadly such credibility was lost long ago by the Corrupted Buffalo News.

On January 28th the Buffalo News led the article regarding Sheldon Silver’s suspension from his law firm with a quote from the alleged corrupted law firm that stated:

“Weitz & Luxenberg president Perry Weitz said the firm was “shocked” to learn about the accusations against Silver.

“We have asked Mr. Silver to take a leave of absence until these allegations are resolved,” Link

Silver’s scheme allegedly greatly enriched the law firm using NY State taxpayer money – an outrage that if proven must result in serious consequence against that firm.

Buried within that same article is blockbuster news that should be front page above the fold: Columbia University removed world renowned Mesothelioma expert Dr. Robert Taub as a result of his primary role in Silver’s alleged scheme defrauding NY taxpayers. Taub was the director for Patient care at the Mesothelioma Center, which received taxpayer funded grants from Silver as part of his alleged scheme.

New York State corruption will only be cleaned up if all involved in the corruption are held accountable. If the allegations are true Columbia University, Weitz and Lexenberg and all individuals involved must be held accountable.

The consequence for involvement in such schemes must make clear any individual or organization involved in such corruption will pay a serious price that deters consideration of such actions in the future. The consequence must be severe and rock the foundation of the current corrupt NY State government and its co-conspirators.

The people rely on the major newspapers and news organizations to drive transparency in our government and to root out such schemes and not enable them. The people do not expect the news organizations to fear accurate reporting and to behave like State run Pravda during the peak of the communist USSR regime where the State used the media to spread its propaganda by omission and by propping up the corrupted government. The Buffalo News is NY State’s Pravda – there should be a consequence here as well.


  1. The role of a free press is to be the watchdog of the citizens. When they take a side by omission or bias, they become an enemy of the people and stand to lose the freedom that is protected by our liberty.

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