Sophie Gregoire has separated from Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire have separated.

While Trudeau continues to reside at Rideau Cottage, Gregoire is now residing with the couple’s children at Harrington Lake, the Prime Minister’s wooded retreat outside of Ottawa.  Sources tell The Chronicle that Gregoire has been living at Harrington Lake for the last several weeks.

The Trudeaus have been experiencing marital trouble since the weeks leading up to last October’s federal elections.  The couple has not publicly acknowledged the rift, despite widespread speculation regarding the status of their marriage.

The Chronicle is told that Gregoire intends to remain married and to remain at Harrington Lake for the remainder of Trudeau’s tenure, though at least one major Liberal Party financier — rumored to be Frank Giustra — has offered Gregoire use of a large private home in the Notting Hill section of London.

Giustra is a principle funder of the Clinton Global Initative’s work in Haiti.  For several months earlier this year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markel had been living at one of his homes in British Columbia.
The Boy’s Club Network is a mentorship network for ‘the most at risk boys’ and was founded by two Vancouver secondary school educators nearly two decades ago. Frank Giustra was an inaugural supporter and continues to be a mentor to many at the Boy’s Club Network.



    • Of course she is staying married while he is in office. She needs us to pay for her entire life.

          • Listen as a white i may agree with you in part. But its not the immigrants fault, its governments and Canada welfare system is a heaven for anyone wanting to get away from their torn countries! It was our parents and grand parents at the time mostly white who immigrated to North America and I am sure the native Indians were just as pissed. Humans are humans color means nothing to the reality of this statement. Some of my best friends are colored and I love them as humans period! If you are American if you only knew how well our welfare system works in fact our socialists don’t even like the word any more as it seems to harsh. But in this country who the hell wants to work when they go from E.I. to Welfare and get free housing, free food, full medical and dental care, free addictions like booze and cigarettes and now pot financial support. No one would or understandably would work for minimum wage like Walmart’s, gas stations as they would lose all these benefits! The cookie jar is wide open in Canada and Trump was laughing all the way to bank when he was forcing illegal immigrants out of U.S. and our socialist leader says come one come all and enjoy the free spirits of life in Canada. They came by the thousands upon thousands and still are coming. Yes Canada is doing okay as long as the printing press in Ottawa keeps printing money until the dollar value falls and then we will pay dearly for food and clothing etc. Canada is also lucky to print and get away with it as the rest of the world is also in a lot of trouble and this saves Canada. I hope this now makes sense to those on both sides of the border who don’t know or care about the grand welfare system in this country. I would do the same if I was in one of the immigrants shoes and so would you!!

            • Wow…. now there’s a loaded statement. Anytime someone prefaces mentioning a friendship with “some of my best friends are…”, a person has to realize it reeks of virtue signalling. I’m guessing the statement is made more by liberals than conservatives, but regardless, it has about the same tone as nails on a blackboard.

              • Wow something simply put has to be dissected by political correction Wow and how the truth hurts and then the blame a liberal rather then conservatives. I am neither as all governments are full of crap/lies/deceit/etc. And its the liberals who fast feed all this money away to welfare too bad you don’t research a welfare application off a government website and you would see the truth is right there!

        • There is a huge difference between the two ladies in power. Melania is married to a billionaire and most women would never want to leave that. I don’t see or hear either spouse abusing their wives so if you leave you become nothing. Men or women in power can have any partner so easy on the side as many are just dreaming to be part of that. Look at Monica and Clinton, see wasn’t all stupid and as an adult she admitted she knew what she was doing and then Clinton says blow jobs are not sex lol. The world seemed to accept that. It’s their business to stay or not and not ours to decide as someone said mind your own problems and not others.,

          • Melania is all stupidity and ignorance. Sophie is a very decent woman. Justin made a mistake, but he is like father. However, this can happen to anyone. Please leave them out of your comments, just respect their privacy.

            • Melanie speaks five languages she is very intelligent and as for Trudeau we know he is a pedophile like his dad was !!!! Also note Justin has a tracking devise and he is going down big time !!!!!

                • And Margaret Trudeau slept with half of Hollywood and Justin’s father, Castro. Your point? (I’m betting you’ve done worse in your past by FAR).

              • Sounds like one. I bet he thinks Justin’s buddy, George Soros, is a benevolent philanthropist.

            • Like he’s respecting our privacy you mean?!!
              Open your eyes or are you having sex with him?

            • Wrong. Melania – please people, at least get her name right – is far from stupid. She is multi-lingual and has a good education and is a good mother. Frankly, none of us knows either of these women personally, so it’s all conjecture.

