Canadians beg Queen Elizabeth to reject Trudeau’s next recommendation for Governor General

Canadians from across the federation are begging Queen Elizabeth to reject whomever Prime Minister Justin Trudeau next recommends for appointment to serve as Governor General of Canada.

In the aftermath of Governor General Julie Payette‘s abrupt resignation yesterday — which some observers see as an orchestrated takedown by the Prime Minister’s political operatives, who had been actively soliciting smears against Payette as early as August of last year — many Canadians are concerned that the next Governor General will be a puppet of Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada‘s primary financier, Steven Bronfman.

An investigation into Payette for workplace harassment had been initiated late last summer — largely on contrived grounds comprised of minor claims, like calling a direct report ‘lazy’ — after Payette made inquiries to Buckingham Palace regarding the potential dismissal of Trudeau for various ongoing ethics violations — particularly those related to the SNC Lavalin, a criminal probe that could have implicated Bronfman and his private equity fund, Claridge Partners, if investigations had been allowed to progress.

Critics of Queen Elizabeth say that she has been an absentee sovereign, leaving Canada with no constitutional check on the abuses of the Trudeau government. They argue that the circumstance requires an independent Governor General of stature — one selected by the Queen herself, not selected on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, as has become the modern custom in the latter half of Elizabeth’s reign.

Some in the Conservative Party are suggesting that the Queen should appoint Princess Anne to serve as Governor General for the remainder of Trudeau’s tenure as Prime Minister.

“We have a Prime Minister who is a habitual and unapologetic violator of the federal Ethics Act.  The wide-ranging corruption of his government is obvious to everyone.  Canada cannot afford a puppet.  Canadians need a Governor General who has a real working relationship with the sovereign herself, and restores this imperative constitutional check on the graft and indignities of Parliament,” argues one Conservative Party operative with close ties to Leader Erin O’Toole.

“Princess Anne has the institutional stature to dismiss Trudeau if his continued public corruption scandals demand it,” he adds.  “She will also be able to privately articulate the Queen’s displeasure with things like the prorogation of Parliament, the shutdown of Parliamentary committee investigations, or undue PMO influence over the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in a way that will carry real weight.”





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