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Editorial Board: Poloncarz should give old stadium to the Senecas, rather than fund $40 million demolition

THE EDITORIAL BOARD Rather than funding a $40 million demolition of the old Buffalo Bills stadium — to accommodate a surface parking lot that will only be used eight days a year — Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz should instead gift

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Pegula’s $75 million yacht riles New York taxpayers

Buffalo Bills owner and hydrofracker Terry Pegula is worth more than $5.8 billion and is the proud owner of a new $75 million yacht. The uncommon luxury has been riling New York taxpayers on social media this week, who learned


Too much sex to blame for Bills, Sabres seasons? 

Industry professionals and sports experts have long claimed that an athlete’s sexual activity is a major factor in determining game day performance. At last year’s 2014 World Cup, many coaches banned entire teams from having sex — but that didn’t stop


Will DiNapoli save the Bills before Cuomo even has a chance?

It’s no secret that Governor Andrew Cuomo and Comptroller Tom DiNapoli don’t like each other. Cuomo has received only tepid support from organized labor, which provides DiNapoli with a robust base of support and reelection machine. The Cuomo camp contends