              • Hi totally agree with you as there seems to be some people here with common sense and the ones which such stupid comments really make themselves as stupid as they really are!! I believe if have evidence then state your feelings other wise just stupid comments coming forth.

                • Exactly, but when it comes to the brainwashed portion of this country who voted this psycho in, they are like squawking birds that can only repeat the mantra, “Nazi Nazi, Racist, Orange Man Bad”. It’s amazing how uneducated and easily led the Canadian public has become. NPC’s at their finest/worst.

            • You really have no clue. I’ll help you out. CBC and CTV and other MSM stations are LYING to you. They are bought and paid for. FACT. You have to do your own research. try Amazing Polly on youtube. She is excellent and Canadian. Or X22 Report on youtube. You have to actually look for yourself because your owners don’t want you to suspect them. FACT.

            • Are u kidding me Sophie and Justin are the slimiest and greasiest pieces of garbage in the entire country. They are multi millionaires many times over and yet use our taxes to pay for multiple nannies and major multimillion dollar renovations to the allready beautiful “mansions” they reside in. This aside from the private ski hill all built and maintained with you guessed it our tax dollars. Donald doesn’t accept a salary and pays his way and Melania speak 5 languages. Donald’s son has a higher iq than the entire Trudeau family put together. Read some facts sometime.

            • You’re talking out your a__ on that one. The woman speaks 7 languages for god sake. Not to mention everything you know about her is a result of a main stream media that has been proven time after time to not only be duplicitous but dangerous. It’s amazing how many people are so totally brainwashed by the regurgitated noise they hear out of their televisions. And I’m sure you hate Trump for the same foolish reasons.

              As for Trudeau, the man is a prime example of the MKUltra upper class. His foundation has the pedo symbol as his logo. His father took him for counseling (after Maggie left) to a shrink that was a convicted pedophile. And he praises the Chinese communist government for their authoritarian rule in spite of the fact it is a government that is harvesting organs without anesthesia from a group who’s theology they see as a threat. Ever see the video of Trudeau doing the eulogy at his father’s funeral? The guy is a wack job! And you Liberals are so quick to show someone’s racist character yet look the other way when it comes out (not once but TWICE) that he did black/brown face in his late childhood (which he never really transitioned from).

            • Why does anyone that is upset with the president … why must they be a liberal? He’s made me angry as hell and I am a 58 year old conservative that voted for the guy in 2016.

              • Granted there is definitely a portion of conservatives that are just as easily fooled by what they hear from the MSM. Lack of education isn’t partisan. The mere fact that the conservative politicians in Canada are all on board with the UN and globalist agenda is evidence enough that politics in Canada is a diseased institution.

  1. She should enlighten the Canadian people as to why their marriage broke down. It most assuredly has to do with all his corrupt dealings and the molestaion cover up. No mother wants her children around a pervert let alone a man who would destroy a country and believe in the Islamics. I mean he is basically telling his wife and daughter your less than nothing.

        • Islam is a takeover gov, you can never leave if you join. Did you vote for it in your country, the elite inflicted it for COMMIE NWO? Only vote for strong national parties that would throw it out, it does not belong on CHRISTIAN LAND it burns CHRISTIANS our churches down. THE ELITE ARE COMMIE NWO beware they have media ZION TV and Zion FREEMASON POLICE they condone this 👈🇬🇧🇺🇸🇨🇦🇳🇿🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿⛪️

          • Actually, and please google it…Islam aka CHRISLAM, is a Holy Roman Empire partner. They were allies in WW1 AND 2 and many other wars. Holy Roman Empire formed OPEC in Vienna, 1960 to snatch control of oil price worldwide, and use it to choke Britannia to her knees, and force their islamic partner, sharia, into Britannia;s ass. Islam could NEVER get into any western country without HRE agents holding the door open.

            Commies are ARCH ENEMIES of islam. NOT partners, ya fool. China puts islamists in camps to try to undo the psychosis that religious extremism causes. And don’t say they are mean bc you KNOW you would do that and a lot worse.

            China and all commies, refused to pay off HRE, refused to obey HRE and were our ALLIES, against HRE Viennese led, Hitler.

            England was duped into spending fortunes engineering oil production and infrastructure in Iran and other ME nations, for 30 years, while none of those peasants had the skill or money to do it, though they claim they did. That is an obvious lie. England is on record, saving Iran from bankruptcy. TWICE.

            As soon as 5K bridges and tunnels were engineered by CHINESE explosives and British engineering put a rail line in, to transport the oil, Iran gave it all to HITLER in 38, to fuel his tanks.

