With Liberals in crisis mode, NDP wants Wilson-Raybould as Leader

Political staffers at the New Democratic Party (NDP) are telling Toronto-area political operatives that the opposition party is willing to install Jody Wilson-Raybould as its Leader.  Toronto area politicians have been engaging in private discussions with Jagmeet Singh, the current NDP Leader, to secure his endorsement. 

Wilson-Raybould has not been formally asked to join the party, but senior party figures are eagerly lobbying for the arrangement behind the scenes. 

The Liberal Party was in crisis mode before the explosive allegations that Justin Trudeau removed the former Attorney General shortly after she refused to intervene in the prosecution of one of the party’s largest contributors.  The scandal has engulfed his government, prompting an ethics inquiry and a Justice Committee investigation that threaten Trudeau’s ability to retain control of the Liberal Party.

The Liberal Party brand has been badly damaged under Trudeau, largely stemming from federal policies that are perceived to be hostile to middle-class Canadians.  Many activists and partisans, already spooked by last year’s Provincial losses in Ontario, have begun calling for his resignation.  Elections are scheduled for October 21st of this year, and diming electoral prospects are likely to intensify those calls.

Cabinet ministers have been privately discussing the possibility of holding a confidence vote that would be likely to affirm Trudeau’s leadership of the party.  Finance Minister Bill Morneau supports the idea and believes that affirmation is needed to stabilize the party.  Others, like Chrystia Freeland and Jane Philpott, fear that a no-confidence motion would make for a humiliating blow to the Trudeau government, even if he wins it narrowly.

Jody Wilson-Raybould, Jane Philpott, Seamus O’Regan, and David Lametti at the Prime Minister’s announcement of last month’s cabinet shuffle.  Trudeau’s critics say that he may have fraudulently misrepresented the motivation for those reassignments to the Crown.  They argue that such an offense gives the Governor-General grounds to dismiss him.


  1. Coming from south of the Canadian border, in the land of fake news, this piece is full of inaccuracies and fake information. The author needs to conduct quality research before hitting the keyboard … or connect with a quality Canadian freelance journalist to compose Canadian articles.

  2. NDP will do much the same as the Liberals have… Thats why she was Liberal… Is this another split the vote scheme?

  3. JWR ran as a Liberal, like Mulcair, who turned turtle during the ’15 election, Liberals always sit on the fence, until push comes to shove, then they swing to the right under pressure, JWR is not ready for the NDP.

  4. She would be a great leader of the NDP as long as she isn’t a Globalist sellout. Go back to your roots NDP and wake up!!.

  5. I am not sure if JWR is the answer, but Horwath should have been replaced after the last disastrous election 4-6 years ago. At the Provincial conference, I tried my best to persuade delegates to vote for a leadership review, but they were too cowardly to do so. The most common excuses voiced were “That would require a leadership convention and might interfere with the upcoming federal election we are likely to win.” along with “I agree Andrea leaves a lot to be desired, but who will replace her?”. Personally, I f3lt any change would be for the better, but my hope was that Jagmeet Singh would take over leadership of the provincial wing.

    As a result of the lack of courage on the part of delegates, Andrea was left in charge and has just blown another election. As for the federal election, I stood in the Jack Layton building and informed the pompous ass who had just admitted to the specious reason they were rejecting me as a candidate, that he was a fool and that it seemed their entire strategy for the upcoming election was based on fear of losing. I pointed out that no decision based on fear is ever a good decision, and the NDP would lose badly if they did not revise this idiotic strategy. They didn’t……..then they did lose…..badly.

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