In book, Cuomo touts bullying Grisanti into gay marriage

Cuomo’s book highlights disturbing character issues

By Mike Madigan

Today’s Buffalo News reviewed Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent book release, and details behavior by both Cuomo and Senator Mark Grisanti that many political observers say “demonstrates serious character defects in both.” The revelations may influence the outcome of the current election, in which Grisanti is expected to lose.

The Buffalo News reports an excerpts from the book in which Cuomo appears proud of bullying other politicians, and engaging in coercive actions and explicit threats. This characteristic has been repeatedly reported by downstate media, and major political figures readily call the Governor a bully. Now, Cuomo seems to be embracing the label.

Many observers who have read the article say that it seems odd that Cuomo would brag about his tactics; seemingly unaware that it is an inappropriate behavior.

The book details Cuomo’s view of Grisanti as a “flip flopper,” even saying to the Seantor, “such actions impact integrity and credibility and could impact voters’ views of him.”

As per the buffalo News Cuomo said the following to Grisanti: “Cuomo told Grisanti his flip-flopping was not the stuff that makes for “integrity and credibility” for his constituents.”

Cuomo’s prediction has become a reality for the “flip flopping” Grisanti, as voters finally crossed the breaking point and gave him a stunning vote of no confidence. Grisanti lost his primary badly to Kevin Stocker, a lifelong Republican and former town Prosecutor.

In that primary election, Grisanti’s lack of engagement seemed to suggest that he viewed himself as invincible; but others say the lack of public engagement was due to his deep unpopularity within the local GOP.

“When you ignore voters, you disrespect them. The lack of respect that voters have for Grisanti is entirely for that reason,” said one veteran Republican political figure. “This perception was worsened by The Buffalo News, whose propaganda constantly suggested that Grisanti was invincible.”

“Then surprise, surprise — Stocker wins a landslide victory — capturing over 57% of the vote. Voters resent arrogance.”

Both Cuomo and Grisanti are currently running for reelection on November 4th.

Grisanti has only the minor party backing of the Independence Party, which typically garners less than 3 or 4% of the general election vote.  Most believe that Grisanti is still in denial.

Observers say that Cuomo shares Grisanti’s arrogance towards voters. During his entire term, The Buffalo News fawns over him and has declared the election over before even the first ballot was even cast. They say that Cuomo is taking voters fro granted.

Cuomo’s actions, such as running nearly $200 million in taxpayer funded commercials touting his “Start-Up NY” program, has enraged many activists. They say that behavior is “one more demonstration of corruption by most horridly corrupt Governor we’ve had in the modern era.”

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