            The NWO is a Holy Roman Empire chrislamic, ISIS construct. Largely headed by HRE miseducated Americans, HRE black ops nazi military in the US hidden under HRE agent JFK’s created black cold war budgets, provoked by creating faux war with commie Russia.

            The very LAST thing commies are aligned with is Islam. That’s the HRE.

            The fact that Iran and Russia and China do business, is the fault and GOAL of the HRE who working in agency and political roles in corporate and govt and military, pushed them all to the sidelines, blacklisting them from world markets, effectively putting them in economic lockdown for 70 years.

            You’re an idiot.

            HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE never fell. It waged it’s last openly Holy ROman Empire war for 7 years, on 5 continents in 1765, and LOST against Britannia and her allies, just a few years before the 1776 HRE coup hid cash bribes behind famously broke assed King Louis 16th, who was BEHEADED for colluding with the HRE.

            It was masons who beheaded him and built the statue of LIBERTY as a female, to spit int he face of satanic Rome….which Canada is INFESTED with. Snakes, who bite the kindly woman, will have their poison spat out, and wind up as boots she walks in.

            You’ve been told.

            Lastly, any1 who sings Oh Canada….in all our sons command…we stand on guard for thee…has made a BLOOD OATH never to betray the Crown law, for Rome Rule or sharia…or any foreign law that protects the people from foreign ambitions.

            Crown law is the PEOPLE”s law and it was set up by ANGLO SCOTTISH MASONS and it’s the REASON Canada was once a trusted, honourable, admired and safe country.

            Then the WW2 nazi trash poured in and now Hitlers allies, radical Islam are adding to the shit show it’s turning into.

            Ok? Now, sit down and stop spreading utter idiotic BULLSHIT.

            Commies HATE radical religion. They are NOT atheists. They are SOVEREIGNTISTS. China is 80% Taoist and Buddhists…a PHILOSOPHY or EARNED merit…not fake free passes for drinking the blood and eating the flesh of an adrenachrome marinaded, tortured spirit cooked innocent. Geddit?


            • Islam is a political movement that masquerades as a religion. An will use democracy to gain control. Anyone that supports Islam doesn’t believe in freedom because freedom doesn’t exist in Islamic countries if it did why leave their paradise to come to our lands. They tax other religions an threaten to kill Christians they kill gays they kill women because they do follow their insane philosophy. As far as china that is the other enemy which is just as bad if not worse but it is two separate fronts what i just told you is the truth prove me wrong

            • Islam was created by The Vatican as a means to control Jerusalem and quell the growth of Christianity across North Africa & The Middle East. Cardinal Bea & Augustine discovered Muhammad and made him a prophet using Apocryphal scripture left out of the Bible. The Genesis story was split between the two. Sufi mysticism was mixed in. Many holy sites of Christianity & Judaism are now Islamic Holy sites. The Black Cube in Mecca is the site of Abraham’s altar. Many Exodus sites of Moses are in Saudi too.

              The Vatican, The Crown & Illumimati Families Control The World. Canada is their Vanguard for The NWO Changeover.

            • Pierre Trudeau was exposed as an MKULTRA handler & Pedophile by Cathy O’Brien long ago. His wife & kids were likely subjected to it & Justin was groomed his whole life to do what he is doing now to Canada.
              Justin has far too many ties to elite Pedophiles to be a coincidence. He serves Global Elites & is actually a very talented Performance Artist- he has us believing that incompetence has brought us to this point. His supporters believe he is a feminist, his haters believe he is a fuck up. We are at the brink of a Communist Dictatorship- he hasn’t messed up at all- he just was never on our side

              Sophie Gregoure’s cousin has been exposing Liberal Pedophilia, particularly their Cambridge Analytica database built for Pedophiles to exploit children

            • Very very interesting viewpoint!! I think you make a lot of sense here. I very much enjoyed reading your view and I feel aligned with it. Good man.

            • the only thing we can say is that
              1- you seem to have a big need to be heard, where does that come from ?
              2- no mention of jews or israel
              but, they are one of the most important socio-political aspects…
              you simple it down to one boogeyman ; mr hitler
              to be honest, I think you are a keyboard warrior – taking your energy out in the most cowardly (uninformed-don’t know how to reach people) way.

      • What “racism”???

        Islam is an IDEOLOGY and a really shitty one, like Communism or Nazism. They are all antisemtic, supremacist garbage.

    • I wonder why she wants to ‘stay married’?
      Salary. Prestige. Protection. Standard of living?

