Source: Cuomo may be willing to come out as bisexual for a Cabinet position

Sources close to Andrew Cuomo tell The Chronicle that the Governor may be willing to come out as ‘openly bisexual’ if he happens to be offered a Cabinet position in President-elect Joe Biden‘s administration — presuming that Biden is eager to project a diverse-governing thematic and that he is looking to make ‘historic-first’ appointments.

To New Yorkers’ immense disappointment, Biden passed over Cuomo in his appointment of Antony Blinken as Secretary of State, though it’s thought that Cuomo is still in contention for the position of Attorney General.

“There’s never been an openly bisexual Attorney General,” the source insists.  “Kissinger implied he was a swinger, but he never said anything about swinging that way.  Let’s knock open that door.”

While Cuomo does not feel like he needs to make such an announcement, the source explains that “he would be totally fine with it” and would be happy to serve in Biden’s cabinet in an outwardly prideful way.

Although he has identified publicly as straight for most of his career, Cuomo is said to have been “loosening up” since his separation from his longtime girlfriend, Sandra Lee — who has vowed “to always protect” Cuomo despite their separation.  He’s even appeared at press conferences in polo shirts that flatter fresh nipple piercings.

It’s widely rumored that he has been exploring the complicated world of leather and has been secretly dating Norweigen billionaire Stein Erik Hagen, the chairman of an Oslo-based consumer products conglomerate.  The Chronicle is unable to confirm the veracity of those rumors.

Hagen has three children from his first marriage and a son from a later relationship. In October 2015, Hagen came out on the Norwegian-Swedish talk show Skavlan and said that his ex-wives and family have known about his bisexuality for many years.


  1. Cuomo will come out IF he gets a cabinet position? Is that how it’s supposed to work? Seems like the issue should be separate and not contingent on what he thinks he’ll get out of the deal. If I were an alphabet soup person I’d be offended by the quid pro quo aspect of Andy’s ridiculous game. Makes it seem VERY insincere.

  2. The ONLY thing that needs to happen to crooked, corrupt, “emperor” cuomo is arrest, trial conviction and a prison sentence for mass murdering thousands of seniors in nursing homes by sending in covid -positive people that resulted in their deaths.

  3. Both Cuomo and Diblasio should be forced from office by mobs of the people they failed.Abuse of power and dereliction of duty,failure to uphold and abide by the oaths they swore.The first mobs were peaceful and demonstrating…the next wave should come armed…in uncontrollable numbers and for e them to flee with only the clothes on their backs.

  4. NY Post reported that Cuomo transferred a NYS Trooper who is banging Cuomo ‘s daughter from his personal protective detail to road patrol in the frozen tundra near the Vermont border. The Trooper nor the Union dare not say anything for fear of reprisal from this power obsessed miscreant.

    • Perhaps it is time to send “emperor” cuomo (and “king” deblasio) to the frozen tundra of
      SIBERIA, along with all his communist cohorts (so-called “representatives”) in Albany and N.Y. city,

  5. Attorney General? Seriously? This crooked bully was inches away from being indicted when he killed the Moreland Commission. Then went on to murder elderly people in nursing homes, wrote a book about how great he is, and won an Emmy for no good reason. Yep, sounds just like what the democRats are looking for….

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