Jacques Bougie, SNC Lavalin board member, informally lobbied Morneau’s wife

A well-placed source tells The Chronicle that Jacques Bougie, a member of SNC Lavalin‘s Board of Directors, informally appealed to Nancy McCain, the wife of Finance Minister Bill Morneau, to inquire whether there was anything she could do to help the construction giant secure a deferred prosecution agreement.

board-jacques-bougieThe source claims that McCain placated Bougie with niceties, but never intended to lobby her husband in any serious capacity, while encouraging Bougie to reach out to her husband directly.

Bougie sits on the Board of McCain Foods — the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen potato products, the family-founded firm in which Nancy McCain retains a controlling stake. He serves on the Board with, among others, four members of the McCain family. His role on SNC Lavalin’s Board includes service on the Ethics Committee and Human Resources Committee. His compensation with the firm surpasses that of the firm’s Chairman Kevin G. Lynch.

Bougie also sits on the Board of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation.



  1. SNC scandal is growing daily. An investigation of Trudeau and the PMO must take place. Learning from the Liberal government of Ontario, who’s minding the data purge from PMO. Is the Trudeau government actively wiping hard drives as we speak? Based on the number of people that left the Ontario liberal government to the Trudeau government only raised suspicion that there is a high probability there is greater chance this corruption is much bigger than what we’re seeing on the surface. Where is the RCMP? Are they compromised by this corrupt Trudeau government?

    • In 1989 Rcmp Assistant Commissioner Rod Stamper resigned and co-authored the Book, “Above the Law” which details Insider Trading, Vested interests Rcmp members have in Stock Exchanges. It was told that at one Detachment the Officer’s were more involved in tracking the Commodities Market than doing their primary responsibility for community law enforcement!

    • “Are they compromised by this corrupt Trudeau government”?Of course they are.If they were not, Vice Admiral Mark Norman would not be going through the mire they dished out onto him!

  2. It’s sad that we Canadians need to count on another country’s media to dig up these connections. Thank you Buffaloe Chronically.

  3. As a strong believer in hard work and those that do, it is my belief Justin Trudeau is attempting to destroy our Canada. His socialist beliefs are attempting to turn Canada’s form of government into a dictator controlled country led by himself as there is no for him to govern as long as he likes.
    This fall Justin Trudeau and the present Liberal government need to be totally eliminated and along with their destruction, the CBC must be shut down as a tax payer funded puppet to the leftist’s and their affiliates.

  4. I’ll be posting a comment shortly about past corruption at my expense perpetrated by SNC-Lavalin Inc. and The SNC Group before them. It involved my wrongful dismissal and what followed that. Those responsible were people who left the company decades before people like Robert G. Card and his successors even arrived at the company in 2012 to commence the arduous task of reforming it. Robert G. Card and his successors were concerned with exposing and cleaning up the corruption involving the bribery and improper payments to foreign government officials, notably in Libya. In my view, they did a great job of reforming the company – but with no knowledge of what happened to me. This happened because it had all been covered up on account of the Canadian mainstream news media refusing to even ask the company and the other people involved one question about their conduct towards me. Obviously I have more to say about this – ALL FULLY BACKED WITH SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION. It would help me and others if the Buffalo Chronicle would investigate and report on this. Robert T. Chisholm, Ottawa, Canada.

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