    • I’m a Canadian and it’s 10:35 Thursday evening and there is ZIP about this anywhere except here??? Nothing on CTV or CBC YET anyways.You guys must have gotten the

        • Sorry to inform you different but again just sounds like a spontaneous statement. There are 3 main newspapers in Canada The Star, The Sun, and Globe and Mail. He nor his party owns all 3 of them. One paper does lean towards the liberals and the other leans towards a conservative. If this is even true about their separation which is not surprising to me but where are the poperazzi’s (sorry no spellcheck) as they would be all over it!? Maybe the virus has gobbled up all the news since even burglaries, murders, and other world incidents were rarely spoken about as the virus was front and right and the papers knew people would read them like there’s no tomorrow.

    • She knows what’s really happening and she has a conscious. Justin sold his soul to the Satan and she knows it.

    • It is her / their own business.
      And yes I’m not surprised at all.
      He is way over his head acting out as PM

    • She’s making distance before the truth about China’s terrorist attack and Trudeau’s involvement in it comes to light.

    • There split up if even true is personal same as anyone else! I do not believe he is a bad person! He appears sincere and wants to try please everyone including all religions. As a strong leader I do not like him but the opposition even have worse leadership. I am sure you know that both the Christians and Muslims have pushed for exterminating non believers and proof was Christopher Columbus who was commissioned by the powers of the church to go to new found lands i.e. America’s and introduce their religion and if they fought back then exterminate them! Like the mayan’s in Mexico! The Muslims have it written in their Koram and some of the followers are dumb enough to believe in that crap.

    • Not to mention all of his connections to pedophilia including his early childhood counseling sessions by a convicted pedo or the pedo symbol he uses on his foundation. God I hope he goes down when the Unranium 1 scandal breaks in the US.

  2. She’s a better person than I thought she was. Good for her to get out from the corrupted scum !

  3. Trudeau is a brainless moron who wants to be a communist dictator, like his father Fidel Castro. A puppet controlled by Soros, China and the UN. Only cares about himself and is dedicated to wrecking Canada, so China can have it.

    • Fidel Castro lol. I’m old enough to remember Justin was already born when his mother met Castro for the first time. Facts first.

      • I think you’re mistaken there. I remember an article stating the gestation period was right on for Justin to be conceived in Cuba.

      • No he wasn’t. I was working in Cuba for a hotel time sharing stint and people in Cuba were even talking about her staying at his ocean home for 2-3 months. And if you think he wasn’t boinking her you are pretty stupid! She came back and a few weeks later announced she was pregnant. Look at his pictures with the beard and pull up some of Castro’s younger pics and see the absolute resemblance as added suspicions. Only the mother can tell maybe before she goes to her grave. But who really cares he is Canada’s current snowflake prince and he got there and no one else.

  4. There is more to come out. I just wish the corrupt Canadian press had the balls to expose this arrogant POS

    • He owns the media. He is even in video from 2017 that he bought the media in Canada. That’s why can’t see anything in Canada. And as far as the BC being credible…. Most everything they have reported on has truth to it. I love how they are rated Pro-Trump and Far Right media. As if that makes them less of a credible source. Yet look at Obama and his antics! Caught red handed and now his ass will be handed to him. I’m sure Trudeau won’t be far behind. But hey I’m just a tin foil hat wearing, truth seeking and sad to say a Canadian citizen. I used to be proud of this Country and now I can’t wait to apply for refugee status to the USA! God Bless President Trump!

    • Where are white women suppose to live now where can we be safe. We cannot even protect ourselves its very scary now for us in Canada. They don’t even hire us.

      • That is true. White people are now discriminated against and visible minority. Courtesy of our idiotic government.

  5. as much as I loathe and despise Justin Castro-Trudeau. I don’t wish marital trouble on even my worst enemy. His moment in the sunny daze is over … on the way down to being THE worst Prime Minister this poor suffering Dominion ever had

    • If the idiot gives anymore money to Islamic terrorists his own people are gonna hang him.Why the US didn’t keep Kadhr or whatever the hell his name is is beyond me.

      • Why the f**k don’t you join the U.S.?
        Good riddance – we don’t need your dumb ass who knows NOTHING about Kadr (which btw, began when Harper was in power, & the settlement kept getting higher & higher because he would not deal with the issue!) Become INFORMED before you make stupid comments

        • Why don’t you enlighten us and tell us why Khadr had to get over 10 million of my money? Links please to prove your point. If I do not hear from you than it is because you are just liberal shrill.

        • Become informed yourself! Khadr was arrested in 2002 and Harper became PM in 2006. While ruling that Khadr’s rights had been violated (during a Liberal government’s time in power), the Supreme Court of Canada did not require any payment to Khadr. The payout was strictly Trudeau’s doing as were his actions to protect it from Speer’s wite.

