With landslide loss for Trudeau expected, Wilson-Raybould is likely to run for Leader

It is becoming increasingly likely that former Justice Minister and Attorney of General of Canada, Jody Wilson-Raybould, will run for Leader of the Liberal Party, despite being unilaterally kicked out of the caucus by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in April, following damning testimony that detailed his government’s complicity in a wide-ranging conspiracy to shield one of the party’s largest donors, SNC Lavalin, from criminal prosecution.

Now, with less than a week remaining in federal parliamentary elections, the Liberals are widely expected to lose more than half of the seats that they currently hold in the House of Commons, in roughly equal proportion to three opposition parties: the Conservatives, the New Democrats, and the Bloc Quebecois. 

Going into the 2015 federal elections, the Liberal Party held only 38 seats in the House.  Trudeau narrowly won a battle to lead the party in 2013, and was responsible for recruiting a slate of political neophytes with little experience in politics. They came out of the election with 183 seats.

Trudeau — who was criticized for his lack of readiness, depth, and experience during the leadership fight against Joyce Murray, and during his initial 2008 election contest in Papineau against Vivian Barbot — was always concerned that more statured figures in the party would make him appear weak and lacking in contrast.

Until recently, Joyce Murray was iced from Liberal Party leadership circles following a narrow loss to Justin Trudeau for Leader.  In his desperation to stabilize his government in the aftermath of the SNC Lavalin affair earlier this year, Trudeau asked Murray to serve as President of the Treasury Board.  Jane Phillpot, who was widely seen as Trudeau’s most competent and capable Minister, resigned from that role cabinet position in protest of the government’s interference in SNC Lavalin’s criminal prosecution.

Critics have long contended that Trudeau excluded Murray and Karen McCrimmon from his cabinet because he preferred political newcomers who he felt were more doting and unwilling to challenge him. Both were exceptionally well-qualified MPs and steeped in expertise.

In a different situation that demonstrates a similar bias, Trudeau refused to offer the widely respected legal scholar, Deborah Coyne, an opportunity to run under the party banner in 2015, essentially exiling her to the Green Party line.  He gave Martha Hall Findley, an accomplished entrepreneur and storied Member of Parliament, the same cold shoulder.

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When Trudeau was first considering how he would enter federal politics in 2008, he decided to target an incumbent Black women who represented the second-poorest riding in Canada, known now as Papineau. Critics say that Trudeau used ‘dog-whistles’ to narrowly win that riding.  Vivian Barbot was a pioneering political figure in Quebec who rose to become the leader of the Bloc Quebecois.  An educator by profession, she emerged as one of Quebec’s most ardent advocates.

“There’s nothing that irks Trudeau more than strong, assertive women who have opinions and views of the world,” explains a former Liberal Party staffer who asked not to be named. “He likes dumb women who swoon mindlessly and fawn over the frivolousness of his looks.”

“That’s exactly why he refused to appoint McCrimmon the Minister of Defense, despite her being a veteran and having such an inspiring military career.  I was in the meeting where he called her ‘moody’ and said she was too hard to get along with,” he tells The Chronicle.

McCrimmon is the MP for Kanata-Carlton, first elected in 2011, following a 31-year military career, retiring as a lieutenant colonel. She was the first female navigator and the first woman to command a Canadian Forces air force squadron.  Many hoped she would be appointed the first woman to lead that ministry on a permanent basis.  (Kim Campbell briefly served as Defense Minister for six months in 1993 on an interim basis).

Karen McCrimmon
Liberal MP Karen McCrimmon was the first woman to command a Canadian Airforce Squadron.  In 2015, it was widely thought that she would be named Minister of National Defense in a Trudeau government.

Eva Nassif is an Arabic translator and a registered nurse with a Master’s degree from Concordia University.  She was elected to represent the riding of Vimy on the Island of Montreal in the 2015 federal election.  Despite actively running for reelection for months, Trudeau abruptly replaced her on the ballot at the last minute and without notice.

He did so, she argues, in retaliation for her refusing to publicly defend him as a feminist in the aftermath of the SNC Lavalin scandal.

Trudeau refused to allow Eva Nassif to run for reelection, essentially kicking her out of the party. He did so without notice and without consultation with local party officials in the riding.

“Following this election cycle, all of Trudeau’s doting lemmings will be ousted from the House, which sets an incredible stage for the next leadership battle,” the former Trudeau staffer explains.  “I don’t think anyone has as compelling a narrative — or more universal name recognition — than Jody Wilson-Raybould.”

“But if the Liberal losses aren’t deep enough, I think she’d be discouraged to seek the leadership post. I’d imagine her wanting to come in and recruit a fresh slate of candidates who are more statured, substantive, and learned than the types of candidates that Trudeau prefers to recruit,” he explains.

“Expect fewer Olympic rowers and more research scientists and economists in a Wilson-Raybould government.”

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Jane Philpott, now a storied political figure in her own right, is running for reelection as an Independent a in tied threeway contest in the riding of Markham-Stouffville, a wealthy suburban community north of Toronto.  Trudeau removed Jane Philpott from Cabinet at the same time he removed Wilson-Raybould. Though he cited the former Justice Minister’s recording of the Clerk of the Privy Council as an offense to his government, Philpott did not.  She was kicked out of the Liberal caucus for offending Trudeau by resigning from his cabinet.



  1. Thank you for keeping us informed here in Canada where the Corporate Media is compromised by a $600 million slush fund doled out by the Liberal government. This would be scandalous anywhere else in the world I can think of.

    Justin Trudeau has reduced us to TURD WHIRLED status. I hope he wakes up the day after the election and faces reality – move in with Gerald Butts or move in with Rosie Barton.

  2. Thank you for your honest reporting. Please keep it up as we can,t get any up here in Canada.keep us informed of all that,s going on..love it!!!

  3. The report of Trudeau leaving the teaching position under secretive and cloudy cover, due to rumored sexual events with a young girl has disappeared from view!! Was it legally smothered by his lawyers , which I wouldn’t discount, or is it false (fake) news!!! he is the most dishonest, corrupt, unethical, immoral, arrogant, ignorant so-called politician in Canadian history!!! Any responses to this issue?

  4. The latest poll shows the Libs neck and neck with the Cons…139 seats each…Libs down by 44 seats…which are hardly 1/2. Why anyone pays attention to American news is beyond me.

  5. As a veteran of 25 years in the Canadian Forces, Karen Mcrimmon is a liar and has no respect for the men and women of the CAF. She is horrible and a puppet of the horrible PM.
    And thank you for the real news ours wont report!!

  6. Trudeau is a despicable excuse for a Prime Minister, but what is even more despicable would be any self-respecting Canadian who casts a vote in his favour.
    Thank you for reporting Canadian news items that the CBC and Toronto Star refuses to admit are true.

  7. Haters keep hating, and wonder why the world gets darker! She is a self serving shit disturber, no thanks.

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