Freeland expects to succeed Trudeau later this year and plans to invite Wilson-Raybould back to cabinet

A source with close ties to the Office of Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland tells The Chronicle that — despite public statements of confidence in Justin Trudeau — she fully expects to succeed him as early as this October, and has discussed as much with the Liberal Party of Canada’s principal financier, Charles Bronfman.  

Their succession plan may require amending party rules to accelerate the timeline of a leadership election, premised on COVID-19 related protocols.  One operative expects LPC staffers to call for remote digital balloting and automated vote counts in order to mitigate pandemic risks.  They hope to dramatically shorten the length of the party leadership election to three weeks. 

A percolating marital scandal threatens to collapse Trudeau’s minority coalition government in the House of Commons.  

Trudeau’s tenure became even more tenuous late last month with the forced resignation of Finance Minister Bill Morneau.  Morneau remains resentful and has been leaking damaging information to Canadian media outlets in recent days.

Freeland intends to welcome former Justice Minister and Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould back into to the cabinet, though it is unclear in which ministerial position.  Freeland intends to architect a cabinet shuffle upon becoming Prime Minister, and a number of senior portfolios are being considered including Foreign Affairs and Justice.

Worried that Western alienation, indigenous liberation movements, and a reinvigorated Bloc Quebecois threaten the stability of the Canadian confederation, Freeland had wanted to invite Wilson-Raybould back into the Cabinet Ministry months ago, following her reelection to the House of Commons as an Independent, but has been repeatedly rebuffed by Trudeau. 

Wilson-Raybould’s supporters want Freeland to name her Deputy Prime Minister.  Doing so would communicate to indigenous voters that the prospect of an indigenous Prime Minister is on the horizon. 

“Welcoming Wilson-Raybould back into the Cabinet would be a masterful political move that departs from Trudeau’s leadership style,” explains an Ottawa-based political operative.  “It could also pre-empt a leadership challenge from Wilson-Raybould, who remains a very popular figure across Canada.” 

Yves-Francois Blanchet, the Leader of the Bloc Quebecois, is threatening a no-confidence vote that would collapse Trudeau’s minority government, unless Trudeau and his Chief of Staff, Katie Telford, step aside until investigations into ongoing conflict of interest scandals are completed.
Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell has been privately encouraging Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole to invite Wilson-Raybould into its caucus, perhaps as the Official Opposition’s shadow minister for Crown-Indigenous Relations.


  1. We get better news from Buffalo than we do from out high-paid, useless media in Canada. But, they are no longer “media” They are a propaganda machine so they can’t tell the real news cause they might lose out on the public trough they all have their snouts in.

    • “Public trough”??? That is Conservative/extreme capitalist profit seeking conspiracy lingo that projects any investments in the public sphere as wasteful or corrupt. You do realize that U.S. hedge funds primarily own mainstream Canadian private media and Buffalo Chronicle is not a journalistic property with the Canadian public interest as its mission?

    • No doubt Freeland is a dumb cunt. But We hear she munches Sophie’s beaver when Justin is busy diddling his daughter. These Liberals are sick fucks.

  2. I believe Freeland will make a great prime minister and I have thought that for quite a while. I don’t agree with bringing back a liberal rat as a deputy prime minister. Freeland needs to find someone else that serves the public and not their own interest. She has shown to be a very intelligent person and I hope she gets the opportunity one day to run the country. Hopefully the people chosen to be close to her can keep up and stay faithful.

    • Freeland is a long term Soros sycophant, a Freeland agenda is a Soros globalist agenda…the end of Canada in any meaningful way.

      • Agreed, 1 million percent. With Mark Carney running finance, the elite globalist banker, Canada is done. There will be no pushback. Imagine Australian oppression on steroids.

    • I can not believe that someone thinks Freeland would make a good leader. After the emergency act and how she handled that ,I have no faith . She belongs to world finance order. Look at Holland. This all because of trudeau and Freeland. I am waiting for day they both go to jail. All friends of the liberal government are evil.

  3. I pray that Yves -Francois.. leader of the Bloc Québécois will gain the strength and power to be allowed …this on going conflict of interest scandals .. that ALL INVESTIGATION be ALLOWED

    Enough is enough!!… no one should be above the law even if they are in
    Government or high authority of people…. you commit the crime do the time

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