  6. Guistra is in the middle of uranium one and one of the biggest donators to the corrupt Clinton foundation. That’s all being investigated right now. I’m more interested in why he was using a pedophile symbol as a business logo. Real close to the pedo logo the Trudeau foundation used. I don’t feel sorry for any of these creeps

  7. Well at least Gregoire isn’t living in a tent on the Parliament hill lawn like her mother in-law did. I think it happened after all that partying with Mike jaguar.

  8. Populists should really get a better strategy, they just don’t know how to crack down one’s reputation in any other way except being personal

  9. I tell you why his marriage is broken.He his fathe`s government immigration about me is the cause of his marriage broken.His father `mariage was also brokeDuring his father tenure in 1977 my Immigration landed immigration visa was taken and appela was also forcefully volunterely withdrawn.
    And after that i got married in 1978 and my marriage was also broken in 1989 with my 5 children`s lives was also ruined.
    May God his marriage will be never sucessful.Amen.
    Shahid J Khawaja

    • I have actually started thinking of trouble in paradise few months ago. It has suddenly dawned on me that we have not seen anything of her in the past year or so.
      When Justin became PM, Sophie was left right and center in the media. You would have thought that she was the PM. Once she recovered from Covid19 I anticipated that she would come out at least once with Justin out in the public. I am pretty sure they are separated. You will not see that in media because he would lose his credibility even more. if a guy cannot keep his family together how can he keep the country together?

  10. I find the comments on both sides more amusing then truthful. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but most of the time it is not founded and probably has political faces hidden into it. As far as I am concerned all governments have skeletons in their closets. Lies, deceit,power,greed and so on. Its no wonder governments and religion have an “hay” day guiding and teaching people their way! In general people do very little research, use very little of their brain power, and the masses want to be lead by someone/something. The world lacks good leadership especially in the democratic world. That is why Mr. Trudeau got re elected. The other parties had virtually idiots running for leadership. As for Mr. Trump the world did not vote him in it was his own people. While I feel he is comes across as arrogant and extremely opinionated he does put in a honest days work as a leader and as a billionaire for him to even consider leading a country and doing so gives him some credit. I would not wish to be a leader of any country today because what ever you try and do half the people agree and the other half will always disagree. The worst problem is that the complainers just like to bitch and complain but have no solutions to the problems which is what is desperately needed. While I respect all religions in general I find them all challenging and find it hard to believe in something someone wrote thousands of years ago and no one can even get the translation correct. I do believe in the power of the spirit world and that there is some sort of a divine watcher etc. Again when it comes to governments and leadership. Look at the leadership of the opposition parties in North America, nothing but political dummies just waiting to bitch and complain and make false promises or promises that can never be made to con the public into believing into them!

    I have no problem identifying my name as I make these comments in general to people every time a discussion like this comes up which is often! But I do have a job that has political consequences to job security and I wish to remain Anonymous

  11. Maybe Sophie has an iota of a conscience and all the subterfuge and treasonous crimes against his country and citizens finally got to her. Or … she’s just plain tired of being Justin’s old beard as he’s now sporting a ‘new’ one! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  12. I noticed it when the only photos of them together were where JT was clean shaven. He’s had that dead muskrat growing on his face for a while now. Also, if you listen to French news, you get an entirely different picture.

    • I find it challenging to believe this newspaper since it is the only one chasing this so called story and also why isn’t it on other news channels this is certain valid gossip news and when checking this chronicle it has a reputation of publishing fake news!! I am beginning to look like a fool myself in promoting and now challenging the source?!!

  13. We whites are so sick of immigration. It should be 25000 a year it never stops. And our country sends most of the money out of Canada. Canada is massively broke now too so why do they keep bringing people. We have a right to preserve out cultures.

    • Why are you so stupid with prejudice comments I am white and any one in the world white/brown/black/yellow/green/red/ whatever once they know they can come to Canada and never have to work to live like a middle class with free housings/food/full medical and dental drugs and care/ free added money for habits like smoking/pot now/ booze/ as they even get top offs for all this shit. No wonder any color wants to get here. This is the new immigrants no comparison to world war 2 immigrants who could not even get any of these free welfare supplements but had to starve/beg or work God forbid!! I wish i was one of those recent immigrants as this is a fucking haven for everyone. Even crimminals have heaven in our prisons food/shelter/clothing/free education/ free cable tv, social sports break the law in Canada and you get your hands slapped at best. There are even people making money in all countries educating the future immigrants how and what they can get once they get off the plane or boat! I have two friends associates here in Canada who get paid to tell their associates in Hungary and Bulgaria by chance how to live free here!! Our governments are so fucked up with socialism its ridiculous for the working class to even want to hear about this crap as its their increasing taxes pays for this!

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