Police plan a slew of DWI checkpoints targeting Bills fans, as Liberty Cab offers discounts

The days of lax enforcement of drinking and driving laws following Buffalo Bills home games are over — and local officials are planning for an ‘unprecedented level of enforcement’ this football season.

In response to widespread rumors that the Town of Orchard Park’s police department is planning an unprecedented number of DWI checkpoints following today’s Bills game against the Cincinnati Bengals — both near New Era Field and in the neighboring Town of Hamburg — a local cab company is striking back.

The move, which is said to be a collaboration of the police departments of three towns, is causing a great deal of controversy among Bills fans, who worry that they are being aggressively targeted for excessive enforcement.  In New York State, the legal limit for one’s blood alcohol content while driving is .08%, which is among the most strict limits in the United States.


Local fines for first time DWI offenders typically range between $500 and $2,500; with fines for second or third-time offenders often three or four times higher than that range.  That’s far higher than the national average.  Attorney fees add another $1,500 to $5,000, depending on how straight-forward violation.

Liberty Cab‘s owner Bill Yuhnke, is shaken by the rumors because of Uber’s well-know price gouging outside of major sporting and entertainment events.  The firm refers to the controversial practice as ‘surge-pricing’, which could increase the cost of a typical Uber ride by four- or five-hundred percent.

Surge pricing rates are expected to kick in today at the end of the third period.  That means a $30 cab ride home could cost more than $150.  And of course, Uber charges higher rates for multiple passengers.

“Precisely when the need for safe transportation is greatest, Uber’s technology prices too many folks out of the market,” Yuhnke worries.  “But those folks need to get home safe, too.  And just because you can’t afford Uber’s surge pricing, doesn’t mean that you don’t have better options.”

In that spirit, Liberty Cab is offering riders a safer and, ultimately, a far less expensive option than traversing a maze of police checkpoints that are expected between the stadium and access points to Interstate 90, Route 219, Southwestern Boulevard, Abbott Road, and South Park Avenue from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm this afternoon.


Yuhnke is even offering a $10 discount to Bills fans who download the Riide app on their smartphones (use promotion code Bus10) — which he is funding out of his own pocket.  Yuhnke is the founder and owner of the locally owned and operated ground transport service that has been made famous for it’s “Ride Local” campaign.

The Riide app is a new phenomenon for taxi users that Wall Street analysts predict will cut Uber‘s valuation in half by the end of the year, posing even greater competition for the ridesharing technology than it’s more well-known competitor, Lyft.

It’s built by a consortium of local taxi operators who have come together to design and build a globally accepted, market-leading technology that surpasses Uber in ease of use, promptness of arrivals, and directional mapping.  It was designed to save the local cab operator at a time when technological disruption is making it hard for local firms to compete.  Like Uber, the app makes the booking of everyday taxis to local operators seamless, regardless of which city you are in.

In recent years, he has been passionate about giving back to the community — which has included a slew of sponsorships for everything from local community events to supporting Western New York’s hometown sports teams.


“We all love the Bills’ game day culture — there’s nothing like our tailgating experience anywhere in the world.  And we only have eight home games each year — so go all out and enjoy yourself — we’re undefeated, for god’s sake,” Yuhnke explains.  “Could we have better weather for a home game like this?”

“Have fun — but please, don’t get behind the wheel,” he demands.  “Whether you’re at the game or watching it at your favorite neighborhood tavern, call us and we will make damn sure you get home safe,” he promises.

DWI checkpoints are likely in the following locations:

  • Interstate 90 at both the Milestrip Road and at the Camp Road access ramps;
  • Route 219 at both Big Tree Road and Milestrip Road access;
  • Abbott Road at Big Tree Road;
  • Abbott Road at Southwestern Boulevard;
  • South Park Avenue at Big Tree Road.

Local fines for first time DWI offenders typically range between $500 and $2,500; with fines for second or third-time offenders often three or four times higher than that range.  Attorney fees add another $1,500 to $5,000, depending on how straight-forward violation.

Uber’s stock price has suffered in recent months, following a series of sexual assault and rape scandals on the part of Uber’s drivers.  The company has struggled to ensure the safety of intoxicated passengers, particularly for women who are traveling alone.

You can schedule a ride with Liberty Cab through their automated dispatch system at 716-877-7111.







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